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Ten The Best Creative Photoshop Tutorials

The best of Photoshop Tutorials, mostly about photo manipulations and retro poster style. Check out new tricks that you can learn and apply it to your own designs. These tutorials are the best from great sites such us Abduzeedo, 10Steps.SG, Webdesigner Depot, PSDFan and Psdeluxe. We Hope you like this article…!!!

50 The Most Spectacular Photoshop Tutorials of 2009 In our previous posts we showed you the most interesting tutorials by a particular topic. For example 10 Best Typography Tutorials or 15 Best Smoke Tutorials. In connection with the end of the year we decided to remember the most spectacular and the most interesting Photoshop tutorials of 2009, regardless of its topic. In this collection you’ll see 50 various tutorials that will inspire you for creating your own artworks. How to Create a Realistic IES Lighting Effect in Photoshop by Psdtuts+ Making of a Scary Mental Hospital Scene by 10Steps How to Create an Ice Text Effect with Photoshop by Psdtuts+ Create a Shiny Earth with Photoshop 3D Layers by Psdtuts+ Creating ‘Broken Link’ by PSDFAN Manipulate Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images by Psdtuts+ Design a Grunge-Style Abstract Typography with Rusted Metal Texture in Photoshop by Psdvault How to Create a Photo Manipulation of a Flooded City Scene by Psdtuts+ Design a Surreal Floating Eiffel Tower Scene In Photoshop by Psdvault

Useful Adobe Photoshop Techniques, Tutorials and Tools As web designers, we always have something new to learn. Over the last decade our workflow has changed dramatically — it’s become more sophisticated and highly diversified. Not only do we have a much larger variety of improved tools to use; there’s also an endless stream of new techniques emerging and spreading within the web design community via social networks. And this is where the opportunity to learn new useful, practical approaches and techniques comes in. Below you’ll find an overview of new useful Adobe Photoshop techniques and tutorials that we’ve found and collected over the last months. Photoshop Techniques and Tutorials Link Illustration Link Create an Awesome Number-Based Illustration1 In this tutorial, you will how to combine the power of the pen tool with some patterns and shapes to create an original and vivid illustration. iPhone Photoshoot Video Michael Flarup recorded 6 hours of work with 1000+ layers in Photoshop and made a video speeding up the process. Templates Link

33 Creative Photoshop Tutorials Text Effects for Beginners and Advanced Tutorials February 9, 2010 In creating texts for your images- whether it be for logos or headlines- we are given the option to make it more lively or to make it plain and simple… However, nowadays, ‘too simple’ is not quite the standard in designs. Of course, as designers, we know people tend to expect too much. Following several guidelines and tips, we can create out-of-this-world images and unique designs right from our fingertips. Applying effects on your text is one of the coolest things to do in Photoshop. Create a Stunning Text on Wild Fire Effect This tutorial will teach you how to create a wild fire effect. How to Create a 3D Text Photo Manipulation In this tutorial, you will learn a 3D text photo manipulation. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop This will teach you how to add a grass like texture in photoshop. Using Light and Shade to Bring Text to Life You will learn how to bring text to life with light and shade. Smoke Type in Photoshop in 10 Steps Text in Stitches

30+ Abstract Photoshop Brush Sets To Download EmailShare 44EmailShare Here are some free and interesting abstract-style Photoshop brush packs resource for you to download and use in your next projects and artworks. These brushes are perfect for making colorful or lively abstract or even grunge style backgrounds. These are also perfect as an addition to your main subject in your digital paintings. You might also like these posts 20 Free Sports Vector Sets To Download25 Elegant Swirls Vector And Brush Sets Free To Download25 Free Animal Vector And Brush Sets To Download30 Packs Of Grunge And Urban Style Photoshop Custom Shape To Download 17 Infinity Brush Set by ShiftyJ 25 Shad0ws Brush Set – Fractal by James Rushforth 12 Doom Abstract Brush Set 2 by Nicholas Tong Wei Jie 27 3D Abstract Lines by Przemyslaw Szczepanski 14 PS Abstract by Charlie W Collyard 15 Abstract Light Brushes by Bela Rebeli 18 Evasion Brush Set – Grunge Abstract Brush Pack by ShiftyJ 24 Euphoria Brushes – Brush Pack by ~ShiftyJ 7 Dreamy Fantasies 2 by TreehouseCharms

Creating Energy Spheres in Photoshop For this tutorial you’ll want to find a photo of someone doing something that looks a bit larger than life. I used this photo that I found at the stock photo website Stock Exchange. For this tutorial you’ll need a photo that you want to manipulate and some special brush sets which I downloaded from here. This will be the final result. Download the brush set and install it. I grouped these together then, using the technique from Step 7 again, I use layer masking to block one half of the sphere I created.

