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Surging Seas: Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central

Surging Seas: Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central
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Thanks for choosing Tableau Public Your download should begin automatically, but if it doesn’t, click here. Need the 64-bit version? Click here. Just follow these easy steps to install your software: Click the “Run” button to start the process. Depending on your browser, you might not get the security warning screen.Go to step 2. Accept the license agreement and click the “Install” button. The software will automatically begin the installation process. Watch the “Getting Started” video on the start page. Press the play button and get a step-by-step walk through of how to create your first Tableau Public visualization. Need Help? Our community page gives you the support and training you need. Visit our community Get Training Our training videos will teach you the basics to get started as well as give you the tools to master the application. Visit our training About Tableau Public Learn the story behind Tableau Public and how it is helping people see and understand their data in a whole new way. Visit the Tableau Public Story

Les négociations sur le climat s’enfoncent dans le brouillard Encore une occasion manquée. Réunis à Bonn du 31 août au 4 septembre, les représentants des 196 Etats-membres de la Convention-cadre des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques (CCNUCC) ont échoué à avancer sur le texte du futur accord de Paris. Ce dernier doit être signé à l’issue de la COP 21, qui se déroulera à Paris du 31 novembre au 11 décembre prochains. Son objectif est de limiter le réchauffement climatique à 2°C d’ici la fin du siècle. L’agenda de la rencontre était pourtant chargé. Télécharger le texte non officiel dont on discute, dit "Outil des co-présidents" : Le texte officiel de base reste cependant celui-ci, ce qui ne simplifie pas les choses. Les questions de fond n’ont pas été abordées Les négociateurs devaient aborder des questions de fond : l’adoption d’un mécanisme de révision de l’accord tous les cinq ans ; l’abondement d’un fonds de 100 milliards par an d’ici 2020, promis aux pays en développement à Copenhague en 2009 ; Le bilan n’est pas brillant.

Climb every mountain: visualising the world's 50 most prominent peaks | News Data scientist Robert Mundigi has created a multi-faceted visualisation of the world's 50 most prominent peaks. The interactive graphic, made using Tableau Public, features a clickable map of the summits, satellite images of each peak and figures for each mountain's prominence and overall elevation. In mountaineering terms, prominence is the vertical distance between a summit and the lowest contour line encircling it and no higher peak. The different visualisation panels are interlinked, such that selecting a mountain on either the map or bar chart will result in its satellite image being displayed via the Google Maps panel. The image you see upon first loading the page is of Mauna Kea, a volcanic mountain on the island of Hawaii.• Who made this graphic?

Watch NASA Explain Why We Should All Be Worried About Greenland's Melting Ice Sheet NASA scientists are worried about Greenland. Its ice sheet is three times the size of Texas and a mile deep on average. The only place with more of the world’s ice is Antarctica. But Greenland is warming twice as fast as Antarctica, NASA says. When a canary died, miners knew that carbon monoxide levels were dangerously high and they should get out. The research is part of a multi-year project to better understand the changes taking place in Greenland. Watch the video here: Sea Level Rising Faster Than Expected, NASA Warns Record-Breaking Hurricane Season Hits the Pacific Ocean Plastic Will Be Found in 99 Percent of Seabirds by 2050

Behind a better life: interactive guide to the data | News Turn autoplay off Edition: <span><a href=" Sign in Beta About us Today's paper Subscribe Custom Search Behind a better life: interactive guide to the data Which countries have the best housing, the highest chance of employment or the best work-life balance? Powered by Tableau Money Work-life balance Business Life and style Health & wellbeing Society Housing Series Show and Tell More from Datablog on Money Work-life balance Business Life and style Health & wellbeing Society Housing Show and Tell More blogposts More interactives Facts Are Sacred by Simon Rogers From the war in Afghanistan to the London riots, Facts Are Sacred is a full-colour collection of the most interesting findings from the Guardian datablog. More on this story Better life: relaunching the happiness index The OECD is relaunching its Better Life Index today - and has given us the key data behind it LINK: OECD Better Life Index © 2014 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.

