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TICAL - Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership

TICAL - Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership

Common Core Online Technology Advances in technology can improve the quality, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency of assessments. Building on the success of member states and catalyzing the creation of new technologies will allow the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium to: Accurately and efficiently measure student achievement and growth through computer-adaptive testing;Develop innovative and real-world test items that assess the breadth of the Common Core State Standards for virtually all students, including those with disabilities and English language learners;Enhance teacher and administrator professional development and capacity building at the local level; andLeverage cross-state resources to deliver assessments and produce both standardized and customizable reports that are cost-effective, timely, and useful for teachers, students, and parents to track progress towards college- and career-readiness. Technology Requirements IT Systems Architecture IT Systems Architecture Reports and Resources:

"Quotes" for Teachers State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) - Out of Print The benefits of digital content for student learning are many. Digital content can easily be kept up to date and relevant to students’ lives without the cost of reprinting or redistributing print materials. It can be made available anytime and anywhere, both online and offline, accessible when the student, teacher or parent needs it, whether from home, school, or another location. Out of Print makes the case for the digital difference and how digital content can positively affect student learning and engagement, make accommodations for special learning needs, provide unbundled search and discovery, and provide support for personalized learning.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The 13 MUST Know Professional Development Websites for Teachers 1- Education World This is a great website that offers all the resources you need to grow professionally. It has different sections with each one full of PDFs, books, articles an many more . 2- Discovery Education There is no way that you did not hear about this awesome website. Discovery Education provides high quality, dynamic, digital content to everyone be it a teacher, an administrator,student or even parents. 3- Staff Develop This is another great resource for professional development.It provides articles, books, workshops, and many resources links. 4- Ed Week Ed Week is a also one of the leading websites in education. 5- Educators Professional Development The title says it all. 6- Read Write Think This has a separate section dedicated to professional development resources . check it out , it is really great. 7- Teacher Vision Teacher Vision provides a wide range of professional development resources for educators such as articles, lesson plans, links and many more. 8- Teachers Domain

Classroom Alarm Clock Classroom Alarm Clock At seminars I've been sharing with secondary teachers the idea of using a short song as a cue to indicate that it's time for students to pack up. (The Mission Impossible theme song that comes on the CD with the book, Eight Great Ideas, is forty-nine seconds long and works really well for this.) There are several advantages to using a song. Advantage 1: The Certainty Principle Without a consistent cue, students are on their own in determining when to pack up. This uncertainty will eventually create an environment in which they begin to pack up earlier and earlier each day. However, by playing a song to indicate, "It's now time to pack up," the teacher replaces the uncertainty with a predictable and student-friendly cue. Advantage 2: An Accountability Check The song will be a clear, unmistakeable cue to begin the pack up procedure. In other words... Teacher With a smile: Don't even think about packing up until you hear our song. Or something to that effect. Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Online Flashcards Social Studies for Kids TECHY TEACHER – WHAT THE TECH? » Book Trailers See A Book Come to Life! See A Book Come to Life! Day 1 – Discussion DirectionsDivide into pairsLog onto TitanpadSign in with BOTH team mates FIRST names – i.e. Judy & CarleneAnswer the question below.Plant the cursor and begin writing.Everyone will be writing at same time in real time – enjoy the creative space but it is limited to only 15 people at a time.Use chat box in bottom right hand corner to discuss which comments from others that you agree with and which you do NOT. Question : What is the difference between book reports and book trailers? Book Trailer Discussion Book Trailers presentation Book Trailer Gallery Walkthrough Activity or View Book Trailers samples from below Table Group: Canyou see the difference between a book report and a book trailer? Wrap-Up: For our next time together, bring a current book (copyright last two years) appropriate for your grade assignment and inital ideas for a book trailer. Day 2 Tips: Does your trailer convince the viewer to read this book? Animoto