25 Free, Easy to Download Paper Textures - Photoshop Tutorials & Photoshop Resources I’ve organized 25 free paper textures: 5 crinkled paper textures, 5 worn paper textures, 5 torn paper textures, 5 burnt paper textures, and 5 grunge-stained paper textures. No funky zip files or random secondary blog posts, these are all laid out neatly and ready to be downloaded easily. The other day I was searching for some paper textures for another Photoshop tutorial I wanted to do and I was having some problems. It really isn’t hard to find paper textures; they’re all over deviantART, Flickr, and everyone and their mothers’ blogs. With a billion choices, ranging from blog posts to Flickr images to zip files… I got kind of annoyed with all the different sources and methods of downloading paper textures. So, I decided to do a blog post with my favorite paper textures. The best part is all of these images link to single images out there on the net that are free for you to use. Related posts: Jason Bobich I recently started PSD Penguin to educate people about Photoshop.

41 Nicest Photoshop Photo Effects [Photoshop Tutorials] Looking at how powerful Photoshop can be in terms of photo editing, it’s probably not important if you suck at taking photographs or being labeled an amateur photographer. As long as you picked up a couple of Photoshop photo editing skills, it will still impress those who sees it. So the next time you want to publish some photos online, consider editing them so they look more impressive. Here’s a compilation of 41 Nicest Photoshop Photo Effects you can take into reference. Full content after jump. Mental Wave Explosion EffectHow to create a crazy explosion, like a mix of Magneto’s ability with Peter Petrelli’s power.

Create an Editable On Screen Text Effect using Smart Objects « PsAwesome★ Awesome Photoshop Tutorials In this Awesome★ Photoshop tutorial, i’m going to show you how to create an editable screen shot text effect. You can easily edit the text, you don’t need to repeat all steps from scratch, just double click the text layer and change it. This tutorial also has some good applications of Smart Objects. Have fun. Here is the Final Image Before we start lets see the final image we’ll create through out this tutorial. Before You Start | Tutorial Details: Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4Adobe Photoshop CS (step 7 won’t work)Tutorial Time: Difficulty Level:★★★★★ Files to Download: No files needed Create a New Document Lets start by creating a new document which is 900 x 600 pixels at a resolution of 300 pixels/inch, make sure Color Mode is set to RGB. Create the RGB Pattern Fill the Background with Black. Create the Text Now you can delete all shape layers and clear the guides by going to View > Clear Guides. Apply the Pattern Create a new layer on top and name it "Pattern".

30 Worth Learning Text Effect Tutorials in Photoshop There are a lot of new and spectacular text effects tutorials created every now and then. Many people found text effects as one of the most interesting thing to do in Photoshop. We have decided to collect those best tutorials that could help and inspire you to create your own text effects techniques. For those who like text effects, this collection is a great guide to create your own and learn some tips. Here some of the best and most recent Tutorials on Text Effects in Photoshop that we found on the web to help you stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques.. How to Create an Abstract Wireframe Text Effect This tutorial is good for beginners wherein you will know how to create an abstract wireframe text effect. Create Creepy, Branch Based Typography This tutorial demonstrates how to create some creepy typography created out of winter branches. Create Animal Textured Typography How to Create Eroded Metal Text With Photoshop How to Create Grunge Medieval Text in Photoshop

25 Excellent Photoshop Texture Tutorials Adding texture to a design can create drastic changes and powerful results. Photoshop provides a number of different possibilities for working with textures, which allows designers to use their creativity. In this post we’ll features 25 tutorials that will help you to learn more about working with textures in Photoshop and how to create impressive results. Looking for hosting?

35 Beautiful Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials Top Home » Digital Artworks • Gallery • Illustration • Inspiration • Photoshop • Tutorials » 35 Beautiful Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials If you are a lover of 1980’s style or like much vintage years styles then you are at exact point. Nostalgic and old-fashioned designs look and feel very much attractive and many times they have a lot inspiration in them. Creating a Stunning Old-World Look in Photoshop Design a Stylish Retro Game Boy Poster in Photoshop DIY vintage T-shirts How to create retro sunflower poster in Photoshop How to Design a Rockin’ 80′s Party Poster Creating a Space-Helmeted Future Retro Illustration Design a Retro Futurism Space Scene Make a Retro-Space Typography Poster with Colorful Lights Gigposter Design: The New Sex Create a Vintage Looking Image with Photoshop Design a Colorful Retro Futuristic Poster in Photoshop Design a Retro Summer Poster Illustration Retro Modernist Poster Design with 3D Typography Create a Retro Design Poster in Photoshop Old World Wax Seal Comments