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Noam Chomsky on the Purpose of Education

Noam Chomsky on the Purpose of Education
by Maria Popova On the value of cultivating the capacity to seek the significant. In this talk based on his presentation at the Learning Without Frontiers conference in January, philosopher, linguist, and cognitive scientist Noam Chomsky — easily one of our time’s sharpest thinkers — discusses the purpose of education. Despite the slow pace and the cheesy AfterEffects animated typography, the video is a treasure trove of insight on everything from the role of technology to the pitfalls of policy. On the industrialization of education, echoing Sir Ken Robinson’s admonition about its effects on creativity: There have been many measures taken to try to turn the educational system towards more control, more indoctrination, more vocational training, imposing a debt, which traps students and young people into a life of conformity… That’s the exact opposite of [what] traditionally comes out of The Enlightenment. On technology: Technology is basically neutral. On the whimsy of inquiry: ↬ @openculture Related:  Ed Reformeyalrosenthal

How to ‘Gamify’ Your Class Website – ProfHacker - Blogs [This is a guest post by Anastasia Salter, Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Baltimore in the school of Information Arts and Technologies. Her academic work focuses on storytelling in new media; she also writes the Future Fragments column for CinCity. Follow her on Twitter at MsAnastasia.--@jbj] When Jason B. Achievements and leveling in games are inherently social, as they offer bragging rights and a way to compare progress to others. I decided to search for a compromise. Your options for this vary with your choice of content system: Drupal has a group devoted to adding game features, but most of these are in early beta. BuddyPress — The foundation of a social class site, BuddyPress builds on the WordPress system so that it acts more like Facebook or Ning. I don’t know yet if making these sorts of changes to a class site will fundamentally transform my outcomes. Are these rankings changing how students act, even when they know the points are not by any means a “grade”?

מבחן: איזה צד של המוח שלכם דומיננטי יותר, הימני או השמאלי? | הפטריה הביטו היטב על סרטון הרקדנית המסתובבת הבא. האם הרקדנית מסתובבת בכיוון השעות או שמא מסתובבת נגד כיוון השעון? תתפלאו, אבל מספר בני אדם שונים שיסתכלו על התמונה הזאת, יענו תשובות שונות. מבחן אינטרנטי קצר ופשוט שיקח לכם שלושים שניות מהחיים, מתיימר לקבוע אלו מבין חלקי המוח שלכם, הימני או השמאלי הוא זה ששולט אצלכם. את האשליה האופטית הנהדרת "מבחן הרקדנית", אשליה מאוד מוכרת ברשת, יצר האמן היפני נובויוקי קאיאהרה, והיא מצליחה לתעתע במוח שלנו בזכות העובדה שהצללית בה אנחנו צופים מכילה מידע דו מימדי בלבד ולא מאפשרת למוח לקבוע בוודאות באיזה כיוון מסתובבת הרקדנית. בשורה התחתונה, אנחנו לא מבינים גדולים במדעי המוח, אבל אנחנו יכולים לשער כי גם המבחן אותו ביצעתם למעלה הוא למעשה קשקוש מוחלט, ונוצר רק בשביל הכיף, ובשביל שכותבים כמוני ייאלצו לבזבז דקות ארוכות מסמנם ברשת בחיפוש אחר מחקרים ותשובות מעמיקות בהקשר הזה. אז המטרה הושגה, החכמתי מעט, ואני מניח שגם אתם (ממש מעט), ובכל זאת, רק בשביל הכיף, גם אתם מוזמנים לבצע את המבחן, ולבחון את אשליית הרקדנית על אנשים אחרים. הרשמו לקבלת עדכון יומי על הסיפורים החדשים שלנו

10 Ways to Teach Innovation Getty By Thom Markham One overriding challenge is now coming to the fore in public consciousness: We need to reinvent just about everything. Whether scientific advances, technology breakthroughs, new political and economic structures, environmental solutions, or an updated code of ethics for 21st century life, everything is in flux—and everything demands innovative, out of the box thinking. The burden of reinvention, of course, falls on today’s generation of students. This is hardly the case, as we know. Move from projects to Project Based Learning. Teach concepts, not facts. Distinguish concepts from critical information. Make skills as important as knowledge. Form teams, not groups. Use thinking tools. Use creativity tools. Reward discovery. Make reflection part of the lesson. Be innovative yourself. Related

Project Shapeshifter Why Google doesn’t care about hiring top college graduates - Quartz On Dec. 4, Italians went to the polls to decide on a reform referendum that would redefine the power of local governments and reduce the power of the senate. With a high turnout, my countryman rejected the reform. In the press, the voters’ decision was described as an Italian Brexit, and a triumph of populism. Beppe Grillo and his Five Star Movement, arguably Europe’s largest populist party, celebrated with Matteo Salvini, leader of the xenophobic Northern League; Marine Le Pen sent congratulations via Twitter, claiming that Italians’ had disavowed not just their prime minister, but the entire European Union. What had actually happened, however, was more nuanced. And yet, the disappointment amongst liberals—the majority of whom had supported the reforms—was palpable. On Facebook, my heavily “blue feed” shared news and commentary that unanimously condemned the victory of the “no” camp. Misguided, misinformed people like, me apparently. There were exceptions, of course. But it is not.

