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Shrink a Size in 14 Days

Intrigued by research spotlighting eccentric training as one of the most effective ways to get firm, we asked fitness expert Chris Freytag to create a superfast shape-up exercise routine using this unique technique. When we put a group of readers on the plan, the results were eye-popping: Testers had an average weight loss of 6 pounds and 10 inches in 14 days, with the most successful volunteers losing up to 12 pounds and more than 22 inches all over. The secret is in the program's slow-motion strength routine. Get started today with our exclusive jump-start plan* that will help you shed pounds, shrink inches, and feel confident in just 14 days! *Adapted from 2-Week Total Body Turnaround by Chris Freytag with Alyssa Shaffer and the editors of Prevention (Rodale, 2009) The Expert American Council on Exercise board member Chris Freytag is the author of 2-Week Total Body Turnaround, creator of its companion DVDs, and model for the weight loss exercise routines here that she designed. Related:  Health & Beauty

25 Minutes to Burn Up To 300 Calories Exercising can become repetitive and some might even say boring when you don’t know exactly what you are going to do at the start of a workout. It’s easy to quit simply because you aren’t in the mood or you don’t know what else to do. To prevent becoming a victim of exercise boredom try to mix up your workout sessions with new and challenging moves. You should also come to the gym or park with your workout written down so that you will be less likely to stray from your ultimate goal. Below is a 25 minute workout you can take with you to the gym or park that will help you burn up to 300 calories. It’s important to gadge the intensity based on how your feel and only speed up or slow down during the times listed. Step One: Pick your favorite cardio exercise. Step Two: Start your watch or timer and complete the following workout by doing the cardio move you chose in step one during the allotted times listed. Your thoughts... How do you keep your workouts fresh and your motivation high?

How To Wear Makeup Without Looking Like It | Beauty Anywhere As a makeup artist, you might think that I wear a ton of makeup. The answer is no. I love to wear my makeup so that it covers my flaws, but I still look like myself. The best way to describe it is, I like to look like the best version of myself. There are certain products you need to use to look like you have effortless, impeccable skin. I’m absolutely obsessed with Lauren Conrad’s makeup style. I’m going to show you the necessities to master this look. 1. You have to achieve an even skin tone and hide your imperfections. Lorac Natural Performance Foundation, $36 at Ulta 2. Lauren has a bronzed look to her skin, but it’s not too over the top. NARS Bronzer in Laguna, $34 at Sephora 3. Highlighting is the key to giving your skin back the radiance it naturally emits. Who wouldn’t want to look like this? MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle, $34 at MAC stores 4. Eyeliner is something I have mixed feelings about. Bare Minerals Powder Liner Shadow in Onyx, $14 5. 6. Like this:

Hypnosis for Emotional Eating Alternative Health The Supplement Score Card Get alternative-health expert Bryce Wylde's bottom line on the supplements you're... Medicine Hunter: Chris Kilham Join Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham as he scours the globe to find the safest and... Weight Loss Belly Blasters It's time to say goodbye to bloat and belly fat. Metabolism Boosters If you think your metabolism is a little sluggish, try one of Dr. Skin 30 Days of Beauty: Eat Foods Rich in Vitamin C Vitamin C helps promote the synthesis of collagen, which keeps your skin looking... Beauty 30 Days of Beauty: Boost Your Body With Vitamin B If you have dry, cracked skin or feel depressed and fatigued, you might be... Fitness Brett Hoebel's 20-Minute Body Get fit fast with these high-intensity workouts from trainer Brett Hoebel. Nutrition Potassium Grocery List Snap out of your fog and keep your heart on beat with this potassium-packed grocery list. Supercharged Infused Waters Wellness Oprah and Deepak's 21-Day Finding Your Flow Meditation Dr. Dr.

