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List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)
Pain: Social Media Teams Are Challenged To Respond To the Distributed Conversations I’m starting to get a few briefings and requests from strategists LaSandra Brill, about new technologies that enable social marketers to quickly manage, maintain, and conduct reporting on multiple channels. The issue of lack of scale is resonating with social strategists –as a result, the market is developing new tools that will help them manage them. This is one component of Social CRM, which if you haven’t heard about, please read the report on the 18 use cases of Social CRM. (Update: This is only one software segment in the overall Social Business Stack, which you should first understand) Above is the full report, feel free to read, download and share. Update: Jan 5th, 2012. Definition: Social Media Management Systems are collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a disparate social media environment. Retired This vendors never want to market or went into deadpool

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jeffbullas I sent an invite to a past colleague of mine to be a friend on Facebook just recently and he sent me back an interesting email, which in essence said. ” I only have time for one social media channel (it happened to be LinkedIn), so don’t be offended if I politely refuse, but if you want to communicate through LinkedIn, I am more than happy to” This was both refreshingly honest and revealing about the social media “avalanche” that invites us to participate and sweeps past us every day. So this begs the question, how many social media channels should you be using for your company? There isn’t a simple answer to that question but it is more a matter of the resources that you have available, both in time and money to engage in Social Media effectively. Some of the big brands engage in more than ten. See the Report on the Top 100 Brands Engagenment With Social Media and my insights from the report. So how many “Social Media” Channels are some of the top brands using?

Top 10 analytics tools for social media (single page view) Participating in social media for brands is no longer a question of if, or even a how. Even the stuffiest of CEOs and their companies have joined the conversations, and they've hired social media experts and PR firms to advise them on how to build campaigns and engage customers. In fact, eMarketer's recent study "Social Media in the Marketing Mix: Budgeting for 2011" estimates that 80 percent of U.S. businesses with 100 or more employees will use social media marketing this year. So now that we are all here, the questions shift. What now?

Can a Victoria’s Secret shopping bag make you feel glamorous? Certain brands have personalities that can actually change the way some people feel about themselves, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. “Why are brands such as Cartier, Harley-Davidson, and Nike so well-liked by consumers? One of the reasons is that they have appealing personalities,” write authors Deborah Roedder John and Ji Kyung Park (both University of Minnesota).

London 2012: Social media restriction for Games Makers 5 January 2012Last updated at 14:57 By Claire Heald BBC 2012 No behind the scenes posts or pictures from volunteers Olympic organisers have set out social media rules for the 70,000 Games Maker volunteers, including a ban on pictures or posts featuring backstage VIPs. The rules, set out in a document in the Games Makers' area of Locog's website, say social media at London 2012 is managed by its communications team. It asks people not to mention details about their role, location or about athletes, celebrities and dignitaries. Games Makers have been commenting on the rules on their page on Facebook.

Social Media Mashup Tools A few interesting tools I’ve been made aware of recently that online marketers could use for making their social media more interesting or different include the following tools to add text to images or video: BubblePLY – Enables you to add narrative bubbles to video. From a practical standpoint, this is helpful for offering translated versions of a video. Comeeko – Create comic strips from your photos. I’m sure there are a host of other tools for mashing up and modifying original media. Feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments. Social Media Monitoring Software. Tools for Facebook & Twitter Heartbeat is a cost-effective, real-time social media monitoring and measurement tool. Heartbeat provides constantly updated snapshots of online conversations, including a variety of user-friendly and informative graphics. Monitor social media conversations Measure key metrics around buzz and sentiment Engage with key influencers and opinion leaders Conduct comparisons between competitors and topics Real-Time Social Media Monitoring Keep track of the most important and relevant conversations about your brand and products.

How to Measure Brand Value: Likes, Followers, Influencers, Views? No, Social Currency Do brands really create value? Will Old Spice's tornadic viral campaign and sudden "influence" improve Procter & Gamble's bottom line? Actually a number of events and trends have conspired like a perfect storm over the last several years to put brands and their stewards on the hot seat. Recession has reduced marketing departments and dollars and undermined CMO confidence and stature. Toyota and Tiger have themselves punctured legendary brand infallibility and auras of trust.

9+ Free Trials That Can Instantly Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts I just wanted to share some of the Internet’s most incredibly marketing software that can help you instantly improve your rankings, conversion rates, and revenues in a relatively short amount of time. And oh yeah, you can try each for free! 1) Ontolo Ontolo is an extremely powerful (semi) automated link prospecting and building tool that can help your business dramatically improve its link profile in a relatively short amount of time. The trial period is 14 days and will provide you with 1000+ new link prospects for the whopping price of [substring:0:1000] I just wanted to share some of the Internet’s most incredibly marketing software that can help you instantly improve your rankings, conversion rates, and revenues in a relatively short amount of time. And oh yeah, you can try each for free!

How Are You Measuring Your Community? It feels like I’ve written this a lot over the past few weeks, but if you weren’t tracking and measuring social media and your community efforts in 2009 – you need to get on that. Because it’s not rainbows and butterflies and sparkles. Community building is about dollars.

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