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Timeline for Facebook Pages: THE COMPLETE GUIDE

Timeline for Facebook Pages: THE COMPLETE GUIDE
Whether you like it or not, the Timeline format is coming to Facebook Pages, and you have until March 30th to figure it out. If you’re lost and you don’t know what Timeline is or how it works, don’t worry – I’m here to break it down and make it easy for you to understand. Why does any of this matter? Because Facebook is still huge for online business, blogging and driving a ton of traffic. It is consistently my #1 referring website (click here to see the last 90 days), and even through I wasn’t too keen on the changes at first, a lot of the new features for Pages really excite me. Here’s my new Facebook Page after switching to Timeline. Below you’ll find a number of videos, resources, snippets of codes and links, to help you work your way around Timeline. I will continually add more videos, tips and tricks – so please bookmark this post for future reference. Note: All of the videos have closed captioning enabled. Please keep reading, and enjoy! Getting Started A Landing Page – for Timeline?

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Distributed social network The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a U.S. legal defense organization and advocacy group for civil liberties on the Internet, endorses the distributed social network model as one "that can plausibly return control and choice to the hands of the Internet user" and allow persons living under restrictive regimes to "conduct activism on social networking sites while also having a choice of services and providers that may be better equipped to protect their security and anonymity".[2] Comparison of software and protocols [edit] From a societal perspective, one may compare this concept to that of social media being a public utility.

Recyclage des contenants consignés : source de financement efficace - Société Au Québec, ce sont 462,5 millions de contenants et 28 millions $ qui sont perdus. Consignéco souhaite donc que les entreprises et les groupes communautaires participent afin de soulager l'environnement et de redonner à leur communauté. « La consigne sociale constitue un levier pour les entreprises qui souhaitent faire une différence dans leur communauté tout en améliorant leur performance environnementale. Pour les groupes communautaires qui choisiront de se jumeler à une entreprise de leur localité, il s’agit non seulement d’une source de financement récurrente, mais aussi d’une belle façon de tisser des liens de confiance et de proximité avec des gens d’affaires », souligne la porte-parole de Consignéco, Pascale Demers. Plus d’une centaine d’organismes et de nombreuses entreprises et municipalités de partout au Québec soutiennent, grâce à la consigne, un organisme ou une cause qui leur est cher. On en compte près de dix dans la seule région de Chaudière-Appalaches.

Pearltrees, un servicio de marcadores sociales muy visual Servicios de marcadores sociales existen muchos, aunque el más usado hasta el momento sigue siendo Delicious (por muy abandonado que lo tenga Yahoo). Sin embargo, hay alternativas interesantes y más modernas, como la que traigo hoy: un servicio gratuito llamado Pearltrees. Pearltrees toma el concepto de los marcadores sociales para exponerlo de manera muy visual. Básicamente, considera cada página que almacenamos como una perla que podemos guardar agrupándola junto con otras dentro de perlas mayores. Todo lo que guardemos se nos mostrará en forma de árbol, expandiéndose cada “rama” con todas sus perlas. Al hacer clic en una, podremos ver en una ventanita una previsualización de la página.

[LeWeb] The ThingsIO veut organiser l'Internet des objets en réseau social Pour faciliter la gestion des applications permettant de contrôler des objets connectés, la startup The ThingsIO propose de les réunir sur une seule et même plateforme. En 2020, ce seraient plus de 20 milliards d'objets qui devraient être connectés à Internet, estimait récemment ABI Research. Qu'il s'agisse des fameuses Google Glass, de bracelets connectés, de vêtements intelligents mais aussi d'appareils de domotique. Une multitude qui fait émerger un nouveau besoin : celui du management de ces appareils mais aussi des données qu'ils génèrent. Quelques acteurs explorent déjà le marché. Pour fédérer les informations issues de plusieurs appareils de quantified self, Fluxtream propose par exemple des outils permettant de les combiner et de les analyser (une nouvelle version du service sera bientôt proposée, qui devrait être plus complexe).

Social bookmarking Delicious homepage in October 2012, an example of a social bookmarking website. Common features[edit] In a social bookmarking system, users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share. These bookmarks are usually public, and can be saved privately, shared only with specified people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of public and private domains. The allowed people can usually view these bookmarks chronologically, by category or tags, or via a search engine. Rumpl - The World's Best Blanket by Wylie Robinson and Nick Polinko Our team is a group of active people that work as designers and product engineers. We have over 20 years of experience creating consumer products for major companies, including Mountain Hardware and Marmot. Rumpl is special because it's something we wanted to use in our own lives, so we concentrated on every detail to ensure that the product is designed perfectly.

Guides Oldie but Goodie: Fake Twitter Profiles #infographic The appearance of social media is sometimes deceiving. This is becoming big news for sites like Facebook and Twitter. 7 Ways to Have Private Group Chats via Twitter As someone who lately used Twitter private DMs more than public tweets to talk to friends, I’ve been looking for a way to have private group chats. DMs are nice, but you can only talk to one person at a time. Sometimes you just want to talk to a few people via Twitter, yet you don’t want it to be totally public. So here are 7 ways to do that by having private group chats and conversations via Twitter.

Keep Twitter Group Discussions Private with Privately If you’ve ever wanted to have a private conversation on Twitter with just a group of people (instead of the whole world) then Privately is for you. Privately is a mixture of threaded group conversations and DMs. Conversations can only be seen by users who have been invited and replies are displayed chronological order. Once you sign in via your Twitter account, you’ll want to set your preferences. You can enter your email so that you can receive notifications and use your Gravatar. Using your Gravatar is optional, if not selected Privately will use your Twitter avatar instead. Joint brings IM and group chat to Twitter If you want to hold a private conversation on Twitter, your only option is to use the direct messaging system. While it’s an easy way to converse, it doesn’t exactly work in real-time, and it doesn’t allow for group chat. A new desktop app, Joint, is bringing the flow of instant messaging and group chat to your existing Twitter contacts. The app is created by Ethan Gahng, the person behind LazyFeed and LazyScope. It works like Twitter’s DM system, which means you can only chat with people you follow. While Joint uses Twitter to login and get info about your contacts, it doesn’t use Twitter’s messaging API so messages on the app won’t appear in your Twitter timeline or as DMs in your Twitter client.