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What People Are Pinning on Pinterest [STATS]

What People Are Pinning on Pinterest [STATS]
Home, Arts and Crafts, and Style/Fashion are the most popular categories on Pinterest, a third-party study released Monday indicates. According to business intelligence firm RJ Metrics, 17.2% of all pinboards are categorized under Home, followed by Arts and Crafts (12.4%), Style/Fashion (11.7%), Food (10.5%) and Inspiration/Education (9.0%). Of those, food is the fastest-growing category. It's also the category that gets the most repins, generating on average more than 50% repins than the second most reshared category, Style and Fashion. The results were drawn across a sample of approximately 1 million pins across 9,200 different users. The study also identified the most popular board names on Pinterest. Among the other findings, some of which were published last month: More than 80% of all pins are repins.Online crafts marketplace is the most popular source for pins, accounting for a little more than 3% of all content on the site. Top 10 Categories on Pinterest 1. 1. Related:  Pinterest

26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business Are you wondering how your business could use Pinterest? To say there’s been a lot of buzz about Pinterest in recent months would be putting it mildly! Pinterest’s ease of use for visually bookmarking, organizing and sharing things you love has made it a hit among individuals and businesses alike. What follows are 26 tips, an A-Z guide for creating a business presence on Pinterest. #1: Add a Pinterest “Follow” and/or “Pin It” Button One important way to let your clients and prospects know about your presence on Pinterest is to add a Pinterest button. Follow buttons are a great way to let users know you’re on Pinterest. #2: Brands and Pinterest While Pinterest hasn’t yet created a distinction between a personal profile and brand page (like Facebook), early adopting brands are making good use of their Pinterest presences and the pins and boards they’re sharing. *Note: Pinterest is one of the 60 new open graph websites and apps that allow a tighter integration with Facebook’s Timeline. #26: Zine

The 11 Most Popular Pinterest Users Any ol' Pinterest user can post a pretty picture and call it a day. But creating a carefully-curated Pinterest page full of well-tailored boards, original content, and lots of interesting pins is a skill very few pinners have truly mastered. Those part of this super-user breed have attracted masses of followers with their pinning prowess. If you're new to Pinterest and you're looking for some great tips to get started, we've got a list of the 27 most beautiful pinboards you need to check out. We've also pinned down (sorry) a list of the most popular users, courtesy of Repinly, a Pinterest directory site that offers a real-time list of the social network's most popular users. (You can also check out Repinly to find a ton more Pinterest data, such as what's trending across various categories, Repinly co-founder Rami Madi said in a press release announcing the directory earlier this week.) Flip through the slideshow to view Pinterest's most-popular users, ranked by number of followers.

10 Strategies for Non-Profits on Pinterest Non-profits are utilizing Pinterest as an extension of their organizations, using photography, infographics and other visuals to show supporters more about their missions. Pinterest's goal is to connect "people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests." Non-profits, then, can use the social site to connect people based on their social passions, and since non-profits work with and for the community, Pinterest can certainly come in handy. Last week, we covered 10 non-profits that are particularly awesome at leveraging Pinterest for social good, but how did they get there? SEE ALSO: 8 Strategies for Launching a Brand Presence on Pinterest Here are 10 tips from non-profits that are currently using Pinterest. 1. It's important to understand who is using Pinterest before you start branding through the network. Daljit Singh, office manager intern at Jolkona and curator of the organization's Pinterest, says that a fun project helped. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

5 façons d’utiliser Pinterest autrement Il y a cette étrange (et un peu sexiste) idée qui persiste selon laquelle Pinterest serait un site pour les femmes. Le fait que son audience soit principalement féminine ne devrait pourtant pas tant nous surprendre : c’est aussi le cas de Facebook, de Twitter… De fait, les femmes sont plus actives sur les réseaux sociaux. il n’y a guère que Google + qui soit très majoritairement masculin, et ça n’est pas forcément un signe de bonne santé. Il faut pourtant le reconnaitre, nous avons tous autour de nous quelqu’un qui nous raconte qu’il a créé un compte Pinterest mais qu’il ne sait pas quoi en faire. Ou alors, nous sommes nous même dans cette situation. Voici 5 idées pour y remédier. Collecter des insights L’insight, c’est ce petit anglicisme indéfinissable et insaisissable (enfin, pas tout à fait indéfinissable) mais tellement précieux pour les communiquants, les entrepreneurs, les créatifs, les stratèges… et tout le monde, vraiment. Faire du storytelling Le moodboard Les infographies

Pinterest Drives More Traffic to Blogs Than Twitter [STUDY] Pinterest drove more traffic to online publishers in February than Twitter, according to third-party measurement data. That's an impressive figure, given that the two-year-old site has an estimated 11.7 million active registered users compared to Twitter's more than 100 million. The data was provided by Shareholic, whose sharing widgets are used across more than 200,000 online publishers, mostly independent bloggers. Between them, those publishers reach some 270 million unique visitors every month. In February, the company found that a little less than half (48.81%) of all traffic came from Google, followed by Facebook (6.38%), Yahoo (1.61%), StumbleUpon (1.29%) and Bing (1.21%). In January, Shareholic found that Pinterest sent more referral traffic to publishers than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined, falling into line just behind Twitter.

