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How to: Setup your projector

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AirBeam « Appologics High definition video monitoring with your iDevices AirBeam turns your camera equipped iDevices into a flexible remote monitoring system. It streams live video and audio from the cameras and microphones of any number of iPhones, iPods or iPads.

Video Projection Mapping by HELMUT BREINEDER ( For the recently re-opened Danish Royal Jelling National Museum realised a projection mapping installation for the institution’s mythology room (assignment and creative lead: Art+Com studios).Across several levels, outsized roots of the Yggdrasil tree – a legend in Nordic lore – served as projection surfaces for images, text and animations that bring the Viking mythology to live. Here, twelve essential tales from the realms of cosmology, magical items, crossing realms and Ragnarok are staged across three trees using a combination of illustrative character animations and abstract motion design. Switches between themes and areas are underscored by atmospheric colour changes of backlit rear panels spread across the entire room.m box fleshed out the Art+Com storylines and brought them to life with details, designs and animations. In addition, m box brought in the m-wall media server to handle programming, feeds and on-site mapping adaptations. Team: H.

The Nature of Code “I am two with nature.” — Woody Allen Here we are: the beginning. Well, almost the beginning. If it’s been a while since you’ve done any programming in Processing (or any math, for that matter), this introduction will get your mind back into computational thinking before we approach some of the more difficult and complex material. In Chapter 1, we’re going to talk about the concept of a vector and how it will serve as the building block for simulating motion throughout this book. But before we take that step, let’s think about what it means for something to simply move around the screen. analogway Symbole = MHz. Équivalent à 1 million de Hertz ou 10⁶ Hertz. Images spécifiques permettant de faire des réglages. Par extension, appareil permettant de délivrer ce type d’images. WATCHOUT is wowing visitors with the world's largest high definition video wall at Suntec, Singapore. The Big Picture, the 60 metre wide, 15 metre tall display located inside the main entrance at Suntec is the proud recipient of the Guinness World Records title as the 'Largest High Definition Video Wall'. A WATCHOUT system manages the dazzling and dynamic content. Expo 2012 Yeosu, Korea, was the biggest single-site project of the year with WATCHOUT employed in numerous pavilions and events. “We are extremely pleased to see that many pavilions chose WATCHOUT because of the genuine reputation we created for our products and services during the world expo in Shanghai two years ago,” says Fredrik Svahnberg, Marketing Director, Dataton. Dataton WATCHOUT took center stage at the 2010 CBS Upfront event at Carnegie Hall.

le format Ultra HD Blu-ray est prêt Les disques Ultra HD Blu-ray pourront contenir jusqu’à 100 Go de données en deux couches, contre 50 Go pour les Blu-Ray. © Rob Davies, Flickr, CC by-sa 2.0 En bref : le format Ultra HD Blu-ray est prêt - 1 Photo Même si le développement du streaming tend à reléguer les supports matériels à l'arrière-plan, tout le monde n'a pas encore un accès Internet au débit suffisant pour regarder des contenus 4K (en qualité Ultra HD) sur son téléviseur. What I'm Thinking When My Workstation's Thinking Posted by Walter Soyka in Tools / Scripts on Feb 25th, 2014 | 23 comments In After Effects, when you promote a layer from 2D to 3D, it will seem to jump, possibly out of frame, unless your camera is in the default position. This is because Ae is keeping the numeric values of your old 2D coordinates and simply adding one for the Z-axis; it is not attempting to translate them into the 3D space you see in the viewer. Ctrl+Home (PC) or Cmd+Home (Mac) will re-position the layer in the center of the camera’s view, but it will not auto-orient the layer the camera. I’ve written a quick, 1-button script that sets the selected layers’ positions to the focal point of the camera and orients them to the camera, centering them in view.

Hacking Your Projector: 9000 Lumens for $600! - Projection Mapping Central What an awesome hack from Elliot Woods. In summary: “The ‘Black and Bright’ projector hack removes the colour filters from a low cost video projector to double the brightness of its output, whilst removing its ability to represent colour (all images become grayscale, hence “Black and Bright”). The hack is usually destructive, and a replacement part needs to be ordered to restore the original functionality of the projector. The hack is really simple to execute (no soldering or electronics knowledge is required).” What you need: 1.

Bino: free 3D video player - Input and output formats, and example videos Bino plays stereoscopic 3D videos. Such videos have separate views for the left and right eye and thus allow depth perception through stereopsis. The left and right view of a stereoscopic video can be stored using different layouts. MD-HX HDMI / SDI Cross Converter HDMI / SDI CROSS CONVERTERwith Scaling and Frame Rate ConversionMSRP US$295(Now Shipping) • (NEW) Support both 3G level A and B on the input and output. Allowing conversion between A and B. • (NEW) Horizontal and/or Vertical image flipping via the built in scaler. • Combines several converters for the price of one (e.g.