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El Goonish Shive

El Goonish Shive
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Misfile [dream*scar] Quantum Vibe El Goonish Shive wiki Piled Higher and Deeper TopWebComics The Meek Blindsprings » A Webcomic by Kadi Fedoruk FaLLEN - A Weekly Webcomic By Ogawa Burukku Comitia 109 Posted on August 15 , 2014 For those of you living in or around Tokyo, I am flying in this weekend for Comitia 109 and I will be at table Na05a, or な05a. My pal Alex from Wanderlust Japan will be hanging around I think, though she is probably going to be starting a different blog with a broader travel theme sometime in the near future. Anyway, Japanese copies of all available chapters will be on sale for 500 yen a pop, though Chapter 6 and 7 will be printed as a single book for the price of one. Very limited printing for these since I have a graphic novel coming out soon, but I know some people will be wanting a copy to complete their collection. Home Sweet Home! I've moved into my new home!! Hello, Maris and Vesta! Posted on August 8 , 2014 Hurray hurray! Yay! Posted on August 3 , 2014 Got some good news! Flail Flail Flail Posted on July 25 , 2014 Still behind on emails/messages/comments/etc, but here are two more pages! So Sleepy... Posted on July 18 , 2014 Posted on July 11 , 2014

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