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10 Twitter Tools to Organize Your Tweeps Mashable As Twitter surges toward an estimated 12 million registered users by year's end (though some new stats may disagree), some of us are starting to deal with what we recently dubbed "followholism." You've followed so many people, it's hard to keep up, and it's probably time to do a little housekeeping. But where do you begin? Twitter's own tools for managing followers are subpar. It's nearly impossible to figure out who among your followers are following you back, and the interface for paging through followers is clumsy and difficult to use.

Excellent Analytics - Free Google Analytics Excel Plug-In About Excellent Analytics “I’ve been using GA for quite some time and fetching data from GA was the most boring part of the job. But with Excellent Analytics, things became interesting again. [..]

Link Diagnosis Revolutions In a world where version numbers seem to keep on racing towards exorbitantly higher, then higher still, version numbers without necessity, we propose having software packagers use Roman Numerals in emblazoning said new and improved numerics to their packages. So here we are, taking the red pill, and buckling the trend of focusing on adding to the major version numbers in favor of sticking with the tried and tested method of smaller incremental revisions while packing in more significant upgrades. So grab a snack and join us as we introduce you now to our Top 10 new features for LinkDiagnosis ver. 2.3:10) Killing Flash Some say he’s the fastest one of all, able to slay through rows upon rows of data with ease. But we all know reality speaks differently. No offense to Flash, his great for knocking down pigs – there’s just no room for him when it comes to taking down numbers. So to reiterate, Flash is no longer a requirement to enjoy our service!

Scott Haskins' Save Your Stuff Blog Sports Memorabilia – A Passion, Preserve it! September 29th, 2012 If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Thanks for visiting! One of our Save Your Stuff Fans from Australia asked to “give it go” as a guest blogger and so, here is her excellent write up to share with you her passion for Sports Memorabilia … Read the rest of this entry » Art Conservation and “Saving Your Stuff” focus of Daughters of Utah Pioneers Annual Meeting

Leveraging Social Intelligence Within Your Business The first part of this series covered how to gain business intelligence from social media. I gave examples of how to map conversation volumes to sales how to gain competitive intelligence and gauge audience feedback on product features and even discover new influencers and advocates. What I’m covering here is how to apply these social insights to your business. (You can also view a video presentation of this article at: Utilizing Social Media and Community Intelligence in your Business Business Functions: Teams Get Affiliated - How Affiliate Programs Work For You - readbud Joining an affiliate program is a great way to allow other people to do your selling for you. You can make up to $200 an hour and work only a few hours a day by joining or creating your own affiliate program. Does that sound tempting?

10 Tips for Monetizing Social Traffic Through Virtual Currency This is a guest post by Anu Shukla, CEO of Offerpal Media. Offerpal Media is a leading “managed offer platform” for social applications, virtual worlds, games, and community-oriented websites. The Opportunity Floral-tufted Rackybirds (with lots of pics and tutorial!) - CRAFTSTER CRAFT CHALLENGES Have you ever wondered where all those brightly colored plastic eggs come from? The amazing Floral-tufted Rackybird lays them, of course! These bright blue songbirds with their love for floral adornment are hard to find in the wild, but I was lucky enough to come across a flock of them in my backyard recently. Here are two that were spotted perched in our redbud tree: And here's a small flock sunning on our back wall:

Five Things To Successfully Manage Your Business Reputation With Social Media and Communities Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles What do you do when you view an adverse comment about your product/service, do you even come to know about it? Do you ignore it? As an organization you need a comprehensive strategy in place.

India Latitude and Longitude , latitude and longitude of india The Republic of India is located on the geographic coordinates of 21.0000° N latitude and 78.0000° E longitude in Asia. For the country of India the latitude of 22° 00' N and longitude of 77° 00' E denote its geographical alignment. The specific latitude of India suggests its position in Northern Hemisphere. The terra firma of India is bounded by the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and China. The country of India includes 3,287,590 square kilometers of area in the southern region Asia. The terrain of India is graced with Deccan plateau, the plain lands beside the rivers.

5 Best Practices for Lead Generation Using LinkedIn LinkedIn is the recognized leader in social networking lead generation. From networking with like-minded professionals to seeking out new prospects, LinkedIn does what it was designed to do – help you promote and grow your business. Success with its innovative platform does not come instantly or without putting time and effort into building a profile and participating in the community. Following these five lead generation best practices can help you leverage the power of LinkedIn to expand your customer base.