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The Ultimate 8-Week HIIT For Fat-Burning Program

The Ultimate 8-Week HIIT For Fat-Burning Program
Vital Stats Name: Jim Stoppani, PhD Occupation: Creator of JYM Supplement Science, fitness coach and consultant Website: As far as cardio training goes, high-intensity interval training, aka HIIT, has been exactly that among serious fitness enthusiasts—a big "hit." HIIT has nothing to do with becoming a Mafia assassin, although your body fat may feel like you finally have it in the crosshairs. This form of cardio intersperses intervals of high-intensity exercise (such as sprinting) with intervals of either low-intensity exercise (such as walking at a slow pace) or complete rest. With HIIT, you'll be running (or cycling or whatever) like a bat out of hell for brief stretches, but the net effect when all's said and done is better results in less time. HIIT was developed decades ago by track coaches to better prepare runners. "HIIT training has nothing to do with becoming a mafia assassin" Growing Body of Evidence The research has continued along the same lines: Dr. Go Now! Related:  HIIT WorkoutsFit sportsExercise

8 Amazing Fat-Burning Intervals If your goal is to burn fat, interval training should be part of your workout program. Interval training is a great way to hammer out a quick workout, and it's extremely effective for transforming your physique. By incorporating intense periods of work with short recovery segments, interval training helps you give maximum intensity while still maintaining your exercise form. The magic of high intensity interval training (or HIIT, for short) is that it keeps your body burning fat even after you leave the gym. 7 Amazing Benefits of Interval Training, Backed by Science >>> Intense circuits also stimulate muscle-building hormones like growth hormone and IGF-1. The Supercharged Fat-Loss Workout >>> When creating interval workouts, focus on including difficult movements that challenge your entire body in a single exercise. To jumpstart your routine, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite interval workouts from top trainers. 8 Cardio Workouts for the Guy Who Hates Cardio Workouts >>> Rest 1 minute

The 30-30 HIIT Cardio Workout. A Great "Go-to" HIIT Workout. - Fitness Black Book I roughly remember my first HIIT cardio workout. I had read an article in Muscle Media 2000, written by Shawn Phillips (in 1993 I think) describing a way to do cardio to burn fat like crazy. When I went to my gym and performed HIIT on the treadmill, people gave me some crazy looks. I’ve been experimenting and studying up on HIIT cardio ever since…and after close to 20 years, I’m still in learning mode. In this post I’m going to break apart a study that compares short 30 seconds intervals with longer 3 minute intervals. This study found that the 30 second intervals could be more effective than 3 minute intervals. [Rugby is an example of the effect that sprint intervals have on the body. Greater Calorie Burning With Less Pain? Link to Study: Physiological Responses During Interval Training With Different Intensities and Duration of Exercise [I'll try to make these findings of the study easier to digest.] 4 Different Types of HIIT Intervals Were Compared: Why Do Longer Intervals At All?

High Intensity Interval Exercise: Full-Body HIIT Workout High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the No. 1 fitness trend in the world, according to the American College of Sports Medicine's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2014. What makes the training method so popular is the efficiency of the fat burning workouts; they only take a few minutes to complete. HIIT is a workout style comprised of short work periods followed by short rest periods. Running Intervals the Right Way >>> DIRECTIONSPerform the warmup then start the workout. WARMUPJump rope, jumping jacks, high knees or any type of cardio.Duration: 3-5 min. Jump LungeDuration: 1 min.Recovery: 1 min. of jump roping Box Jumps (Box should reach knee height)Duration: 1 min.Recovery: 1 min. of jump roping Dumbbell Renegade Row with PushupsDuration: 1 min.Recovery: 1 min. of jump ropingTom says: Starting in pushup position, row one dumbbell. Dumbbell UppercutsDuration: 1 min.Recovery: 1 min. of jump ropingTom says: Perform a squat while holding the dumbbells at your side.

The Shredder Fat Loss Workout - A Weight Lifting Routine that Adds HIIT Training The Shredder Fat Loss Workout Lose Body Fat with the Best Fat Burning Exercises and HIIT Training Welcome to our Shredder Fat Loss Workout instruction guide! Here you'll learn how to do this weight loss workout and be able to download and print the free workout plan. *HIIT=High Intensity Interval Training Workout Description: The Shredder Fat Loss Workout is similar to The Burner Weight Loss Workout. On this weight loss workout, three days will consist of HIIT Training as well as a weight lifting routine (through alternating Workouts A, B, and C) and two days will be devoted to 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise alone. Day 1 - Workout ADay 2 - 30-45 Minutes of Cardio Interval TrainingDay 3 - Workout BDay 4 - 30-45 Minutes of Cardio Interval TrainingDay 5 - Workout CDay 6 - Rest Day Day 7 - Rest Day As you can see, a cardio workout or a day of rest will always come between workouts A, B, and C to give your muscles adequate time to recover. Workout Routines A, B, and C: Workout A Workout B Notes

Home Workout Routine: Low-Impact HIIT By Jessica Smith for High-intensity interval training (HIIT) describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. It is without question one of the most effective and efficient ways to burn fat and boost aerobic capacity, but what most people don't realize is that it doesn't have to be high impact. If you're nursing an injury (or want to avoid ever doing so in the future), you can still reap the fat-burning, metabolism-boosting benefits of HIIT. This quick workout plan was designed to help you push to your max without pounding your joints. More from 8 Low-Impact Workouts That Still Burn Major CaloriesHow to Trick Your Mind into Loving ExerciseMy Marathon Training Diet