Emergency Flood and Landslide Warnings in Japan; Levee Breach Destroys Homes, Forces Dramatic Rescues Residents Rescued from Japan Storm Tropical storm Etau continues to wreak havoc on Japan as seen in this video when officials rescue stranded residents from their flooded residents. Heavy rain continues to threaten areas of Japan on Thursday. Dramatic helicopter rescues unfolded on live television in Japan Thursday as a flood-swollen river breached a levee, sending raging floodwaters into a neighborhood north of Tokyo and leaving dozens of residents trapped on the roofs or upper floors of their homes. Rare emergency warnings for heavy rainfall, flooding and landslides were issued for nearly 5 million people in two prefectures near Tokyo Thursday morning as torrential rain continued to inundate parts of Japan, flooding hundreds of homes. Just after midnight early Thursday (Japan time), the Japan Meteorological Agency issued an emergency warning for heavy rainfall in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo, where more than 20 inches of rain fell in 24 hours in some locations. Rainfall Reports

Edlib: qrcodes The use of QR codes (Quick response codes) are really taking off across all aspects of our lives. There are great opportunities to use them in learning and many educational bodies and libraries are taking on the challenge.(Picture at right from the Daring Librarian - Hot QR codes in the classroom and library) Following is some great resources to get you started using QR codes in learning. What is a QR code? A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobiles phones with camera, and smartphones. Inspiration Want to connect with your learners - create a virtual learning space or library. Implications for teaching and learning See my previous post about QR codes - implications for teaching and learning. What can I include in a QR code? BeQRious Get a bit more adventurous with this QR code generator. Things to consider when creating your QR code 1.Keep your url short by using a URL shortening service like TinyURL. 2.

Japon : des milliers de personnes évacuées en raison de pluies torrentielles Par Francetv info avec AFP Mis à jour le , publié le Scènes apocalyptiques au Japon. Le typhon Etau a traversé, mercredi 9 septembre, l'île principale de l'archipel, Honshu, faisant une dizaine de blessés et provoquant des crues et des glissements de terrain dans plusieurs régions. Des centaines de milliers d'habitants ont été évacués, y compris à Tokyo, la capitale. Ce jeudi, des pluies torrentielles continuent de s'abattre dans les rues. "Ces intempéries sont d'une ampleur que nous n'avons encore jamais connue et elles présentent un danger immédiat", a averti un responsable de l'agence de météorologie, Takuya Deshimaru. Dans la préfecture de Tochigi, 90 000 personnes ont reçu l'ordre d'évacuer et il a été recommandé à 80 000 autres de quitter leur logement, rapporte jeudi la chaîne de télévision japonaise NHK. Recevez toute l’actualité du jour en vidéos

Stalking in English Class We’ve been stalking people in english class. Wanting to teach the kids in my class about concepts of digital footprint and online safety, I used three people well known from the edusphere as examples: Will Richardson, Jabiz Raisdana and Jeff Utecht. I introduced these three friends to the students in my class by giving them only a photo and a name. The students made a list of places to search. Will Richardson Jeff Utecht Jabiz Raisdana In two periods (about 90 total minutes of research time) my students managed to find quite a lot of details about these three gentlemen. When we turned from discussing digital footprint to instead looking at online safety, my students were at first shocked and quite horrified at all the information that Jeff, Jabiz and Will had chosen to share online. This turned into a great experience for all of us involved. Now we can concentrate more on making connections with people around the globe.

Spain - 1 Killed in Flash Floods as Torrential Rain Hits South - FloodList Major flash floods struck in several provinces in southern Spain yesterday, 07 September 2015, after torrential downpours. Spain’s Protección Civil y Emergencias said that the worst affected areas are along the coast of the provinces of Valencia, Alicante, Granada and Almería, with rainfall of 40 l / m2 in an hour. The intense rainfall began to fall at around 11:00. Protección Civil say that the heavy rain will remain in the areas of Valencia and Alicante today, Tuesday 08 September 2015. “During this time of year it is difficult forecast storm events, especially on the Mediterranean coast, so it is advisable to keep informed at all times of the possible evolution of weather changes” They warned those in the affected areas: “During torrential rain, stay away from rivers, streams and low-lying areas and do not cross flooded areas.” Fatality, Flood Damage and Transport Disruption Social Media Below is a video showing the flooded streets of Adra in Almeria, yesterday, 07 September. Related

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