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et Virtuemart - Forum Dolibarr Bonjour à tous. A ce que je vois, la connexion entre Virtuemart et Dolibarr en intéresse plus d'un. N'étant pas développeur, je ne peux qu'assister qu'en spectateur au débat. Comme je n'ai dis lors de mon premier message je suis convaincu qu'une synergie entre Virtuemart, Joomla et Dolibarr ne peut être que profitable aux trois. Je tiens par ce message à féliciter et a remercier tous les développeurs qui permettent la réalisation ces projets Ps.: encore une petite idée en passant...

libffi A Portable Foreign Function Interface Library libffi-3.0.13 was released on March 17, 2013. You can ftp it from libffi is free software. What is libffi? Compilers for high level languages generate code that follows certain conventions. Some programs may not know at the time of compilation what arguments are to be passed to a function. The libffi library provides a portable, high level programming interface to various calling conventions. FFI stands for Foreign Function Interface. Who uses it? The libffi library is useful to anyone trying to build a bridge between interpreted and natively compiled code. Supported Platforms Libffi has been ported to many different platforms. At the time of release, the following basic configurations have been tested: Please send additional platform test results to and feel free to update the wiki page above. How to get it Mailing lists

After Effects Basic Training Welcome to Basic Training! In this Free Video Training Series, you'll learn everything you need to know to start using After Effects today. This is not an overview of the software, this is a real training series that covers advanced techniques for Motion Tracking, Color Keying and even 3D Title Design. Of course, we'll cover the basics too. What Version of After Effects do I need? Why is it free, are you guys crazy? Why should I learn After Effects? In this tutorial we will go over how to import and organize footage in the project window. In this tutorial we'll cover adding simple effects to footage and using the effects and presets pallete to find specific plug-ins. In this tutorial we will cover animating and adding keyframes in after effects. In this tutorial we will take a look at how transparency works in After Effects. In this tutorial we will cover how speed changes are done in After Effects. In this tutorial we will cover the basics of 3D in After Effects.

Introducing the Google Command Line Tool Ever wanted to upload a folder full of photos to Picasa from a command prompt? We did, a lot, last summer. It made us want to say: $ google picasa create --title "My album" ~/Photos/vacation/*.jpg So we wrote a program to do that, and a whole lot more. GoogleCL is a command-line utility that provides access to various Google services. For example: $ google blogger post --blog "My blog" --tags "python, googlecl, development" my_post.html $ google calendar add "Lunch with Jason tomorrow at noon"$ google docs edit --title "Shopping list" --editor vim GoogleCL is a pure Python application that uses the Python gdata libraries to make Google Data API calls from the command line. Read more at the GoogleCL project page, or jump right to the examples. GoogleCL brings cloud computing to your fingertips, literally! By Jason Holt, Street View Team and Tom Miller, former Street View Intern

DAWAR 1er Album Music About Dawar is a Maloya-Mixed band, Blues of Réunion flavoured with different influences. The trip's five musicians aspire to record their first album this year. What are the fund for? The funding will allow us to finance the recording studio: - 4 days in the studio - 2 days of sound-mixing and mastering One day in the studio costs 200 euros About the project owner Dawar is a Maloya band, composed of 5 musicians from differents influences. An artist or a band's first album is the main tool for his development. Our message of hope and our music, always in quest of new sounds, spread a desire.A desire to travel, to be different, to share! DAWAR at Réunion means "maybe" so... why not?

Okular - more than a reader Echo Echo3 is a light-weight open-source framework for developing rich single-page web applications. The server-side Java API enables fast & complex client/server applications using a Swing-style component API. The identical JavaScript API allows the easy development of pure client-side applications using the very same clean and intuitive programming model. New components can be easily adopted for both platforms. Echo3 has had a very long beta phase and the 3.0 release is rock solid and incredibly stable. Echo3 highlights Fast, scalable and stable Light-weight (less than 1MB JARs, no dependencies) Hybrid Java/JavaScript programming model Develop pure client side or server side web applications Advanced features such as sever side push, tab focus management Component based and very intuitive API Eclipse plugin for visual editing and Maven artifacts available Manages quirks & supports legacy browsers Planning for 3.1 is currently underway as is an update of the website, forums, etc.

StyleCop In defence of SQL | Seldo.Com Blog If this title does not interest you, here are some alternative, linkbait titles: Why ORM is the Dumbest Idea Ever Why NoSQL is a Terrible Idea OMADS: the future of data storage Why SQL Will Eventually Conquer The World A little history SQL was invented in the 1970s at the same time that "large-scale" (read: millions of rows) data stores came into existence. It triumphed over other query languages not because it was particularly great (though it was easier to read), but because it was standard. Everybody building a data store could write to the SQL standard without having to re-train all their clients and customers. SQL is awkward There's no escaping that SQL, as we use it day to day, is not pretty. Keep in mind that what SQL is really designed to express is relational algebra, a type of logic essentially invented by the ridiculously clever E.F. What it's not really for is collating, aggregating, and most especially filtering of data sets. So you're right. What about ORM? Post-SQL