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NOT CONTENT The Second Holly Grove, between Avalon and Money, Mississippi, 2013 An extract from my notes on the 5th of February - 'Leaving Granada we came across an old store front near Holcomb, MS, and stopped to photograph it - the first of many finds of the day. Next we passed through Avalon, hometown of Mississippi John Hurt, which consisted of little more than a few houses, a few empty shacks, a gin warehouse (abandoned), and plenty of fields. We then drove to Greenwood, the 'Cotton Capital' and home to Furry Lewis, and got gas before turning back towards Avalon, in search of Money, MS - site of the story of Emmett Till. Driving along the red dirt road we stumbled upon The Second Holly Grove MB Church, est. 1894 - between Avalon and Money - a very secluded spot with some interesting gravestones, one belonging to somebody with the Hurt surname.

FELLINI’S DREAMWORK Sigmund Freud considered dreams “the royal road to the unconscious,” a glimpse into a world of mind we inhabit without knowing it, except when we dream. Even then, we do not know it as we do the world we are conscious of, because this world—the unconscious—is revealed to our conscious minds only in fragments that often seem irrational and incoherent. Freud, however, believed they made a great deal of sense, if only they could be ‘translated’ in terms of our conscious experiences. Not only that, but understanding the sense they made was vital to our mental health. This is hardly the place to explain Freud’s theories or argue for or against their validity. A great many books doing just that have been written in the hundred or so years since the publication of The Interpretation of Dreams, a founding text for the field of psychoanalysis.

YESTERDAY TODAY TOMORROW ALWAYS. herekittymusic: Lost in the oldies, volume 21: Come on, let’s go again, again,and again!Uh! Oh! Pt. 2 The Nutty SquirrelsPeanut Duck Marscha GeeRubber Biscuit The ChipsCome On, Let’s Go Ritchie ValensBe Mine Lance FortuneDreamin’ Johnny BurnetteGood Timin’ Jimmy JonesI’m Hurtin’ Roy OrbisonThe Wanderer Dion & The BelmontsHey Tell Me Boy Marie KnightWith 12 other rockin’ tracks!

Brokin nglish. Saturday - March 21st, 2014 | Location: Seattle Given the timing of us being in Juneau, someone made mention of visiting the Mendenhall Glacier, and that the large lake was frozen and we’d have about an hour journey with crossing the lake, as well as the hike up the glacier to the Ice Cave entrance. There were lots of pitfalls and it was all about staying on the path, but given the weather warming up, we didn’t expect the lake to remain frozen all the way through (the First mini glacier shot) with the heavy foot traffic, but it did and was an amazing trip in. The usual trek would be about 3 hours had the lake not been frozen!

Mrs. Easton A Little Censorship Tuesday 02.25.14 I have a librarian friend, whom I will not name. CurrrziO Photo - Tags:#cine Lauren Bacall, 1949 Photo - Tags:#femminilità#l'art du portrait#very stylish person#attitude#cinema Badlands. Photo - Tags:#cine#masculin/ féminin#attitude Photo - Tags:#godard#attitude#Nouvelle Vague#directors#ze french touch Feature Shoot “Art Photo Studio: Closed Due to Retirement, Toronto, Ontario, 2005” This book is my own march backwards into the future. It tells the story of an industry that was obliterated by the creative destruction of the digital age. GEOMETRIE VARIABLE The new documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words, which airs this month on HBO, is ostensibly a celebration of the life and work of feminist icon Gloria Steinem. The film, though, also offers a healthy dose of perspective on the Women’s Movement of the 1960s, what it accomplished, and what it all meant on a personal level to one particular woman, Steinem, who was already in her mid-thirties when she made the leap from journalism to activism. Steinem, though, quickly proved an influential, if polarizing, figure in the movement, and found herself not only wrestling with the long-entrenched ideas and political systems that were conspiring to deprive women of their rights and freedoms, but also with the media (which placed an undue emphasis on her physical appearance), her own ambivalence about stepping into the spotlight, and even, at times, with other feminists. MARIA SHRIVER: So how did you feel watching this documentary for the first time? STEINEM: No.

1970's New York City - Wired New York Forum Below 10 photos by Richard Friedman Hall 1971 6th Ave at Waverly Place, October 1970 55th Street & 8th Ave October 1970 Twilight October 1970 8th Ave and near 45th Street October 1970 8th St @ 6th Ave in the Village, October 1970. Is this the precursor to the Naked Cowboy? Greenwich Village 6th Ave @ 4th St March 1971 Central Park March 1971 Greenwich Ave October 1970 Sheridan Square in the Village October 1970

Coolness Is Timeless This photo comes from 1969. Sammy was playing at a charity concert in Philadelphia. It was a benefit to help raise funds to deter gang violence. Sammy was always involved in a lot of different causes to help out others. HOLLYWOOD’S ANTI-HERO & TRUE SON OF LIBERTY « Th Steve McQueen– ironically displaying his signature, perfect balance of allegiance and rebellion. “I live for myself and I answer to nobody.” –Steve McQueen Inspiration Lab Emiliano Ponzi I do love seeing great conceptual ideas executed in an approachable manor. Like the amazing illustration below by Emiliano Ponzi dealing with Wikileaks.

Photographer #033: Olivier Valsecchi Olivier Valsecchi, 1979, France, is specialized in portraiture and photographing nudes, but the most attention he has recently gotten is with his series Dust. Nude males and females covered in white powder in awkward positions. This series was recently published in the spring issue of 2010 of magazine Eyemazing. The following photos come from the album portraits. Website: