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Top 15 des tableaux cultes enfin expliqués, ou la vraie histoire de l’art

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Landscape photo, which is called "Riot of northern dawn" was made by the author: Marina Kochetova On our site you can pick up similar landscapes using tags: forest, dawn, sea, clouds, silhouette We offer a selection of only the most successful pictures. Tutorial on Photographing a Nude Body (NSFW) Who doesn’t like a little artsy nudity now and again? The guys at PHLEARN certainly aren’t against it in their latest tutorial that teaches one of the many methods for this type of photography. The crew takes you through the entire process of a photo shoot from lighting, posing, working with models, camera settings, creating a concept, building a shot, and post production for one of four images in this shooot. I Merge Famous Movie Characters With Iconic Paintings Having supplied graphic design and animation for various clients for numerous years, it only felt right to apply my skill set to my own “long-suffering-un-loved-put-on-a-dark-shelf” project, Movie Remakes. An ongoing series of digitally painted movie characters merged with iconic paintings by the old masters. Hope you like them?

Artist Francis Bacon is best known for his post-World War II paintings, in which he represented the human face and figure in an expressive, often grotesque style. Synopsis Francis Bacon was born to English parents living in Dublin, Ireland, on October 28, 1909. After traveling to Germany and France as a young man, he settled in London and began a career as a self-taught artist. 20 Nude Photography Tips Getting Better At Nude Photography Photo of Brynn during one of our Virgin Islands, exotic photography workshops. Photographers always ask me for advice on getting better with their nude photography, so I thought I’d share some of it with you in hopes that it’ll help. So here are twenty photography tips on improving your nude photography. 1. Try and shoot the same model more than once! Playmobil Versions of Famous Paintings In July of 1830, a popular uprising in France overthrew Charles X, the last Bourbon king of France. Eugène Delacroix, a supporter of the movement, responded by composing the now iconic painting Liberty Leading the People. This version replaces the human characters with Playmobil toy figures. It's one of a series of paintings by artist Pierre-Adrien Sollier that uses Playmobil toys as human figures.

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1 : Nude photography techniques A few simple nude photography techniques can certainly move your photos from the average to the desireable. But before I begin I just wanted to re-iterate my thoughts the subject. Nude photography is an ancient art form. Artists have been painting nudes since the dawn of time and photographers have been doing the same since cameras were invented. I completely understand that some photographers steer clear though, fearing their photography will lumped together with that of a distasteful nature. And that's just fine.

Suddenly Last Supper There's nothing like a couple thousand years of of repetition and an iconic painting to get story to get lodged inside the heads of the creators of pop culture. Leonardo da Vinci's 15th century depiction of Jesus announcing that one of his 12 disciples would betray him is so ingrained in our culture that it has been co-opted by those wishing to give weight to their parodies, tributes and caricatures. Update April 2009: Hit the link for 50 more Last Supper parodies Mickey Mouse Last SupperOne of several works by pop artist and culture jammer Ron English. This is one of my favourites as I like that the disciples are divided between Disney and Warner Bros. characters all looking to Mickey Mouse, the first cartoon superstar, as Jesus. What puts it to the top though is cartoon spokesperson Joe Camel as Judas.

30 Fantastic Artistic Nude Photographs The use of people in photography is one of the most important concepts in photography. Wedding photography, portrait photography and many types of conceptual photography make use of people or the human body to create an artistic concept. Nudity can also be quite artistic, as the body has natural lines and curves that can be enhanced using creative lighting to achieve stunning effects. Here’s 30 artistic nude photograph as a follow up to our previous post: Fine Art Nude Photography Elegance by Karen Abramyan

Gallery Folder Tennis girl # 1Exposure: 02-Apr-10 00:00Submitted: 27-Nov-14 01:54Ratings: 21, 5.24 averageViews: 10497Size: 620x620 105K Tags: Mysterious river # 7Exposure: 12-Jul-06 00:00Submitted: 09-Nov-14 03:41Ratings: 25, 5.40 averageViews: 19106Size: 620x620 200K Tags: Impertinent mask # 6Exposure: 14-Aug-05 00:00Submitted: 18-Oct-14 01:07Ratings: 23, 4.74 averageViews: 55793Size: 620x620 141K Tags: Photoshop CS6 Blur Gallery Tutorial One of my favorite features introduced in the Photoshop CS6 beta is without a doubt the Blur Gallery. This collection of three brand new filters allows for photo-realistic depth of field adjustments via an interface which allows you to place and manipulate controls directly on the image area. Photographers rely on focal length, subject distance and aperture to determine in-focus and blurred areas of an image.

10 Useful Photoshop Image Extraction Tutorials One of the most needed skills in photo manipulation is Image Extraction, as the end result often depends on how capable you are of mastering this skill. Image elements that are not extracted to perfection will spring to the eye once they are placed on a new background. Photoshop image extraction tutorials can help you learn various techniques for getting what you need extracted without doing too much damage to the fragile elements of the original image. 45+ Excellent Photo Enhancement Tutorials for Photoshop Toolkits Photo enhancement and photo manipulation are, essentially, two different disciplines in Photoshop. The concept of enhancing an image is to improve or change the quality without adding or deleting anything. We have previously looked at photo manipulation tutorials for Photoshop, so today we are bringing you a collection of photo enhancement tutorials, most of which will change the look of your image slightly, very dramatically or somewhere in between. The majority of these tutorials use non-destructive methods of enhancement, such as adjustment layers, but always remember to work on a copy of your image so that you retain the original. Photo Enhancement Tutorials for Photoshop