Bath bomb recipe Here is a Friday Flashback about making bath bombs. Bath bombs make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift when packaged to look like a bomb along with a tag that says, “You’re the ‘bomb’!” They would also make cute teacher appreciation gifts! How to make foaming bath bombs Supplies: 2 Cups Baking Soda 1 Cup Citric Acid 4 teaspoons massage oil ( or 2 teaspoons essential oil and 2 teaspoons olive oil) Spray bottle with water mold (60 mm 2 part plastic ball) (I am also thinking the bottoms of two large Easter eggs could be used) This amount only made 5 bath bombs. Mix baking soda and citric acid in large mixing bowl. Add in 4 teaspoons of scented massage oil (or other combination of skin safe essential oil for scent and another oil for moisturizing the skin). This next step can be a bit tricky because you don’t want your bath bomb to start fizzing. You will continue spraying until the mixture will clump in your hand when squeezed. Fill one half of your mold. Gently remove the ball from mold. Enjoy!

20 Best Body Weight Exercises Slideshow Photo Credit Ben Attridge Overview You don't need a gym to experience a great workout. Squat One of the best exercises is also one of the most natural (just watch a baby sit). Pushup This is one of the best upper body exercises because it works everything from your chest to your back, your arms and even your abs. Bridge The bridge (also called a hip raise or extension) will strengthen your glutes and hamstrings, while also working your abdominals, back and inner thighs. Lunge Start with feet together and arms resting comfortably by your sides. Plank The plank has become one of the key go to exercises to define your core. Triceps Dip This exercise targets the muscles on the back of your upper arms. Single Leg Deadlift This is one of the best hamstring, glute and core exercises, and it works the muscles on the backside of your body that are typically ignored. Spinal Balance Bicycles Bicycles create fire in the core because they require deep abdominal stabilization and rotation. Kick Downs Side Lunge

Good Food Matters » Blog Archive » Home Remedy Today’s post is a bit of a departure. It is not focused on food or drink. There’s no stunning roast or plate of pasta. And yet, there is a recipe. An easy one, too, using four items found in most pantries: Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Ginger, and Cayenne… plus some water. And, so quick to put together, so beneficial, I had to share it with you. Combined, I learned from Maggie, that quartet of pantry ingredients creates a potent remedy to some of the ails of winter: Sore throat, hacking cough, tight congestion. Combined, they turn into a curious orange syrup that can cut through the croup. And, the taste is really good! Like you, we’ve been trying to duck the dreaded cold germs: wash our hands, eat well, get enough sleep, stay warm. I first mixed up a batch for Bill over the holidays, when he caught a cold accompanied by a strangling cough. So, last month, when I felt run down, tight with a tickle in the throat, I shook up a little Remedy. Just last night, Bill came home after a long workday.

10 Exercise Moves to Kick Start Your Weight Loss By kimfitness on Aug 05, 2012 10:00 AM in Tips & Updates For most people, exercise is just a means to an end. That end may be to lose weight, gain weight, sleep better, feel better, or even to impress someone from the past. No matter what it is, we can agree that the majority of us are not exercising just to pass the time. Take the first steps towards weight loss and work towards achieving a goal every day. The following is a list of ten exercises that, if perfected and implemented frequently, could help you realize the fitness and weight loss goals you've envisioned. Be sure to watch the video below for exact instructions on how to do these moves properly and how to implement them safely into an effective workout. The Squat: It works the quadriceps, gluteal muscles, calves as well as your core. CLICK HERE to watch me complete a few fun workouts using these exact moves.

A Quick Fix For Oily Hair . . . “Dry Clean” It This post is brought to you by Amazon where you can get deals on household supplies! This stuff saved my life this week! Well, OK…maybe that’s a BIT of an exaggeration…but not much! Let’s just say I had a HAIR EMERGENCY on Tuesday and was VERY GRATEFUL I had recently seen this idea by Danielle on Hookable Designs. The funny thing is…I hadn’t originally intended on doing a post on this only because my hair is SO dry that I would never have the need to de-grease my hair. Here is my sad story…with a happy ending! Anyway…back to my sad…then happy…story. Sorry…having difficulty keeping on track today! So…I needed some professional “head shots” for some upcoming stuff and finally decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment. That morning I allowed myself plenty of time to get myself ready and went all-out in my primping session. I quickly located the recipe in my bookmarks and was thrilled to see I had all the ingredients on hand. I call it my: Oily Hair “Dry Cleaner” Ingredients: