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Quality, Free Photoshop Brushes

Quality, Free Photoshop Brushes

PhatBrush Search Photoshop Brushes is what phatbrush is all about. Our mission is to be the biggest provider of photoshop brushes and other web designer resources on the internet. We want to provide every possible brush that is of only the highest quality and make them available in the most convenient way for designers as a one stop shop repository for photoshop brushes. We provide brushes in every category possible including grunge , vector , splatter , pixel , halftone , animals , urban , people , fractal , grunge , nature , dots , swirls , watermarks and vintage brushes. Free Photoshop Brushes Added 30th Dec 2009: Been busy the past couple of weeks creating a new Grunge Wordpress Theme, this will be free to download soon. This new Wordpress Theme is created using the brushes and images featured on my Photoshop Brushes site. Also been working on some twitter Icon design ideas, will be adding more goodies including more free textures to the PSBrushes site soon. Follow me on twitter for the latest updates on what I'm doing

1000 Free High Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets - Noupe Design Blog Oct 15 2008 Hundreds of thousands of incredible Adobe Photoshop brush sets are all over the web. Due to this phenomenally vast amount of Photoshop brushes available, you can now add patches of dirt, rust, floral effect, swirls, mold, oil stains in your artworks and photos to give them an aged, damaged, dreamy or any look you want. Without further ado, we present 1000+ high-Resolution Adobe Photoshop brush sets that will be perfect for any project you may happen to be working on. Important: Licenses of every brush set varies, so be sure to check that information before using them.

Celestial Star Subscribe Original brushes you can use for Photoshop 7.0 and up, Paint Shop Pro 8.0 and up and Stamps to be used with other programs. Pencil strokes // BRUSHES FOR PHOTOSHOP - free brush for photoshop download Credit me and link back to [ in the description of the artwork; in your credits section, if used on your website's layout, wallpapers or graphics, etc...] Do not claim to be the author of my resources. Do not use my brushes to create your own brushes, textures, tubes, shapes and other resources. Have fun.

36 Free Photoshop Tree Brushes - Freebies 36 Free Photoshop Tree Brushes August 29th, 2009Category: Freebies c24f9f73878fec5708cdc40589547476 Photoshop Extremely glossy and shiny text effect. PSD file is available to download, glitter texture, free psd text effect file, glossy drops,glitter glass effect,free psd text effect file, Freshness, Yellow, orange bubbles for image In this Photoshop tutorial, we’re going to see how to create extremely glossy and shiny text effect with glitter texture. We will use simple techniques blending and layer style effects. The psd file and pattern are attached. You may find free psd file below. Create a new Photoshop document 1024*768 px, resolution 72px/inch.

Photoshop Brushes These are my original Adobe Photoshop brush sets. They are grouped in small sets of six. I'm so neat. Feel free to download them for your digital artwork. These brushes seem to be very popular and they have been downloaded tens of thousands of times! The Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions - Smashing Magazine Saving repetitive tasks as Photoshop actions can save you a lot of time, allowing you to automate your work and improve workflow efficiency. A Photoshop action is a recording of a sequence of commands and operations that you can save and access later on. We’ve searched for the best downloadable Photoshop actions that can help you improve your workflow and perform complex techniques with the push of a button. In this collection, you’ll find more than 350 free hand-picked Photoshop actions that you can use to speed up your graphics creation. Quick Introduction to Photoshop Actions Link

How To Recreate That Facebook Profile Picture Hack Since French artist Alexandre Oudin took advantage of the new Facebook design to express himself, we’ve been seeing some creative ways to mess with your (and your friends’) profile pictures. As we predicted, Oudin’s hack has inspired other users to play around with their profile to pretty interesting effect. And for those of you that don’t want to trial and error around with the 532 px by 180 px and 97 by 68 px image limitations, photographer Florian Stravock has made the above Photoshop tutorial to help you perfectly execute on your super profile pic. Abridged steps, below: