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Introduction à l'astronomie et à l'astrophysique An Atlas of The Universe Astronomy: The Celestial Sphere Motions Visible Without Optical Aid Long time exposures taken at night illustrate daily motion: South Pole Star Trails 1 | South Pole Star Trails 2 | North Pole Star Trails The red "Ecliptic" is the sun's path. Just the celestial sphere plus the ecliptic, with solstices and equinoxes marked. Drawn for northern latitudes, these are the paths the sun takes across the sky on the equinoxes and solstices. This figure illustrates that, depending on your latitude, some stars will be "circumpolar" and will never set. Examples relating observer's coordinates (altitude) with celestial coordinates (declination) for various latitudes on earth. Formulae that seem obvious from looking at the table above: altitude of NCP = observer's latitude altitude of SCP = -(observer's latutude) max. altitude of celestial equator = 90 - (observer's latitude) Dec. of north horizon = 90 - (observer's latitude) Dec. of south horizon = -90 + (observer's latitude) Dec. of zenith = observer's latitude

MES LIENS D'ASTRONOMIE LES PLUS UTILES - Micromegas, le blog d'Yvaton Je vais remplir cette page au fur et à mesure de mon temps disponible et de mes recherches, donc mille excuses à ceux qui n'y sont pas mais qui vont bientôt en être !!! LOGICIELS A TELECHARGER Cartes du ciel, éphémérides : Stellarium, logiciel Carte du ciel en 3D Stellarium est un logiciel de planétarium open source et gratuit pour votre ordinateur. Cartes du ciel de Patrick Chevalley Une des meilleures si ce n'est la meilleure Carte du Ciel, elle permet aussi de piloter le GOTO avec les interfaces Ascom, Meade… C’est celui que j’utilise pour piloter ma monture Sirius EQ.G avec EQMOD et interface ASCOM. C2A, autre logiciel de cartographie du ciel, on peut aussi piloter une monture avec lui. Celestia, carte du ciel 3D Sur, site de téléchargements. Logiciels de pré-traitement et traitement pour la photo numérique : Avistack, empilage et registration d’AVI. Registax V4 ou V5, empilage et registration d’images numériques AVI ou BMP. Tutoriel REGISTAX V5 WcRmac, toujours de Martin Burri.

sans titre Relativistic Cosmology Back to main course page John D. Norton Department of History and Philosophy of Science University of Pittsburgh Einstein's Great Book of Universes The arrival of Einstein's general theory of relativity marked a rebirth of interest and work in cosmology, the study of the universe on the largest scale. What connected all these together was Einstein's gravitational field equations. Minkowski Spacetime Minkowski spacetime is the spacetime in which special relativity holds. This is the unsummed curvature. Einstein's equations tell us that this summed curvature equals the matter density. A Minkowski spacetime is still physically relevant to our spacetime, however. "Blue marble" image from NASA Yet in any small patch--such as an area of land the size of a city--we can ignore the curvature and apply Euclidean geometry without appreciable error. 2x + 1 = 5 x = 2 λ

DEUS consortium – Dark Energy Universe Simulations | Dark matter & dark energy simulations Le blog de Dany Le Du NASA - Astronaut Biographies The term "astronaut" derives from the Greek words meaning "space sailor," and refers to all who have been launched as crew members aboard NASA spacecraft bound for orbit and beyond. Since the inception of NASA's human space flight program, we have also maintained the term "astronaut" as the title for those selected to join the NASA corps of astronauts who make "space sailing" their career profession. The term "cosmonaut" refers to those space sailors who are members of the Russian space program. The crew of each launched spacecraft is made up of astronauts or cosmonauts drawn from the various categories described in these pages. The crew assignments and duties of commander, pilot, space shuttle mission specialist, or International Space Station flight engineer are drawn from the NASA professional career astronauts. The links to the left will direct you to biographical information on the astronauts.

ERGO – Energetic Ray Global Observatory | Enabling Kids to Build the World's Largest Telescope A S T R O L A B O . com | Yatoutskifo pour l'astro Cours d’Astronomie astrocosmos