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The HTML Hell Page

The HTML Hell Page
"Hell is other websmiths." — Jean-Paul Sartre, updated Translations: GermanPolish blinking text Blinking text makes it nearly impossible to pay attention to anything else on the page. gratuitous animation With animations you get the all the wonderful injuries of the blink tag with the added insult of the graphics download time. marquees So, maybe you think the blink tag and cheesy animations are the worst abuse half-bright websmiths can perpetrate on your retinas? garish backgrounds The very next time we stumble across a page composed by somebody who thinks it's cool to use leaping flames or a big moire pattern or seven shades of hot pink swirly as a background, we swear we are going to reach right through the screen and rip out that festering puke's throat. unreadable text/background combinations The world is full of clowns who think their text pages look better in clown makeup, clashing colors galore (your typical garish-background idiot also pulls this one a lot). brushscript headings

Reinventing HTML Making standards is hard work. Its hard because it involves listening to other people and figuring out what they mean, which means figuring out where they are coming from, how they are using words, and so on. There is the age-old tradeoff for any group as to whether to zoom along happily, in relative isolation, putting off the day when they ask for reviews, or whether to get lots of people involved early on, so a wider community gets on board earlier, with all the time that costs. The solutions tend to be different for each case, each working group. A particular case is HTML. The perceived accountability of the HTML group has been an issue. There has been discussion in blogs where Daniel Glazman, Björn Hörmann, Molly Holzschlag, Eric Meyer, and Jeffrey Zeldman and others have shared concerns about W3C works particularly in the HTML area. Some things are very clear. Some things are clearer with hindsight of several years. The plan is to charter a completely new HTML group. Tim BL

selfhtml Download-Adressen Sie können SELFHTML 8.1.2 als ZIP-Datei downloaden. Die Datei hat eine Größe von 8.435.931 Bytes. Die MD5-Prüfsumme lautet: 81806920c148ace4f24e8a8239f075ac, die SHA1-Prüfsumme lautet: b5cc097ea1f74b65165d426f39ee2d3b81e2c84b. Zusätzlich können Sie noch eine Signaturdatei herunterladen: Die Download-Adressen werden von verschiedenen Anwendern zur Verfügung gestellt und befinden sich auf verschiedenen Servern. bereitgestellt von Thomas J. bereitgestellt von Adrian Reber bereitgestellt von Christian Estelmann bereitgestellt von Roland Skop bereitgestellt von Till Krüss bereitgestellt von Bernd Leibing eMule an. Eine

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