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The Busy Librarian

The Busy Librarian
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The Daring Librarian Collin Earl Library Advocate. Mighty Little Librarian | Librarian Tiff's Blog Digital Learning Day Promote Literacy *Since Digital Learning Day coincides with the 100th day of school, each grade level or the entire school can commit to reading 100 eBooks from Follett Shelf, Big Universe, Tumble Books, etc. *Share an eBook from Follett Shelf. Access from your school's online catalog. *Create your own book using the publishing tool on *Read an eBook on and they'll donate a book to a child in need. *Create powerful and concise book reports using text message or Twitter. Travel the World Without Leaving the Classroom Build Digital Citizenship Share how you're going to celebrate...

There’s No Such Thing as Library Leadership | Leading From the Library There’s leadership. Then there’s library leadership. Or is there? In mid-August, I delivered a webinar for Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) on leadership styles. In reviewing the attendee evaluations, I came across some feedback that got me thinking. Leadership is leadership That there are many different aspects between running corporations and non-profit organizations is obvious. Studying Steve Jobs’ leadership style points to the importance of focus in making decisions and offering products. Leading in the library Can you really talk about library leadership as a unique entity? Advice from the experts In my search for an answer, I sought insights from two colleagues who have made careers out of educating librarians about leadership: Maureen Sullivan and David Bendekovic. While some pure form of library leadership may not exist, conversations about leadership with librarians require the ability to put leadership theory and practice into context.

Nominate & Vote 2014-2015 Reading Lists Primary Selections: PDF Elementary Selections: PDF Middle School Selections: PDF High School Selections: PDF 2014-2015 VRC Bookmarks Primary BookmarkElementary BookmarkMiddle School BookmarkHigh School Bookmark The process to vote for the Virginia Readers’ Choice has changed. To nominate a book for the Virginia Readers’ Choice, first review the book selection guidelines then download the Book Nomination Form. Need some ideas for implementing the Virginia Readers’ Choice Program at your school? Order enough copies of the books you will need for next year’s program. Include VRC titles on summer reading lists.Check out VRC books to teachers over the summer. Start the program as soon as possible. Winning titles will be announced after May 15th via…bookmark this site and watch for the results!

Kid Tested, Librarian Approved I was reading through my Google Reader this morning, and came across the news that Maurice Sendak had died. I made one of those little noises, that "Oh!" of combined horror, sadness, and disbelief. Here's his obit at the New York Times. Now, the NYT doesn't exactly have a shining track record as far as children's and YA book coverage goes, but I have to give them props for this lovely obit, which acknowledges Sendak as a picture-book creator that both defined and stood outside the genre. Even now, Sendak's books have teeth that you don't often find in the picture-book shelves. He wrote a small-form picture book called Alligators All Around. We'll miss you.

The Adventures of Library Girl How to Set a Reading Goal That Will Help Accomplish Your Other Goals Edit Article Make time for reading and it will be beneficial in the long run! This works even with the busiest of schedules! You probably have goals for your business, goals for your health and goals for your finances. But don’t forget to set a goal for mental growth, learning and improving yourself in the time to come. A great place to start is with a reading goal and, as an added bonus, a reading goal will probably help you achieve the goals in other areas of your life as well. Here are the step-by-step instructions for setting a reading goal. Steps 1Decide what books (or what category of books) are most meaningful to you. 4Know that reading should be fun. We could really use your help! Can you tell us aboutcats? introverted behavior how to be more introverted if you're an extrovert Can you tell us aboutshoulder holsters? shoulder holsters how to make a shoulder holster Can you tell us aboutpink lemonade? pink lemonade how to make pink lemonade Can you tell us aboutproductivity? productivity

IFLA -- MakerSpaces: new tradition in context Generally, a MakerSpace is considered a place where informal, collaborative learning and discovery take place through hands on creation, via use of any combination of art and technology. MakerSpaces facilitate both analog (low-tech) and digital (high tech) creation. Teen library programming and services that include use of a MakerSpace or equipment associated with a MakerSpace provide 21st century skills that contribute to new forms of literacy which include exposure to various types of technology, problem solving and collaboration skills. Much of the literature on the maker movement offers practical guides for design and implementation of MakerSpaces, including tools, technology, projects, and kits, as well as advice for libraries in the beginning stages of planning the physical layout of a MakerSpace. Why do libraries have MakerSpaces for teens? Value added approach to technology through MakerSpaces Teen Experiences – Not Adult Agendas user driven peer directed They should NOT be:

About Shannon Shannon is a mom to three amazing children. She is a teacher librarian and technology integration specialist. She encourages young people and educators to have a voice while learning, creating, collaborating, and connecting to others globally. She is an educational consultant for Mackin Educational Resources and Cantata Learning. Shannon is Skype's Education Ambassador and is part of the Best Keynote group. She speaks and consults in Iowa and around the country on education, librarianship, technology, social media, and making a difference in education and the lives of others. Shannon is the author of the award winning The Library Voice blog and enjoys writing for various blogs, journals and other forums. Shannon is a member of ALA,AASL,IASL,ILA,ISTE,SIGMS,ASCD,Children's Literature Network and Board of Directors,Iowa Student Learning Institute. In 2011,Shannon was awarded the Connecting People Shorty Award and was chosen to be part of the SLJ New Leaders Program in 2012. Awards/Honors

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