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Icebreakers, Warmups, Energerizers, & Deinhibitizers: Activities for getting groups going

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Increasing Participation & Membership Contributed by: Alexandra Ataya (Based on the work of Al-Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development, a civil society organization in Egypt. A more detailed paper about the project can be found here. Background Ezbet El Hagana is an urban slum area located in north-eastern Cairo, situated between two prestigious neighborhoods. 1. Al-Shehab Foundation bases its work in Ezbet El Hagana on the belief that determinants of ill health can only be improved through proper community empowerment and participation. The Strategic Goals of Al-Shehab: 2. Al-Shehab viewed community members as essential partners and collaborators for all projects and activities that were to take place. It was clear from the beginning that there was a need to recruit: Community members (for Committees and for volunteering)Local organizationsSpecialized departments (ex. Different committees comprised of community members were established to address specific concerns such as housing, education, and safe drinking water.

Your must-have classroom toolkit Comment:3.8 average rating | Comments (52)Last Updated:17 March, 2014Section:Resources We’ve picked out a selection of must-have classroom management and lesson planning resources uploaded and rated by teachers. This list includes some of the most popular resources ever uploaded to the TES, some have been downloaded by more than 130,000 teachers! And they’re all free .. Simply follow the links to download the individual resources. You’ll need to log in the first time you download a resource - if you don’t have an account then you’ll be prompted to create one, which is free and only takes a minute. Behaviour management and rewards Top 10 behaviour management tips Does exactly what it says on the box. Marbles Timer The world’s finest tidy-up timer based on marbles and jars. Reward stickers Praise reward stickers for early years and primary. Effort league table A whole class reward chart based on a football league table. Pirate ship reward chart Reward wristband More recommended behaviour resources

Ice Breakers (Icebreakers) from GamesRA Contributor2014-09-18T09:47:09+00:00 Whether you need an activity for a staff meeting or a teambuilder for your floor, this section of the site provides you with ideas and instructions to help energize groups and bring people together! Do you have a favorite icebreaker or teambuilder? Ice Blocking Posted by: RA Contributor Category: Ice Breakers, Program Ideas, Reviewed, Social/Community Building, Team Builders Submitted by Name: Michael School: University of Idaho Description: This program is a way for you just to get a bunch of residents together at the beginning of the year… Continue reading » Brainteasers Posted by: RA Contributor Category: Ice Breakers, Passive Programs, Problem Solving Activities, Reviewed Brainteasers I went online and pulled out 15 riddles, some easy, some nearly impossible. Continue reading » Last Minute Date Ideas Posted by: RA Contributor Category: Ice Breakers Continue reading » Purity test Continue reading » Tag Team Chariot Racing Continue reading »

The Dos and Don'ts of Classroom Management: Your 25 Best Tips Posted 08/20/2014 1:55PM | Last Commented 03/29/2016 9:48AM Classroom management is a delicate balancing act often learned through experience and trial-and-error experimentation. Whether you're a new or experienced teacher, having strategies for effective classroom management is essential for creating positive, successful learning spaces (and staying sane!). In this presentation you’ll find 25 tips for managing your classroom. Without further ado, here are the Dos and Don'ts of Classroom Management: Your 25 Best Tips: Each classroom is different, so please come back and share what you've learned and what works for you! NOTE: If you're having trouble viewing the presentation, click here to view it directly.

Group Structure Citizens groups should have as little structure as possible. The right amount is just enough to address their goals. In an attempt to become legitimate, many small groups decide they need more structure. Unfortunately, this can lead to spending more time on the needs of the organization than on the reason for getting together. Networks, Cooperatives, Collectives Grassroots organizations seem to work better with a flat structure as free as possible of boards, directors, and chairs. Flatness, or the absence of an organizational hierarchy, does not mean the elimination of individual roles or responsibilities. Traditional structure Traditional organizational structure seems to dry out the grassroots. An elected leadership Some groups elect a set of officers - a president, one or two vice presidents, a secretary and a treasurer. Committees & Task Forces Committees and task forces are the main way jobs are shared. Coalitions If you intend to tackle a large issue you will need allies.

Icebreakers Archive | Classroom Icebreaker Activities | Ice Breakers | Back to School | First Day of School Check out these articles on everything from preparing for the first day to dealing with homework woes, coping as a new teacher and ensuring smooth sailing for substitute teachers. Be sure to explore our 12 volumes of icebreakers and first day of school activities that help students and teachers get to know each other. Icebreakers Archive | Classroom Icebreaker Activities Best of the IcebreakersVolume 1: Tell Me About You ActivitiesVolume 2: 14 Activities for the First Days of SchoolVolume 3: Engaging Activities for the First Days of SchoolVolume 4: Activities for the First Day of SchoolVolume 5: All-About-You Activities for the First Days of SchoolVolume 6: Get to Know Your Classmates ActivitiesVolume 7: Getting to Know One AnotherVolume 8: Who's in the Classroom?Volume 9: My Classmates and MeVolume 10: Back-to-School ActivitiesVolume 11: More Fresh Ideas for Opening DayVolume 12: Excellent Activities for Getting Students Warmed Up Fun Activities Get the School Year Off to a Good Start!

Icebreakers Volume 3: Activities for the First Days of School | Getting to Know You Activities | Ice Breakers Education World's readers responded to last year's back-to-school story with more than two dozen great ideas. So here, in a follow-up to 14 Great Ideas for the First Days of School, is the second batch of reader ideas -- 14 more activities for the first days of school! Hello, Amigos! For ESOL tutors or teachers in schools with a multicultural population: Create a poster with hands of different colors and write on each hand the word hello in a different language. Greet the children, saying "Hola, amigos" and introduce yourself, giving brief background. Chrysanthemum's Graph! We Are All Unique! Invite students to list some traits that make them unique. Sticker Partners! Me Bag Place a white paper bag on each desk on the morning of the first day. Candy Gets Kids Talking! Note: Before preparing or distributing any food in the classroom, make sure you are aware of children's allergies or dietary restrictions and caution children about choking hazards. Take As Much As You Want! Paper Dolls!

New Leaders: Collaborative, Not Commanding Originally posted in the Wall Street Journal on March 19, 2010 A revolution is reshaping America's best-led companies. Authentic leaders focused on customers are replacing the old guard of hierarchical leaders who concentrated on serving short-term shareholders. During the last half of the 20th century, business leadership became an elite profession, dominated by leaders who ruled their enterprises top down. Their leaders used multi-layered structures to establish control through rules and processes. In the past decade it all blew up, from the ethical scandals exposed by Enron and WorldCom to the Wall Street meltdown. In my 1960s class at Harvard Business School our professor cited the Department of Defense and Catholic Church as the most iconic organizations. By century's end, the latter three were in long-term decline, while GE was revolutionized by Jack Welch. In retrospect, it seems obvious people weren't responding to "top down" leadership.