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Birth of the VRWC Politico draws attention to the release yesterday in the latest tranche of papers from the Clinton library of what it refers to as the conspiracy commerce memo.” The memo appears to be undated; Politico assigns it to 1995, contemporaneous with the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton but predating the Lewinsky affair. It was at the outset of the disclosure of the Lewinksy affair that Hillary attributed the » The War On Standards Comes to College Debate [with comment by Paul] Paul has been writing about the war on standards in various aspects of our society, generally as a means of advancing the interests of minorities (or purporting to advance them, anyway).

Instapundit OBAMA SAYS HE DOESN’T WATCH ENOUGH TV, AND THE NEW YORK TIMES TACITLY ADMITS IT CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THE MEMORY HOLE. I’m not sure which is more damning, the following passage… In his meeting with the columnists, Mr. Obama indicated that he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and made clear that he plans to step up his public arguments.

Vocal Minority: Liberal Ignorance, Hate, and Intolerance: Michelle Obama Addresses the NAALCP Welcome Lucianne readers - EricTheRed I just have to say that I really dislike Michelle Obama. She’s a bitter, angry, hateful woman with a chip on her shoulder so large if you dropped it off of Chicago’s Sears Tower you’d crush the entire city. (And to all you offended Obamaniacs who consider my comments “hateful” and “vitrolic,” get over yourselves. Here’s two words that’ll shut you up: Sarah Palin)

Occupy San Diego Dana Loesch By: Dana Loesch ( Diary ) | May 21st at 11:31 PM | This was just too much. Lerner’s attorney offers this excuse as to why she’s pleading the 5th: Lerner ‘has not committed any crime or made any misrepresentation,’ Taylor’s letter read, ‘but under the circumstances she has no choice but to take this course.’ He is asking the oversight committee to excuse Lerner from testifying, claiming that calling her in a congressional hearing would ‘have no | Read More » By: Dana Loesch ( Diary ) | May 20th at 04:44 PM |

The Corner “You could have said that yesterday,” a friend wrote on social media, slapping down someone who was inveighing against the alleged racism of an accomplished sports figure who had died a few hours earlier. “You could have said it tomorrow.” Out of respect, we honor the dictum “Speak no ill of the dead” — for a day. Mourning, we might extend the period to months, or even years, but to maintain that attitude in perpetuity would mean that we suspended forever our judgment of precedents: We could never criticize any action if it was taken by someone who, being human, went on to die. Canada Free Press: Online conservative newspaper, News, Politics, Editorials The Hugh Hewitt Show The social triangle Three great forces shape a society: culture, politics, and economics. Each of them influences the other. The late Andrew Breitbart famously observed that politics are “downstream” of culture. In other words, culture shapes political expectations.

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