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Bifo: The Obsession with Identity Fascism Franco Berardi Bifo Translated by Steve Wright. This text is an extract from Franco Berardi's La nefasta utopia di potere operaio. The original can be found here. Potere Operaio presented itself explicitly, even provocatively, as a movement that had severed all links with the history of realised socialism. Studies such as that of Castoriadis — whose Devant la guerre (Paris, Seuil, 1981) analysed the stratocratic character of the USSR and its intrinsic rigidity — or that of Isabelle D'Encausse — whose L'empire en miettes (Paris, Fayard, 1981) anticipated the Empire's collapse from a range of pressures (of identity, and of centrifuge) — have never found the audience they deserved in Italy. This is the prospect that has unfolded over the course of the nineties. Internationalism was not an abstract value to pursue, but a fact of collective experience that lived in the struggle of workers against capitalism, and in the unity of proletarian interests that knew no borders.

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