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MathsNet Ltd: Welcome to MathsNet

MathsNet Ltd: Welcome to MathsNet
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Home MathSphere - Resources MathSphere Ltd P.O. Box 7533WeymouthDT4 4FPtel: 01273 782 786 fax: 01273 785 550 MathSphere Free Resources for children aged 5 to 11 These links lead to a wide variety of free maths pages which are all in Flash paper or pdf format, allowing for easy printing out. Sample Worksheets from 'It's All Figured Out!' Over 300 free worksheets for children from aged 5 to 11, taken from the 'It's All Figured Out' CD. Sample Worksheets from 'Booster' CD for Year 6 children A selection of typical Key Stage 2 test questions from our KS2 Booster CD. Planning and assessment using MathSphere products If you have the Year 3 or 4 MathSphere Calculations CDs here are some excellent planning and assessment sheets. Maths Dictionary Fantastic detailed maths dictionary explaining all the more complex language used in teaching primary maths today. Graph & Line Paper Short of squared paper? Board Games Like playing games with a mathematical bias? Maths Magic Maths Puzzles Plenty of thought provoking puzzles here.

Geometric Shapes. Your One Stop Basic Geometry Resource Visual Fractions - A Fractions Modeling Tutorial TSM Resources Factoring a Quadratic Trinomial by Grouping Another method for factoring these kinds of quadratic trinomials is called factoring by grouping. Factoring by grouping can be a bit more tedious, and is often not worth the trouble if you can find the correct factors by some quick trial and error. However, it works quite well when the factors are not immediately obvious, such as when you have a very large number of candidate factors. Factoring by grouping is best demonstrated with a few examples. Example: The Procedure Given a general quadratic trinomial ax2 + bx + c 1. 2. hk = ac (h and k are factors of the product of the coefficient of x2 and the constant term) h + k = b (h and k add to give the coefficient of x) 3. ax2 + hx + kx + c 4. (ax2 + hx) + (kx + c) x(ax + h) + (kx + c) (note: because of the way you chose h and k, you will be able to factor a constant out of the second parentheses, leaving you with two identical expressions in parentheses as in the examples).

Italiani insufficienti in matematica? Math Guru vi aiuta a recuperare Un recente rapporto di Save The Children ci ha svelato, tra le altre cose, che un italiano su quattro non ha adeguate competenze in matematica. Una realtà drammatica che mette una seria ipoteca sul nostro futuro, ma non dobbiamo accettarla come destino ineluttabile. Ci sono tante cose che possiamo fare per migliorare questa situazione. Tra le possibili contromisure ci sono anche le applicazioni per smartphone, come per esempio la recente Math Guru. Tema dell'hackaton era "sviluppare una app che combattesse il fenomeno della dispersione giovanile (o abbandono scolastico) che colpisce gli studenti del primo biennio delle scuole superiori". Math Guru punta a rendere la matematica meno antipatica, rimuovendo o riducendo così l'ostacolo emotivo che spesso c'impedisce di apprezzare e imparare questa materia. Infine ma non ultimo, il team di Math Guru ci segnala che quest'app è sviluppata sopra a un framework che dovrebbe permettere la realizzazione anche di altri prodotti.

Mathematics A fantastic free resource to support maths and science at Key Stages 3 and 4. There are wonderful interactive activities and study notes. Pupils can download the resources for offline use. Calculation Balance An excellent site for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice. Christmas Maths A useful resource for Christmas time which includes a range of great number activities which are aimed at Year 1 pupils (5 - 6 years). Ladybird Spots Three different counting, matching and ordering maths games based on the numbers 1 to 10 for early years children. Multiplication Try this good game for practising your times tables. Loop Cards Fantastic for improving your mental maths. Teddy Numbers The Teddy Numbers game can help you to learn numbers to 15. Underwater Counting Can you find the treasure? Primary Worksheets A selection of good quality maths worksheets. S-Cool! An excellent revision site which covers the main principles on most syllabuses.

math Are We Underestimating the Math Powers of Our Youngest Students? New research questions if US math scores would improve if students were exposed to more complicated math early in their school lives. Continue Reading Could Calculus Be A Better Way to Introduce Kids to Math Than Arithmetic? Some educators are beginning to question the assumption that math is best taught in a linear sequence, focusing on patterns and structures instead of computations with elementary students. Continue Reading Math and Inquiry: The Importance of Letting Students Stumble For subjects like math and foreign language, which are traditionally taught in a linear and highly structured context, using more open-ended inquiry-based models can be challenging. Continue Reading Inquiry Learning Ideas for Math and Science With iPads Giving children ample opportunities to develop sound investigative skills at an early age is essential to nurturing their ability to think critically and scientifically as they get older.

Perimetri ed aree: esercizi online Segnalo un post in Osmosi delle idee interamente dedicato alle formule per calcolare perimetri ed aree delle principali figure geometriche piane. Si tratta di una pagina che consiglio di far inserire tra i Preferiti ai vostri alunni perchè rappresenta uno schema di sintesi molto efficace, ma soprattutto perchè nella parte finale mette a disposizione uno strumento interattivo per esercitarsi online. Quindi un ottima soluzione per ripassare perimetri ed aree del triangolo equilatero, del quadrato, del rettangolo, del trapezio, del rombo, del romboide, del cerchio e per esercitarsi online. Vai al post formule per calcolare perimetri ed aree delle principali figure geometriche piane. Articoli correlati Secondary Maths resources collections Skip to main content Jobs TES the largest network of teachers in the world My TES Secondary Maths resources collections Resources | Published 4 April, 2011 Comment:5 average rating | Comments (15)Last Updated:28 October, 2014Section:Resources These collections for secondary maths teachers have been compiled by Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name:mrbartonmaths) All classroom resource collections Topic Specials Topic Special: A Level Applied Topic Special: A Level Core Topic Special: Algebra Topic Special: Algebra: Quadratic Expressions and Graphs Topic Special: Angles Topic Special: Area and Volume Topic Special: Construction and Loci Topic Special: Forming and Manipulating Algebraic Expressions Topic Special: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Topic Special: Place value, ordering and rounding Topic Special: Probability Topic Special: Pythagoras’ Theorem and Trigonometry Topic Special: Statistical Diagrams Topic Special: Solving Linear Equations Topic Special: Surds General

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