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Beginners Web Design Tutorial -

Beginners Web Design Tutorial - is designed for total beginners … and for people who use programs like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other wysiwyg programs (wysiwyg stands for: “What You See Is What You Get”) … and now want to learn what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’. To really understand web design, you need to learn HTML hand-coding; it’s easier than you think! Why learning HTML and CSS makes sense. Tools like Dreamweaver are great, especially if you are building old-style web sites based on tables, sliced images, etc. But if you want to be able to build modern looking websites, then these tools will get in the way of you learning and will actually slow you down! Learning to build your web sites using HTML will give you far better control over the process and ultimately your web sites.

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India Business Opportunities Printer-friendly version Send to friend Driven by a growth rate of over 8% in 2010 and a 350 million strong middle-class with increasing purchasing power, the Indian market today is reshaping the world’s economy. India’s GDP crossed the trillion dollar mark in 2007 and is currently in 4th position (PPP) after US, China and Japan.

60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design Business Card is a card printed or engraved with a person’s name and business affiliation. Normally attach on it could be information such like title, address, telephone number and even logo of a company or private. Using Business card is useful in a way to promote yourself on other people. Are you planning to make your own business card but don’t have any idea or some inspirations to start? Here’s a showcase of 60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Designs to enhance more your creativity and get inspired. Twitter in the Classroom Twitter can be a very effective tool for enhancing in-class learning. Take a look at this example from Dr. Monica Ranki's class at the University of Texas at Dallas In order to use twitter effectively in the classroom, you need to be able to have two things: a hash tag that everyone uses and a way to display the tweets.

tomorrowsbrandstoday View more Computers Shenzhen Created Computer Co., Ltd. Year Established:2005 Main Products: Tablet PCs View more 10 Most Creative Packaging Design One of the things that identifies a product is its packaging. Qualified and differentiated packaging design is a must for a product in today’s highly competitive world. There are hundreds of companies manufacturing the same kind of products, what distinguishes one product from another is its packing design. A packing design can be bizarre, cool, creative, weird or unusual, but it just should be different. Even a product is not better than its competitors, it can still sell itself with a creative design. Check out ‘’ 10 Most Creative Packaging Design ’’ below.

Using Hour of Code in your classroom This year Khan Academy is doing even more to create meaningful hours of codes for all learners (and, as always with KA, for free)! On Khan Academy, we offer a multi-hour, self-paced curriculum in JavaScript and lessons in HTML / CSS as well as SQL (language for databases) for students to learn various forms of programming. For Hour of Code, we've created special introductory curricula to get your students started! This year pick from or have your students pick from:

Services of Devishree Guruji We all have questions to ask. There are few questions which have been repeatedly asked, Answers could be found below: panchansa Check the auspiciousness of any day & time Titi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana are the five elements of time called panch-anga. These are based on the positions of Sun and Moon and are used to know the auspicious date and time (muhurtha) for any important undertaking like journey, buying, selling, marriage, puja, vrata, shraddhas, etc.

Breaking The Design Cycle: Get Creative To Be Creative Designers, we have a problem. It seems we have forgotten how to be creative. It is true, the very nature of what we do is based on creativity, however more often than not we tend to be swept away by the latest trends or “what’s hot” rather than seeking out fresh inspiration. “A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion.” – Chinese Proverb

Timeless Beautiful Industrial Design by Braun GmbH Braun GmbH, formerly Braun AG, is a German consumer products company based in Kronberg, Germany. From the mid-1950s, the Braun brand was closely linked with the concept of German modern industrial design and its combination of functionality and technology. In 1956, Braun created its first design department, headed by Dr. Fritz Eichler, who instituted a collaboration with the Ulm School of Design to develop a new product line. Amazing pieces of industrial design that still today remain fresh, true classics that have survived the test of time. In 1956 the company introduced its famous SK4 record player (‘Snow White’s Coffin’), designed by a youthful Dieter Rams together with the pioneer of system design Hans Gugelot.

ROBOTWORLD - STEM EDUCATION Recent statistics point out that 80% of the jobs to be created within the next decade will require STEM skills. The growing demand across all industries for new products and innovations is fueling the demand for STEM talent worldwide. Apart from employability and premium wages STEM workers are today’s innovators and inventors. Robot World hands-on and technology based STEM learning solution integrated with next generation curriculum, innovative and active learning resources, and student competitions gives students the chance to explore aspects in wide aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Maths that will help them make big contributions to many of the big challenges facing society today.

Solar panels getting a sleek new makeover The next generation of solar panels will bear little resemblance to their predecessors, at least on the outside. Companies like SRS Energy, Kyocera and Suntech Power are working with building suppliers on alternatives to clunky solar panels that will satisfy the demands of picky property owners, creating products like solar roofing tiles that blend in with the traditional clay versions found on many Southern California homes. Aesthetics have long been a complaint of homeowners who were interested in switching to renewable power, but were unhappy with the looks of conventional solar panels. Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are solar installations that also serve as functional building materials including roofing, shading systems and window glazing. Today’s versions still stand out, but advancing technology like thin-film copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) could offer nearly invisible solar coverage.

Robotics Kits: A robotics kit is a special construction kit for building robots that can consist of: structural elements, mechanical elements, motors (or other actuators), sensors and a controller board to control the inputs and outputs of the robot. Robotics Kits are a simple & easy way to learn about robotic technology. When you build and assemble a robot kit, you learn about physics, mechanics, electronics and artificial intelligence. Robot kits are a lot of fun and make excellent educational gifts.

Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming This is the first in an ongoing series called Bricks and Books—an exercise in dealing with the ever growing collection of heavy unread bricks that threaten to collapse my bookcase. With thirty tools and techniques, Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming by Ellen Lupton is a high level look into a wide variety of approaches to increasing creativity. Each tool is presented in short, often two page overviews comprising of a definition, and simple how-to steps. Brief case studies follow, providing a tangible example of the tool in use. While the books format does not provide deep insight into any of the tools, it is useful as a jumping off point for further research into the tools that might work for you.

Robotic education, Robotic Workshop, Robotic studies, Robotic training, Robots, Bangalore Robotics has been the driving force in the education systems of USA, Europe and Japan, the same is not available in India except for few international schools now Delhi public School South in association with Novatech Robo, introducing robotics of highest standard for our students. Robotic Education brings Creativity, Innovativeness and, Analytical ability in addition to self confidence and team work which is lacking in our education system, which is essential for national integration and nation building. Our rich experience led us to the understanding that STEM Education is the future of our nation. The crucial time for understanding math and science is in the middle and high school, and the foundation of every successful Engineer or businessman (or women) is based on solid understanding of math's and science.