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Bienvenue sur le site OpenStreetMap France !

Bienvenue sur le site OpenStreetMap France !

Mondo: The Blog [soft] Maperitive Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics - Accueil du 15 septembre 2016 Développement Durable 15 septembre 2016 Formation Netvibes : remix the web ! Remixer le web, c’est-à-dire ajouter, paramétrer, organiser des applications sur une page web, suivre les actualités de vos sites préférés sans avoir à gérer une liste interminable de marques-pages, c’est ce que propose Netvibes. 1- Qu’ est-ce que Netvibes et pourquoi faire ? 1.1- Ce qu’est Netvibes Un tableau de bord [1] sur une page internet Il rassemble des données préexistantes sur internet, il s’agit donc plutôt d’un “portail” Personnalisable : les données, qui se présentent sous forme de modules, “les apps” [2] peuvent être choisies et assemblées à volonté. Un exemple : le netvibes de référence des SVT sur educnet On peut trouver sur un netvibes plusieurs onglets et dans chaque onglet, divers modules [3]. 1.2- A quoi sert Netvibes Dans le cas d’un usage personnel, à retrouver son “bureau” partout : du domicile aux nombreuses salles ( toutes équipées bien-sûr d’un ordinateur connecté à internet). 2- Ce que vous pouvez afficher sur votre tableau de bord 3- Comment faire ? Post Scriptum :

25 Professional and Incredibly Powerful Photoshop Plugins Freebies are awesome, and design blogs are full of them, but sometimes you need a professional tool to handle professional tasks. There are a wealth of extremely powerful and high quality photoshop tools that can dramatically improve your workflow and are worth every penny you have to spend to get them. Today we’ll look at a number of the best tools available for making color adjustments, adjusting focus, enlarging images, transforming layers in 3D, reducing noise, creating textures, applying complex masks, and even taking that PSD into full-blown HTML. Color and Exposure Exposure 3 “Over 500 analog techniques and organic looks are back like cross processing, Polaroid and vintage Daguerreotype. Price: $249.00 PhotoTune 3 “Great color, it’s not as hard as you think. Price: $159.95 Kubota Artistic Tools Viva La Vintage “Add some new fun to your images with these Kubota Actions inspired by vintage looks your clients will love! Price: $109.00 Topaz Adjust Price: $49.99 Focus Enhancement Bokeh 2 DOF Pro

[site] Free Geography Tools La boite à outils du formateur innovant " Format... Fermentation Introduction La fermentation c'est la conversion du sucre en éthanol et anhydride carbonique par des levures. Tout en faisant ceci, elles peuvent créer des gammes de saveurs différentes de celles existant au départ. Durant la fermentation, les levures transforment le sucre en l'alcool et anhydride carbonique en s'alimentant avec des série de sucres de plus en plus complexes, juste en brisant les molécules de sucre en d'autres composés qui leurs permettent de se développer. D'abord au menu on va trouver le glucose, avant de passer au maltose, puis au maltotriose. Selon la nature de la levure, ces sucres peuvent être "taclés" à différents taux, et pas toujours dans un ordre strict. Théoriquement 10 kg de sucre produiront 6,5 L (5,1 kg) d'éthanol et 4,9 kilogrammes (4900L) d'anhydride carbonique. Les levures sont des champignons unicellulaires. Gil explique…. La levure ne consomme pas le sucre comme nourriture, mais d'autres aliments présent dans le moût. Ma référence est A.J. Ray écrit...

Topaz Adjust - Create Stunning, Single-Image HDR Photos That POP With Dynamic Color, Detail and Exposure. Intelligent color enhancement gives you a dazzling variety of color effects Go far beyond simple hue, saturation, and luminance with Topaz Adjust's adaptive color technology. Intelligently enhance color to make your photos more exciting and vibrant without oversaturating or turning them into cartoons. Learn more about adaptive color → Adaptive color: a newer and smarter saturation Saturation is one of those settings that you can't increase too much, or your image starts to look ridiculous. Although the image above has bold and striking colors, it doesn't look "unnatural" in the way that it would if you just cranked saturation to 100. Finally, Topaz Adjust gives you a way to create great color effects without overdoing it.

[site de carto] explication de prettymaps prettymaps is an experimental map from Stamen Design. It is an interactive map composed of multiple freely available, community-generated data sources: All the Flickr shapefiles rendered as a semi-transparent white ground on top of which all the other layers are displayed. Urban areas from Natural Earth both as a standalone layer and combined with Flickr shapefiles for cities and neighbourhoods. In all there are four different raster layers and six data layers (that mean all the map data is sent in its raw form and rendered as visual elements by the browser) that may be visible depending on the bounding box and zoom level of the map. It looks (at least for the stuff you can see) like this: But when you put it all together here's what the world looks like at zoom level 3: This clustering effect offers a view of built environments around the world but also a visual representation of those places where no data has been recorded. At zoom level 8 city names are shown alongside motorways:

Science - THEORIE DU CHAOS -… Watch M6 HD stream online | Free live M6 HD HDTV channel Currently M6 is offline on tvsector > buy access to M6 here M6, also known as Metropole television, is the most profitable private national French TV channel and the third most watched television network in the French-speaking world. M6 is the head channel of the M6 group media empire[4] that owns several TV channels, magazines, publications, movie production and media-related firms etc. List of programs broadcast by M6 News Le 12:45 (national edition) and 19:45 (national edition), afternoon and evening news.Zone Interdite, France’s most influential Newsmagazine66 Minutes weekly news magazine.Capital, Economy-oriented newsmagazine.Enqu? Show and Reality Show X FactorNouvelle star, (French adaptation of Pop Idol) reality televisionL’amour est dans le pr? Series Desperate HousewivesGleeLie to MeBonesMy Name Is EarlNCISNCIS Los AngelesNumb3rsSupernaturalScrubsSons of AnarchyWhite CollarBurn Notice Past programmes No related channels.

[site] Cartographie esthétique prettymaps The short version is simply that there's a huge amount of data being sent across the network and then processed and finally rendered by your computer. We've looked at the logs for the machine hosting prettymaps and it seems happy enough serving all the requests that people are sending it. The other reason is that the data hasn't been compressed or optimized as much it could be. We haven't done a lot of optimizations by design because we wanted to leave all the plumbing exposed so that people could look at it and learn from it and, hopefully, build something new. Which is cold comfort if you're one of those people waiting on the ghosts in the Internets to hurry up and show you what all the fuss is about so we've also created a static, non-interactive, version of the map so you can at least get a flavour for the work. (close this message)