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Top News, Latest headlines, Latest News, World News & U.S News
Since 1907, United Press International (UPI) has been a leading provider of critical information to media outlets, businesses, governments and researchers worldwide. UPI is a global operation with offices in Beirut, Hong Kong, London, Santiago, Seoul and Tokyo. Our headquarters is located in downtown Washington, DC, surrounded by major international policy-making governmental and non-governmental organizations. UPI licenses content directly to print outlets, online media and institutions of all types. In addition, UPI's distribution partners provide our content to thousands of businesses, policy groups and academic institutions worldwide. Our audience consists of millions of decision-makers who depend on UPI's insightful and analytical stories to make better business or policy decisions.

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Consortiumnews – Independent Investigative Journalism Since 1995 Nanocapsules Sober Up Drunken Mice Researchers have reduced blood alcohol levels in intoxicated mice by injecting them with nanocapsules containing enzymes that are instrumental in alcohol metabolism. The treatment demonstrates a novel drug delivery technology that could have broad medical applications. Enzymes are proteins that catalyze a wide range of biological processes in the body, making them attractive candidates as therapeutics. Les tunisiens vont boire et reboire et boire à la santé de Béchir Ben Hassen L’islamiste Khouanji , Béchir Ben Hassen , a décrété que le jour de l’an grégorien ne devait pas être fêté par les musulmans et a prononcé, vendredi, une fatwa, pour ceux qui comptent célébrer la fête de fin d’année 2012 selon laquelle cette fête est Haram ( péché ). Béchir Ben Hassen, qui est le vice-président de ce qu’on appelle « ligue tunisienne des prédicateurs, proche du parti des Khouanjias de Rached Ghannouchi estime que la célébration du réveillon est « une forme de rétablissement de la subordination de la Tunisie aux pays de l’Occident ». Béchi Ben Hassen ne cesse de décréter fatwa sur fatwa . la dernière en date au cours de ce mois est celle où il a interdit à ses fidèles de participer à la grève générale décidée par l’UGTT suite à l’attaque sanglante perpétrée par des militants islamistes contre les syndicalistes le 4 décembre 2012 . Dans un fameux prêche il a décrété que faire la grève est Haram . Heureusement que ses fidèles ne sont pas nombreux .

IfM - Thomson Reuters Corporation Thomson Reuters ist 2007 aus der Fusion des kanadischen Medienunternehmens Thomson mit der 1851 gegründeten britischen Nachrichtenagentur Reuters hervorgegangen. Der Grundstein für das Unternehmen Thomson war 1934 gelegt worden: Der Kanadier Roy Thomson (1894–1976) erwarb mit der “Timmins Press” aus Ontario seine erste Zeitung. In den folgenden Jahrzehnten baute Thomson das größte Zeitungsimperium Kanadas auf. In den 50er Jahren begann er, sich im Ausland nach Betätigungsfeldern umzusehen, und wurde in Großbritannien, seiner neuen Wahlheimat, fündig. 1959 erwarb er den Zeitungsverlag Kemsley Group, zu der die einflussreiche Regionalzeitung „The Scotsman“ gehörte. 1967 folgte die Akquise des Kronjuwels der britischen Zeitungslandschaft, der Londoner Tageszeitung „The Times“. Die 70er Jahre waren von einem Ausflug des Unternehmens ins Ölbusiness geprägt.

World tribune Contrary to the spin of the mainstream media, the fever that is sweeping the Middle East is not some long-suppressed desire for political liberty. These are not secular democratic revolutions. Instead, they represent the fury of subjugated peoples who have been deeply embittered by decades of autocratic rule, corruption and the pro-Western policies of their leaders. Study: deleting alcohol memories in rats stops cravings Neurologists have successfully identified and blocked the enzyme responsible for reigniting alcohol-linked cravings in rats, and in doing so deleted the permanent memory of the craving, thus curing them of their hankering. The drug used to block the rats' memories is already being used in the medical sector (it's given to people that have rejected transplants), so it's feasible -- if this study is backed up by future research -- that we could be looking at a the early stages of an alcohol relapse preventer in the making. The Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Centre team at UC San Francisco, headed up by Segev Barak and Dorit Ron, focused on cue-related addiction -- when smell or taste prompts related memories, then a related action. In particular, they focused on the moment when a trigger smell or taste hits, in order to identify what's happening in the brain.

World Socialist Web Site Turkish interest rate leaps amid currency market turmoil By Nick Beams, 29 January 2014 The massive rate hike followed warnings of financial “carnage” amid growing concerns over the stability of “emerging markets.” Deflation threat poses new dangers to world economy By Nick Beams, 17 January 2014 'Safer alcohol': No hangovers, plus an antidote to sober you up Imagine having a few drinks to ease your nerves before a key meeting or a big date. Maybe you even get a little tipsy, but right before show time you take a special antidote, and within minutes all traces of impairment are gone and you're fully sober and good to go. That's similar to the experience that leading British neuro-psychopharmacologist David Nutt claims to have had after sampling from an "alcohol surrogate" compound -- one of five Nutt has identified as a possible "safer version of alcohol."

ited Nations News Service Welcome to the United Nations. It's your world. United Nations News Centre with breaking news from the UN News Service Advanced Search Cannabidiol protects liver from binge alcohol-induced steatosis by mechanisms including inhibition of oxidative stress and increase in autophagy Highlights Cannabidiol protects mouse liver from acute alcohol-induced steatosis through multiple mechanisms. Cannabidiol attenuates alcohol-mediated oxidative stress. It prevents JNK MAPK activation. It increases autophagy.

Drinking alcohol offers no net health benefits, review finds - Health The health benefits of moderate drinking are likely overstated, say Canadian researchers who reviewed 87 long-term studies on alcohol and death rates. Studies have reported health benefits from moderate drinking such as healthier hearts and longer life. Tim Stockwell of the University of Victoria's Centre for Addictions Research in British Columbia has taken another look at published studies on alcohol and mortality on nearly four million people, including more than 367,000 deaths. Moderate drinking was defined as no more than two standard alcoholic drinks per day for men or one standard drink a day for women, at least once a week, for any kind of alcohol.

Tunisia Cracks Down Harder on Muslim Militants The Tunisian Government, in an effort to eradicate the outlawed Islamic fundamentalist movement from the political landscape, has stepped up measures including censorship, frequent detention of suspected movement members and harassment of those who have beards or wear veils. The moves have crippled the Islamic movement, which has seen its leaders and hundreds of followers flee into exile, land in prison or go into hiding. It has swelled the confidence of the Tunisian authorities, who once tried a policy of reluctant accommodation of the fundamentalists.

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