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List of Ukulele Songs

List of Ukulele Songs

Ukulele Song Sheets – Chords and Lyrics Here you will find the lyrics and chords for ‘ukulele songs from your favorite artists. These sheets focus on the words, harmony, and basic song structure as opposed to tabs (which can be found on the ‘Ukulele Tabs page). Below you will find song sheets encompassing several genres. Many popular songs are already available elsewhere on the web so I try to focus on songs that really benefit from an ‘ukulele-specific sheet. Easy Three or four basic chords Intermediate 3-6 medium chords Hard Many and/or difficult chords Rock/Pop/Mainstream: Love Nat King Cole/Julia Nunes Hawaiian: Ei Nei Lena Machado/Sean Naauao There are so many mainstream songs out there that it would be impossible to put a dent in posting all of them, so here are some good places to look for chords to your favorite mainstream songs (the chords for guitar are the same as for ‘ukulele). ‘Ukulele Songbooks: He Mele Aloha: Hands down, the best Hawaiian songbook is He Mele Aloha .

Ukulele Songs, Tabs, Ukulele Chords and Lyrics - Ukulele Lessons from Uke School Wie kann ich am besten das Ukulele-Spielen lernen? | Ich hab vor einiger Zeit angefangen Ukulele zu spielen. Und das, obwohl ich überhaupt keine Verbindung zu irgendwelchen Instrumenten hatte. Ich hatte nie das Interesse am Gitarre oder Klavier lernen, ich dachte immer ich sei unmusikalisch. Aber als ich die Ukulele kennenlernte, wollte ich unbedingt eine haben. Im Sommer am Lagerfeuer zu sitzen oder im Garten mit Freunden, oder weil ich einfach mal ein paar meiner Lieblingssongs nachspielen wollte, dafür schien sie mir perfekt, und nach stundenlangem Surfen auf Youtube hatte ich auch den Eindruck erhalten, es würde garnicht so schwer werden. Doch genug von mir. 1. 2. 3. 4. AnleitungSchwierigkeitsgrad: Einfach Es wird benötigt: Eine UkuleleLust, zu lernenAusdauerFreude an Musik Die richtige Ukulele. Sicherlich haben diese Leute auch Recht damit, dass eine gut klingende Ukulele schwer unter 100 Euro zu bekommen ist. Aber ihr seit blutige Anfänger, die nicht einmal wissen, ob sie zwei Wochen später noch Lust aufs Ukulele spielen haben. ist.

Classical sheet music, for all instruments and abilities. Ukulele Lessons for Beginners | Learn Chords & How to Play Songs Beginner Piano Music for Kids -- Printable Free Sheet Music You just can't have too much beginner piano music! Supplement your piano method with free kids sheet music and easy piano songs, plus a bit of classical piano sheet music too. Save New Beginners Piano Music With Letters - a long page of songs with lettered notesPiano Keyboard ChartsPiano Scales Sheet MusicWormies ABC & CDEC&B & C&DDueling C'sFuzzy Wuzzy God is So GoodGreensleevesIndian DanceJingle BellsLavender's BlueLouie LouieMary Had a Little LambMusic Alphabet Song Ode to JoyPeck! Middle C Music All the Pretty Little HorsesAmazing GraceArabian Dance (from The Nutcracker)Ash Grove, a Welsh folk songAway in a MangerBack and ForthBe Thou My VisionB-I-B-L-EBingoBurleske, by Mozart Canon in D (in the key of C)Come Ye Sinners, Poor and NeedyCowboy's Lament (I'm Going to Leave Old Texas)Dipping DonutsEensy Weensy Spider Farther OnFound a PeanutFor the Beauty of the EarthFuneral March (Chopin)Fur EliseGo Tell It On the MountainGoober PeasGreensleeves Duet melodyHappy BirthdayHungarian Dance Yikes!

Ukulology | Ukulele Lessons London & the UK Jacqueline Grant - Guitar & Ukulele Music Tuition | Courses & Private Classes In SE London Aloha and Welcome to My Site, Enjoy the Site! Welcome to the Main Site of Curt Sheller and Curt Sheller Publications ( Me, myself and I ) is-are an independent, by choice, publishing company catering to the needs of musicians, guitar players and ukulele players worldwide with the resources and information needed to develop as a musician. Curt Sheller Publications was created by Curt Sheller (me) in 1995 and has been on the web since. I have over 40 years of playing experience and I have been involved in private music education for the past 20 years. With my re-introduction to the ukulele after a 20 year break and taking advantage of my jazz guitar skills, I began pursuing the potential of the ukulele. Researching the field I saw very little material organized at a level that works for intermediate to advanced players. You can checkout my Music, Art, Publishing and Programming bios at: Bios. Updates and new information posted just about everyday. Premium Lesson Series New Premium Lesson Series for Ukulele and General Music Cool Chords

Ukulele Chord Spelling Charts Tyll Hertsens is a musician, webpage designer, acoustician and someone beginning to have a long-term affection for the ukulele. As a musician and webpage designer, he has been kind enough to volunteer an analysis of the ukulele fretboard (in GCEA tuning) as well as a number of figures for this page. The following does not pretend to be an exhaustive discussion of music theory, but rather a compilation of information for the music student who wishes to study chord structure in an ukulele setting. For more thorough discussions of chord notations and such, the reader is referred to the music section of the public library or to any number of publications for sale at better music stores throughout the country. Not surprisingly, there are also several sites on the Internet which deal with , Music Theory , Chord Formation, and Chord Cadences. Ukuleles are commonly strung in one of three different open string tunings: GCEA ("C" tuning), DGBE ("G" tuning) and ADF#B ("D" tuning).

Clawhammer As you play the bum-ditty, keep in mind that in addition to playing the melody you are also strumming the chords, much like a rhythm guitar player plays chords. Be sure to pay careful attention to the chord changes that are written on top of the tablature. Most of the time the melody notes will be within the chord that you should be playing at the time, but sometimes you will need to move away from a particular chord position for certain notes. The strum is accomplished using the back of the fingernail of one finger only -- either the middle finger or the index finger. The thumb should automatically go to the top string (4th string) as the strum is being made, all in the same motion. Except for the bending at the wrist, the hand is basically held rigid. The technique for playing the single strings is basically the same as the beginning of the strum.