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WikiNodes for iPad - IDEA

WikiNodes for iPad - IDEA
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Spicynodes There’s Life Left In Delicious Yet For a long time, the web-based social bookmarking service Delicious was a poster child for the Web 2.0 movement. It was open, collaborative and full of the tags and user-generated content that made VCs instinctively open up their checkbooks at the time. It’s been 10 years, since the service opened to the public – then still running on the domain – and while it’s changed owners a few times since, it’s still up and running and its original concept hasn’t changed all that much. But the site did give itself a fresh new design for its 10th birthday, so it’s worth taking another look. Yahoo famously acquired Delicious back in 2005, two years after it was founded, and then let it linger for years. That’s what Yahoo did with way too many of these popular Web 2.0 services (Flickr being the other key example) and by 2010, it looked like Delicious’ days were over. Yahoo, however, didn’t close Delicious. I’m not sure its latest redesign is going to make a big difference, either.

Some Complaints besides (no trees) How to Protect Your iPad From Malware and Viruses The iPad runs on the iOS platform, which is one of the most secure operating systems in use today. But Wirelurker, which installs malware onto your iPad when you connect it to an infected computer running Mac OS, and more recently, a variant that does essentially the same thing through email and text messages prove that even the most secure platforms aren't 100%. So how do you protect yourself from malware and viruses infecting your iPad? Don't worry. What Is Malware Anyway? How to Prevent Malware From Infecting Your iPad: Both of the recent exploits are very similar in how they infect your iPad. The newest exploit is a bit trickier. Luckily, you can protect yourself against these and other intrusions. For malware to get onto your iPad, it must find its way onto the device through some other means. First, think twice about jailbreaking your device. In addition to these steps, you should make sure your home Wi-Fi network is properly protected with a password.

Welkin What is this? Welkin is a graph-based RDF visualizer. What's New in Version 1.1 Works on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Ok, how do I run it? The easiest way is to run Welkin thru Java WebStart. If the application doesn't start when you click the link above, you don't have Java WebStart installed in your machine. Cool, now what? Welkin visualizes RDF models. A word of warning: above 1000 nodes, real-time drawing performance degrades dramatically even on beefy machines. How can I learn more about it? The best way is to read the Welkin User Guide. Where do I download it? You can obtain Welkin in two different ways: In case you want to download the files from the repository (for example, if you want to have the latest and greatest development snapshot), you need to have a Subversion client installed. svn co welkin at the command line and the latest welkin distribution will appear in the "welkin" directory. Licensing and legal issues Credits

Muzio’s beautiful iOS app makes it easier than ever to curate & share memories What's next in mobile? Find out at MobileBeat, VentureBeat's 7th annual event on the future of mobile, on July 8-9 in San Francisco. Register now and save $400! Tons of apps let you share photos and videos. Heck, just this week, Facebook-owned Instagram added video sharing, and it’s already popular. But what if you want to easily share a set of photos, videos, audio, and text in a single album? Muzio was founded and launched by Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin and Elizabeth Buchanan (both pictured above), two designers who own B&C, a small boutique design firm. So Buchanan and Chamberlin built an app on top of Amazon Web Services that would make it easy to share an experience like that with photos, videos, audio, and text all in a single place. Muzio isn’t trying to be yet another social network — it’s a tool for compiling media and sharing it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+) and over email. Check out more photos of the Muzio iPhone app below. Photos via Muzio

Reflexive relation Related terms[edit] A relation that is irreflexive, or anti-reflexive, is a binary relation on a set where no element is related to itself. An example is the "greater than" relation (x>y) on the real numbers. Note that not every relation which is not reflexive is irreflexive; it is possible to define relations where some elements are related to themselves but others are not related to themselves (i.e., neither all nor none). For example, the binary relation "the product of x and y is even" is reflexive on the set of even numbers, irreflexive on the set of odd numbers, and neither reflexive nor irreflexive on the set of natural numbers. A relation is called quasi-reflexive if every element that is related to some element is related to itself. The reflexive reduction of a binary relation ~ on a set S is the smallest relation ~′ such that ~′ shares the same reflexive closure as ~. Examples[edit] Examples of reflexive relations include: Examples of irreflexive relations include: See also[edit]

iPad Maintenance: Keeping It Clean and Running Efficiently Like any computer, the iPad requires a little bit of maintenance to keep it running smooth and efficiently. This includes protecting your iPad from harm, cleaning it, optimizing your battery life as well as keeping it running fast and bug-free. Unlike a computer, the iPad makes most of these tasks pretty simple to undertake. Buy a Case. Accidents happen no matter how safe you try to be with your tablet, and because of its thin design, a simple drop could lead to a cracked screen as well as a sizable dent out of your iPad. The best way to protect against this is to get a case as soon as possible. The best cases are form-fitting and provide adequate protection, so avoid Apple's Smart Cover, which doesn't provide any real protection, though you could opt for the Smart Case if you want the "smart" features. If you have small kids or toddlers in the house, you may also want a screen protector. Clean Your iPad on a Regular Basis. Keep iOS Updated Optimize Settings for More Battery Power

