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Physics - PhET Simulations

Physics - PhET Simulations

Stellarium Astronomy Software Physics Labs - - Virtual laboratory simulations for science education Below is a list of freely available online physics lab resources, including condensed matter, atomic/molecular and particle physics. NTNU JAVA Virtual Physics Laboratory – Includes English and Chinese languagesMyPhysicsLab – Physics Simulation with JavaVirtual Physics Labs – At Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). It’s a link directory to other educational physics sitesThe Interactive Library – This site is a list of links to interactive physics sites. Some Java applets are standalone and some come with lesson plans and notesPhysics ClassroomFearOfPhysics.comPhysics Applets – From the University of OregonUCLA’s ePhysicsUCLA Physics and Astronomy Lecture DemonstrationsOnline Physics TextbookY Science Laboratories – Realistic and sophisticated simulations covering chemistry, physics and planetary motion, from Brigham Young University The following physics laboratory simulations and educational learning exercises are available for a fee. Commercial products

The Physics Classroom Website Science is different than other subjects. It is not just the subject of science that is different; the entire process of doing science is different. The means by which knowledge is acquired is different in science than it is in history or mathematics or poetry or ... . In physics class, lab is central. The lab description pages which are linked to below describe the Question and the Purpose of each lab and provide a short description of what should be included in the student lab report. The following pages are recommended reading for teachers interested in using this section of the web site. Quick Links to Lab Descriptions: One Dimensional Kinematics Back to Top Newton's Laws Vectors and Projectiles Vectors and Forces Momentum and Collisions Work and Energy Circular Motion and Satellite Motion Static Electricity Electric Circuits Wave Basics Sound and Music Light and Color Reflection and Mirrors Refraction and Lenses

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