Comment utiliser Pinterest pour promouvoir une entreprise touristique Le mois d’août est relâche pour les blogueurs d’ On fait comme à la radio ou à la TV, vous allez profiter des meilleurs moments de l’année= Aussi, jusqu’au 20 août, nous vous proposons une rediffusion d’articles écrits ces derniers mois.Aujourd’hui, le phénomène Pinterest Article publié le 15 mars 2012 Pinterest, vous connaissez? Si vous avez manqué l’article d’ Pinterest, épinglez le web! En bref, Pinterest c’est: Plus de 13 millions d’utilisateursTemps moyen passé par jour par un utilisateur moyen: 15 minutes 80% des utilisateurs sont des femmes (source: Comscore) Pourquoi utiliser Pinterest en tourisme? Le choix d’une destination touristique étant majoritairement effectué par des femmes, Pinterest se veut un endroit de choix pour aller chercher de nouveaux voyageurs potentiels qui sont en mode découverte et exploration. Pinterest pour un hôtelier Maintenant, comment utiliser Pinterest pour promouvoir un hôtel? Pinterest pour une destination touristique

21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users Looking to save some search time and launch into a rich Pinterest experience? We've scouted out some of the best Pinners the service has to offer. SEE ALSO: Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers [INFOGRAPHIC] Although the site has a reputation for girly, wedding-themed content, we're here to present a variety of inspiring perspectives, from photography themes to gadget wish lists. So, scoot through our gallery to discover some of the most popular curators on the web's hottest social circuit. SEE ALSO: Pinterest: 13 Tips and Tricks for Cutting Edge Users Which categories and themes do you think Pinterest does best?

The Marketer's Guide to Pinterest Pinterest, the darling digital pin board that's turned the social media world upside down, is now a top traffic driver for brands. That's a good sign marketers should get their butts up to speed on the latest pinning tips and tricks. Fortunately for you, MDGadvertising has created an infographic explaining the nooks and crannies of the social network. Many brands — such as Etsy, Real Simple, Whole Foods and West Elm — are on board and have already amassed significant followings. This infographic explains some Pinterest basics, such as explaining what a Pin, Repin and Board are, and provides five tips. SEE ALSO: Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined [STUDY] You're probably not surprised that 87% of Pinterest users are women. Are you a marketer using Pinterest?

Umpf Blog » Pinterest: Creative uses of the pinning platform - Aurora Alessandra Gritt March 19th, 2012 We’re big fans of Pinterest and although we’re iffy on the profile redesign, we’re sure the site’s popularity isn’t going to be on the wane any time soon. 1. Facebook page and repin them on their own Pinterest boards to complete the picture. Peugeot explains on one of its competition boards: “This is a 5 piece puzzle of a Peugeot 207, as you can see there are 4 pieces missing. The only downfall is that the competition dynamics are a little bit complex – maybe due in part to Peugeot having to change the competition following Pinterest’s redesign. 2. Michelle Magoffin showcases her skills with a clever infographic: Michael Mahle makes his comms experience in the world of wine clear with a nice visual CV: Christopher Penn has created a resume board including photographs, QR codes, an intro video, contact methods and examples of his work: 3. 4. where they’d most like to go on holiday, with the winner receiving free flight tickets. 5. Calypso St.

4 Ways To Use Pinterest To Encourage Corporate Volunteerism 4 Ways To Use Pinterest To Encourage Corporate Volunteerism Posted by Ryan Scott on Wed, May 02, 2012 @ 05:23 PM This post was featured in Mashable. Lets face it; it’s hard to look away from Pinterest. The hottest new social media site has become a go-to source for the latest shopping tips, design advice and funny dog pictures. As Pinterest fans are discovering through the growing legion of companies that are marketing and selling products via the site, Pinterest also has great commerce potential. But to take full advantage of Pinterest's possibilities, businesses should also be thinking about the site as a way to highlight their philanthropic endeavors and promote corporate volunteerism. How does Pinterest work as a tool for employee volunteer promotion? Unlike Twitter and Facebook, images are key to Pinterest. Need more reasons to start "pinning" your corporate social responsibility initiatives? 1. 2. Pinterest offers a compelling way to support those who are already volunteering. 3. 4.

Pinterest, épinglez le web ! fév162012 Ces jours-ci, le web bruisse d’articles concernant Pinterest. Pourtant déjà âgé de 2 années, le réseau social fait aujourd’hui beaucoup parler de lui en témoignent ces chiffres qui interpellent : Plus de 10 millions de membresDont 9 millions d’utilisateurs connectés via FacebookUne croissance de près de 4000% ces 6 derniers mois Disponible sur invitation, Pinterest permet d’épingler 'pin' sur un tableau de bord les images et vidéos que vous appréciez afin de les partager avec la communauté. Fonctionnement Après la création du compte, il suffit d'installer l’outil pin it. Comme sur Twitter, vous pouvez choisir de suivre des personnes que vous ne connaissez pas forcément et retweeter, 're-pin' leurs ajouts. En page d’accueil, les flux d’actualités (des personnes, auxquelles vous êtes abonné) sont affichés. En reliant votre compte à vos Twitter et Facebook, vous retrouverez des amis déjà inscrits et assurerez la viralité du service. Public Modèle économique D'autres exemples : Sources :

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Everything Pinterest and Tumblr Users Need To Know About Copyright Law It's hard to write a story or post about Pinterest and copyright law without at least one reader leaving a comment along the lines of "What about Tumblr?" Indeed, comparisons between the two sites are fairly obvious: while Tumblr is more of a blog platform and Pinterest is more of a link-sharing site, both are set up to allow users to easily share content they find on the Internet, and both do a great job of displaying visual content - whether or not the person sharing that content has rights to share that work. But Pinterest, in large part because of its rapid growth and sudden popularity, gets the lion's share of heat when people talk about what social networks can and can't do when it comes to copyright. "The copyright policies of both sites are really quite similar, and the particular focus on Pinterest seems unwarranted in my opinion," said Timothy C. Should You Close Your Pinterest And Tumblr Accounts?

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