Mind42: Free online mind mapping software 9 lessons about the web and business from Pearltrees, the or Pearltrees is a French startup that wants to change the way we organise the web. Describing how it works would lead you to believe that it’s another social bookmarking site, which would do them injustice. Most of the social bookmarks are organized either alphabetically or chronologically, which doesn’t do much good when you try to retrieve stuff later. Also, due to how most social bookmarking sites were designed, they’ve become more like a curated list of the hottest headlines out there right now, and about what Mashable calls “velocity” – the question: how fast is this thing spreading? This idea of velocity is not what Pearltrees is about – on the contrary, it’s a tool that helps you keep an eye on context and history in the endless stream of blogs, tweets and Facebook posts. (I can hear you think that you “don’t like to click”, but that would be missing the point. So there’s the genius of Pearltrees: the not getting lost while searching for stuff on the internet. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Antisymmetric relation if R(a,b) and R(b,a), then a = b, or, equivalently, if R(a,b) with a ≠ b, then R(b,a) must not hold. As a simple example, the divisibility order on the natural numbers is an antisymmetric relation. And what antisymmetry means here is that the only way each of two numbers can be divisible by the other is if the two are, in fact, the same number; equivalently, if n and m are distinct and n is a factor of m, then m cannot be a factor of n. In mathematical notation, this is: Antisymmetry is different from asymmetry, which requires both antisymmetry and irreflexivity. Examples[edit] The relation "x is even, y is odd" between a pair (x, y) of integers is antisymmetric: Every asymmetric relation is also an antisymmetric relation. See also[edit] Symmetry in mathematics References[edit]

How to Fix a Poor Wi-Fi Signal on Your iPad A decade ago wireless networks were the providence of coffee shops and businesses, but with the emergence of broadband technology, wireless has invaded our homes. It's a great convenience that frees us from the chains of our ethernet cables when it works, and when it doesn't, it can be one more headache for us to deal with. Luckily, there are a few different ways to boost a weak Wi-Fi signal. Before we start tinkering with the router trying to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi network, it is important to make sure the problem isn't with the iPad or laptop connecting to the network. The best way to find out where the problem exists is to connect to the wireless network from two different devices from the same spot in your house. Troubleshoot the Wi-Fi Connection on Your iPad Try First: Move Closer to the Router The first thing we want to do is to move closer to the router and see if the signal strength improves. Google Images makes a great test. Still having problems?

graphl Overview Graphl1 is a tool for collaborative editing and visualisation of graphs, representing relationships between resources or concepts of the real world. Graphl may be thought of as a visual wiki, a place where everybody can contribute to a shared repository of knowledge. Graphl builds upon RDF (the Resource Description Format), a standard for expressing the relationships of resources. While RDF specifies how to express these relationships in terms of concepts and grammar rules, Graphl focusses on visualizing these (possibly complex) networks of relationships, and allows the visual editing of such networks. Graphl requires a recent verison of the Java Plug-in to be installed on your computer. View and edit existing Graphl graphs View a graph existing on the net Simply copy the URL of an existing RDF file in the input field below to view it in Graphl: Or you can upload a local file from your computer to visualize it in Graphl: Create your own graph coming soon! Download Graphl Credits

Curation in the Age of Abundance “A curator is an information chemist. He or she mix atoms together in a way to build an info-molecule. Then adds value to that molecule.” – Scoble One of some buzzwords from SXSWEDU 2012 is “educators as curators”. With lots of Web2.0 curation tools available, what does it mean to be a curator? In this age of information abundance, curation is to leaverage this abundance effectively, we think there are many purposes of curation, here are some situations: - collecting relevant resources or tools for later use, from infinite abundance (sometimes you can’t find a link anymore after leaving it) - organizing texts and resources for learning, educational courses offering is the typical case, while well-crafted curation led by teachers could be valuable, but without having students becoming part of the curating process, the most important part is missed If human beings need to re-invent the wheels for individual needs, then our history would be totally different.