3 Quick HIIT Workouts for Beginners Just because you’re new to fitness doesn’t mean high-intensity interval training isn’t for you. Otherwise known as HIIT, these fast-paced workouts have been shown to torch tons of calories in a short amount of time — so you don’t need to spend hours in the gym. This type of training will have you alternating between periods of maximum effort (think: 20 seconds of jumping jacks) and short recovery. If you’re just getting into fitness — or starting over after an injury — the key to success lies in doing the right moves, at your own pace. Yes, HIIT should be intense, but pushing too hard, too fast can result in injuries and other setbacks. Your task: Listen to your body, modify as needed, and complete each movement with proper form. RELATED: DailyBurn True Beginner: Starting Over With Fitness To kick off your journey without a hitch, we’ve tapped Justin Rubin, trainer for DailyBurn’s True Beginner program, to create three workouts, ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Got half an hour?

Top Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout Plans If you want to burn fat and improve your endurance HIIT cardio workouts are the best choice. There are several benefits of doing high-intensity interval training, especially if you want to get rid of body fat. Several studies have proved that this type of workout is the most efficient way to burn body fat. Most of the people who does HIIT workouts regularly lose 2-3% body fat within some weeks. And if it is combined with proper diet the weight loss results are astonishing.Other studies have proved HIIT programs keep the fat burning processes 24 hours after finishing the training. The reason is that high interval workouts increase the metabolism of the body drastically. What is a good HIIT workout routine? It comes with exercises that work the entire body at once. In order to get the most from the regimen do not recover totally between the sets. Here I have collected some HIIT workouts that I have already tried and suitable for both men and women. Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout

Use HIIT Sprinting To Reduce Body Fat While Maintaining Muscle Sprinting to reduce body fat The relationship between sprinting and a rock-solid physique is why strength coach Erick Minor put together the program in this article. He thinks it’s such a damn shame that so few bodybuilders actually sprint anymore. Look around a track and field event sometime and you’ll notice the relationship between sprinters and bodybuilders actually goes both ways, meaning a lot of full-time sprinters also have damn impressive bodies! Not surprisingly, their training off the track is remarkably similar to that of a hard-lifting bodybuilder. Okay, quiz time…. What’s the most foolproof way to increase an athlete’s performance? “Increase his VO2 max?” Well… The most reliable way to increase any athlete’s performance is to improve his or her strength-to-weight ratio, which is a fancy way of saying minimizing the amount of bodyfat the athlete carries while maintaining or adding lean body mass. Well, the first thing you have to understand is what I don’t do. The Sprinter’s Body

What Is The Best HIIT Workout? What Is The Best HIIT Workout? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become a popular way to burn more fat. It's a training method that has been effective for many people. What is the best HIIT workout? Be specific. Who would benefit the most from an HIIT regimen? What kind of results can you expect from HIIT? How does HIIT compare to other training methods? Show off your knowledge to the world! The Winners: First Place TUnit High Intensity Interval Training High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become a popular way to burn more fat. What Is HIIT? HIIT is a training idea in which low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals. HIIT can be applied to running or to exercises such as squatting. "In research, HIIT has been shown to burn adipose tissue more effectively than low-intensity exercise - up to 50% more efficiently." HIIT improves both energy systems for endurance: Anaerobic Energy System Anaerobic literally means "Without oxygen." Arm Circles

High-Intensity Workout Plans: Intervals, CrossFit, Rowing, Swimming, and More Looking to blast calories? Get ready -- it's going to be a very sweaty session. "It’s got to be high intensity, whatever the workout is, if you’re going to torch calories -- not just burn them,” says Bret Emery, a nutritional consultant and fitness coach at Emery Fit in Alpharetta, GA. Also, you need to mix up your workouts so they stay challenging. The following workouts will zap calories, but they’ll also push your body way past your comfort zone. Interval Workout Interval training is all about challenge and recovery -- over and over -- for a cardio blast. This particular workout -- which comes from Michael Banks, personal trainer and owner of Body by Banks in Salt Lake City -- uses a treadmill. 1. 2. 3.

one hundred push ups - final test If you're reading this page you should be very proud of your achievements and ready for one final test. As you're well aware, the program you've been following is called One Hundred Push Ups and that's what this final test is all about. To perform the test, simply execute as many good-form push ups as you can. After completing Week 6 of the program, treat yourself to a day or two of rest. Take your time, don't rush and focus on performing ten push ups at a time. Just in case you didn't manage the hundred, I would suggest going back a couple of weeks in the program and building up your strength again. Proudly Hosted by Host Gator | Original Template Design by Andreas ViklundCopyright © 2008 | 2014 Steve Speirs

Tantric Yoga Positions Tantra yoga works to expand consciousness in all levels of awareness. One way to experience this is to practice with a partner, creating a deeper, more spiritual bond with this person. To Understand Tantra, Start with Kundalini In Sanskrit, the root of tantra is tan, which means, "to weave, expand, put forth." The concept is that everything is interwoven: relationships with each other, experiences and the universe. One has the ability to expand on connectedness to others. Tantra is not just about sex, although increased pleasure is certainly a healthy benefit to practicing tantric yoga. Five Tantric Yoga Positions Starting with the foundation of Hatha yoga, here are some tantric yoga positions that partners will enjoy performing together. Seated Twist Perform this Seated Spinal Twist as a way to way to warm the spine and use one another to deepen your flexibility and connection to each other. Warrior I Each of the Warrior Poses can be performed in Tantric yoga. Boat Downward Facing Dog