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Alice X. Zhang

Alice X. Zhang

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80 Female Artists Rally Against Trump's Sexist, Discriminatory Rhetoric - Creators In the wake of Paul Ryan’s promise to defund Planned Parenthood, the current political climate is not promising for women. In response, The Untitled Space art gallery has assembled work by 80 contemporary female artists expressing anger and defiance through their art. Uprise/Angry Women gives women a chance to artistically express their fears and frustrations about the sexist and discriminatory rhetoric brought to light by the impending administration. The show’s curator Indira Cesarine writes, “Right now, more than ever, women need to unify and work together to ensure that our rights, which were fought for with blood and tears for many decades, are not only assured, but continue to progress.” The Untitled Space’s open call for Uprise/Angry Women received over 1,800 submissions from more than 400 female artists.

The Celestial Spaces of Aya Kato Currently located in Seto-shi, Aichi, Japan, artist Aya Kato's works present a fantastical world of divine palaces set in lustrous skies, dripping with rich, glowing colors and filled with spectacular creatures and flowing landscapes. Her luminous illustrations attempt to access the most mystical parts of the human imagination, not only to resonate with the eye but with the heart as well. Influenced by art nouveau artists such as Aubrey Beardsley, Kato's work is other-worldly in its presentation, and possess an unmistakably blissful sensibility. "I wish my artwork helps awaken as many souls as possible that lie dormant in all human beings, and they remind themselves their histories, roots of souls, and true wishes. My dream world is where all become one with the Earth through their heart.

Harry Clarke's Haunting 1919 Illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Maria Popova Artful Edwardian-era erotica at the intersection of the whimsical and the macabre. Somewhere between Henry Holiday’s weird paintings for Lewis Carroll and Edward Gorey’s delightfully grim alphabet fall Harry Clarke‘s hauntingly beautiful and beautifully haunting 1919 illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination — a collection of 29 of Poe’s tales of the magical and the macabre. So lavish was the artwork that a copy of the “deluxe” Clarke-illustrated edition went for 5 guineas in 1919, or about $300 in today’s money.

[NSFW] French Comic Book Artist Ouinesh Revives the Erotic Art of the Pinup - Creators French comics artist Ouinesh, a.k.a., Vincent Roucher, never intended to become a vintage pinup illustrator. It is fair, however, to say that Ouinesh has played a role in resurrecting the lost artform via his popular Instagram account. His illustrations vary from the pornographic to the merely titillating, but are always artistically attractive. Like erotic illustrator Pigo Lin, Ouinesh's work celebrates women not just from the pinup era but from 20th century comic books as well. The Surreal World of Fabien Mérelle 'Fabien Mérelle is a highly talented and emerging young French artist who creates delicately detailed drawings in black ink and watercolour. Although Mérelle’s drawings appear at first sight realistic in their rendering, they in fact depict outworldly scenarios, unsettling situations and dream-like occurrences. Working on a minute scale against a sparse white background, Mérelle prompts the viewer to individually examine his figures and peer into a world, which from the outset may appear as our own, but upon closer inspection is a rendering of a personal streaming subconscious. These renderings, simultaneously absurd, humorous, ironic and cruel, weave their own tapestry of tales and legends, blurring the line between what has been written and what our memory has forged.

Collage art & Illustrations by Sammy Slabbinck “ Day 5 / Arrival at base camp “ © Sammy Slabbinck 2016 500 years Utopia. Anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia , a video made for CANVAS TV Poisson Bulle : Cosas mínimas Tiffany & Co. Urban Graphic Flow magazine Coach The Land of Nod Miquelrius Double-Exposure Paintings from Pakayla Rae Biehn We have seen double-exposure photography style paintings before, but Pakayla Rae Biehn breathes a new life into the imagery she uses. These subtly erotic pieces are youthful and delicate. Pakayla's photo realistic works are muted in color, reminiscent of the dawn of a summer night. Take a look at Pakayla's other works here.

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