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Harry Clarke, Illustrations for E. A. Poe

Harry Clarke, Illustrations for E. A. Poe
Harry Clarke, Illustrations for E. A. Poe A friend gave me her parents' copy of this 1923 rarity to scan: Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Poe, illustrated by Harry Clarke (Ireland, 1889 - 1931). She remembers being fascinated and haunted by details like the killer's toes from The Tell-Tale Heart. Also, don't miss this cartoon on YouTube: 'The Tell-Tale Heart is a wonderful animated short film of 1953 based on Edgar Allan Poe short-story. I should thank here Cary Loren and Gilbert Alter-Gilbert, who earlier this year turned me on to Harry Clarke, independently, within minutes of each other. I have not seen the 2008 Calla edition (Calla seems to be a division of Dover, marketing to bibliophiles), but it includes all 8 color images and the 24 large monotone images, so I would say buy it before it's gone. Here are the 24 black and white images. All Harry Clarke posts on 50 Watts Tweet this

Dirty 30s! - The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot This is a formula, a master plot, for any 6000 word pulp story. It has worked on adventure, detective, western and war-air. It tells exactly where to put everything. No yarn of mine written to the formula has yet failed to sell. The business of building stories seems not much different from the business of building anything else. Here's how it starts: One of these DIFFERENT things would be nice, two better, three swell. A different murder method could be--different. If the victims are killed by ordinary methods, but found under strange and identical circumstances each time, it might serve, the reader of course not knowing until the end, that the method of murder is ordinary. Scribes who have their villain's victims found with butterflies, spiders or bats stamped on them could conceivably be flirting with this gag. Probably it won't do a lot of good to be too odd, fanciful or grotesque with murder methods. Here, again one might get too bizarre. Unique locale? SO FAR: Does it have SUSPENSE?

Необычные картины от Gil Bruvel - Форум Французский художник и скульптор, родился в 1959 году. Джил первые четыре года своей жизни провел в Сиднее, Австралия. Затем его семья переехала в маленькую деревню Истрес на юге Франции. Здесь его родители, музыканты- пианисты по образованию, обнаружили художественный талант младшего сына и с девяти лет отдали его учиться рисованию. В возрасте 12 лет Джил написал свою первую картину маслом,и с этого момента живопись становится страстью его жизни. С 14 лет Брювель начал подрабатывать в реставрационной мастерской. В возрасте 16 лет его первая выставка была организована в Музее des Baux-de-Provenance и прошла с большим успехом. Художник основал свою студию в Сан-Реми де Провансе и трудился там до 1986 года. В Соединенные Штаты Брювель впервые приехал с выставкой в 1986 году, а с 1990 года переехал туда на постоянное место жительства.

CHARLOTTE BRONSON Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online When historians come to write about the digital transformation currently engulfing the book-publishing world, they will almost certainly refer to Amanda Hocking, writer of paranormal fiction who in the past 18 months has emerged from obscurity to bestselling status entirely under her own self-published steam. What the historians may omit to mention is the crucial role played in her rise by those furry wide-mouthed friends, the Muppets. To understand the vital Muppet connection we have to go back to April 2010. We find Hocking sitting in her tiny, sparsely furnished apartment in Austin, Minnesota. Then it comes to her. "I'm going to sell books on Amazon," she announces to her housemate, Eric. To which Eric replies: "Yeah. Let's jump to October 2010. So let the historians take note: Amanda Hocking does get to Chicago to see the Muppets. But step inside and convention gives way to a riot of colour. By the age of seven she was reading Jaws by Peter Benchley and anything by Stephen King.

œuvres étiqueté «allégories-et-symboles» Homepagetag: allegories-and-symbols tag: allegories-and-symbols 3758 Paintings were found Previous 1 ... 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 ... 63 Next The Vexations of the Thinker - Giorgio de Chirico, 1915 The Vicious Town - Nicholas Roerich, 1919 The victory of virtue - Andrea Mantegna The Vineyard of Desolation - Wilhelm Kotarbinski The Violin Valse - Georges Braque, 1913 The Virgin - Gustav Klimt, 1913 The Virgin Spanking the Christ Child before Three Witnesses: Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, and the Painter - Max Ernst, 1926 The Vision of Death - Gustave Dore, c.1868 The Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel - Mikhail Vrubel, 1906 The Voices - Gustave Moreau, 1867 The Volunteers - Kathe Kollwitz, 1922 The Wake-Up Spring - Arnold Böcklin The Wandering Jew - Marc Chagall, 1923-1925 The wavering woman - Max Ernst, 1923 The way - Nicholas Roerich The Way of Silence - Frantisek Kupka, c.1903 The wayfarer - Hieronymus Bosch The Wedding Candles - Marc Chagall, c.1945 The wedding night - Wojciech Siudmak Theory - Joshua Reynolds

Loading Artist - A webcomic by Gregor Czaykowski Ken Follett | The Art of Suspense I’ve been reading thrillers for longer than I’ve been writing them. Over time, I’ve put my ideas on how thrillers work and why we love to read them into a lecture – The Art of Suspense. Starting with the first real thriller – Erskine Childer’s The Riddle of the Sands, and covering the works of John Buchan, Zane Grey, Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming and Thomas Harris (amongst others) I trace how thrillers have developed. The historical events that helped drive the development of thrillers, the effect of the Dreyfus trial, Hamlet as an assassin, the impact of the world wars on how we see ourselves… this history of the thriller will be of interest to students of literature and would-be writers. I delivered The Art of Suspense at the famous 92nd St Y in New York in 2006 (on Halloween!)

Earl Norem Savage Sword of Conan #39 Cover Painting OriginalArt | Lot #41300 | Heritage Auctions Bid increments determine the lowest amount you may bid on a particular lot. Normally, bids must be at least one bidding increment over the Current Bid. However, podium, fax, phone and mail bidders submit bids at various times without knowing the current bid and must be on-increment or at a half increment (called a Cut Bid). Any podium, fax, phone, or mail bids that do not conform to a full or half increment will be rounded up or down to the nearest full or half increment. Internet bids are required only to bid the increment past the Current Bid, or more. Internet bids greater than one increment over the Current Bid can be any whole dollar amount. It is possible under several circumstances for winning bids to be between increments. For example: On Tuesday, you bid $1500 against Bidder A's Maximum Bid of $1000, raising Current Bid to $1100.

Mr. Lovenstein | Left and Right Comic #124. Partners in crime fiction Benjamin Black The series of Parker books by Richard Stark – aka Donald Westlake – which began in the 1960s and ended with the author's sudden death on the last day of 2008 are among the finest crime novels of the past 50 years. Parker – we do not learn his first name, if indeed he has one – is an elemental force, a Nietzschean Übermensch beyond good and evil as well as the long arm of the law. When we first encountered him, in The Hunter, published in 1962, he was a bit of a thug, "big and shaggy, with flat square shoulders and arms too long in sleeves too short", resembling the actor Jack Palance on whom Stark had modelled him. The books are all being republished by the admirable University of Chicago Press – it tickled Westlake that Parker should appear under an academic imprint – and among them are at least half a dozen masterpieces. Lee Child My favourite crime series character? Third temptation is to pick someone from way back who created or defined the genre. Len Deighton RJ Ellory

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