Siv-food סיו-פוד: עוגת קפה טבעונית אחת מההתמכרויות הכי גרועות שלי - קפה. אני לא יודעת אם אצליח להיגמל אי פעם, אז בינתיים אני חיה עם זה... נס קפה עם חלב סויה זה אחד מהדברים המנחמים ביותר שיש, השלוק הראשון הוא כמו טיפול פסיכולוגי של שעה מכווץ לתוך כמה שניות. רכיבים: (ל-2 תבניות אינגליש קייק) חומרים יבשים: 1.5 כוסות קמח 10 גרם (שקית) אבקת אפיה קורט מלח 0.5 כוס צימוקים רטובים: 3/4 כוס סוכר 1 כוס חלב סויה (או חלב צמחי אחר) 3 כפות אבקת נס קפה מגורען מאיכות טובה 1 שקית סוכר וניל 1 בננה מעוכה היטב 0.5 כוס שמן לציפוי: 100 גרם שוקולד מריר 0.5 כוס חלב סויה הכנה: מחממים תנור לחום בינוני (180 מעלות) מערבבים בקערה את החומרים היבשים. בתאבון!

Socialization technique helps in academic achievement, trial study finds Sara Rimm-Kaufman, the study’s lead author and an associate professor of education at the University of Virginia, said the results are important during a period of increased emphasis on academic results. At a time when teacher evaluations and school performance are increasingly judged by student test scores, many educators may feel that limited classroom time is better spent on academics and not “softer” social skills, Rimm-Kaufman said. The study shows that teaching social skills in the elementary years can translate into higher test scores, she said. “Our research shows that time spent supporting children’s social and emotional abilities can be a very wise investment,” said Rimm-Kaufman, who was joined by researchers from Virginia, George Mason and Arizona State universities. “When teachers receive adequate levels of training and support, using practices that support students’ social and emotional growth actually boosts achievement.” “It’s like those diet clubs,” Rimm-Kaufman said.

Chewbacca Actor Shares Vintage Photos From 'Star Wars' Set A long time ago on a movie set far, far away, people gathered to make the original Star Wars trilogy. Our memories of these films usually revolve around their iconic scenes, but one actor is giving a sneak peek at dozens of behind-the-scenes photos.

What if You Only Had 5 Minutes to Inspire a Student? - Finding Common Ground First impressions are important. We know this. We've heard about it in commercials and read about it in books. The statement, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression," is a popular statement that is ingrained in our psyche. As much as we often think this only means adult-to-adult relationships, it also pertains to the relationships we have with our students. In an excellently written Education Week Teacher commentary, Pernille Ripp wrote that "most of us make our biggest mistake on our very first day." "Sure, I laughed with the students and made noises about our "class community." As a former teacher, I can relate to Pernille's commentary. But what about the days after that? The very first impression we make with students is the most important but every day we have the opportunity to make a first impression...on their learning. At least that is what Mark Barnes thinks. Let's face it, we can all relate. What is a Five-Minute Teacher? In Visible Learning, Hattie writes,

This Is What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education Logan Laplante is a 13 year-old boy who was taken out of the education system to be home schooled instead. Not only was he home schooled, but Logan had the ability to tailor his education to his interests and also his style of learning, something traditional education does not offer. As Logan has mentioned, when he grows up he wants to be happy and healthy. At a TEDx talk in 2013, he discussed how hacking his education is helping him achieve that goal. Logan’s story can be seen in a similar light as Jacob Barnett‘s story who was first put in Special Ed by his school until he was pulled out of standard education and is now seen as an incredibly intelligent young person who is on track to winning a Nobel Prize one day. I also recently did a TEDx talk in 2014 about my story of leaving college for good. More on Education & Homeschooling Currently about 3.8% of children ages 5 – 17 are home schooled in the US. Does Education Kill Creativity? Sources: Learn To Use Your Thoughts To Reverse Aging!

Elizabeth Warren’s QE for Students: Populist Demagoguery or Economic Breakthrough? Elizabeth Warren’s QE for Students: Populist Demagoguery or Economic Breakthrough? Posted on Jun 14, 2013 By Ellen Brown, Web of Debt This piece first appeared at Web of Debt. On July 1, interest rates will double for millions of students – from 3.4% to 6.8% – unless Congress acts; and the legislative fixes on the table are largely just compromises. Warren and her co-sponsor John Tierney propose that students be allowed to borrow directly from the government at the same rate that banks get from the Federal Reserve—0.75 percent. Some people say that we can’t afford low interest rates for students. The archly critical Brookings Institute says the bill “confuses market interest rates on long-term loans (such as the 10-year Treasury rate) with the Federal Reserve’s Discount Window (used to make short-term loans to banks), and does not reflect the administrative costs and default risk that increase the costs of the federal student loan program.” Which Is a Better Investment, Banks or Students?

The Ultimate Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet If you’re tired of chasing down all the pixel sizes for images in your financial institution’s social media profiles, bookmark this page. Here’s everything you need for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin. Cover Photo: 851 x 315 px You can’t upload a cover photo that’s less than 720 px wide. Profile Picture: 160 x 160 px Profile pictures must be at least 180 x 180 px to upload. App Tab Images: 111 x 74 px If you upload an image larger than this, Facebook will scale it to 111 px wide then crop it to 74 px tall starting from the top of the image. ( Read More: 75 Facebook Cover Photo Ideas for Financial Marketers ) Click to enlarge. Timeline Image: 403 x 403 pxHighlighted Image: 843 x 403 px The maximum file size for uploaded images is 2048 x 2048 px. ( Read More: Facebook Lifts Ban On Profile Promotional Photos ) Profile Picture: 73 x 73 px The maximum file size is 500 x 500 px, and this is what users will see when they click on your picture in your profile. Cover Photo: 646 x 220 px