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Online IDE &Debugging Tool - StumbleUpon - Pentadactyl

Online IDE &Debugging Tool - StumbleUpon - Pentadactyl

Cool, but obscure unix tools :: KKovacs - StumbleUpon - Pentadactyl A little collection of cool unix terminal/console/curses tools Just a list of 20 (now 28) tools for the command line. Some are little-known, some are just too useful to miss, some are pure obscure -- I hope you find something useful that you weren't aware of yet! Use your operating system's package manager to install most of them. dstat & sar # iostat, vmstat, ifstat and much more in one. slurm # Visualizes network interface traffic over time. vim & emacs # The real programmers editors. screen, dtach, tmux, byobu # Keep your terminal sessions alive. multitail # See your log files in separate windows. tpp # Presentation (PowerPoint") tool for terminal. xargs & parallel # Executes tasks from input (even multithread). duplicity & rsyncrypto # Encrypting backup tools. nethack & slash'em # Still the most complex game on the planet. lftp # Does FTPS. ack, ag (silver searcher), pt # A better grep for source code. calcurse & remind + wyrd # Calendar systems. Command line RSS readers. powertop # tig # qalc # rsync # mtr #

How to Repair a Damaged Partition Table or MBR - StumbleUpon - Pentadactyl If all of a sudden your computer does not boot and you see messages like “operating system not found”, “missing operating system” or “invalid partition table”, you know there is something really wrong with the Master Boot Record (MBR). In this article I will describe how to fix it with a free and open source utility called TestDisk. TestDisk is a powerful data recovery utility, mainly designed to recover lost partition tables. It can run in various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Apple, etc. and recover partitions from their filesystems as well. I have tried many other programs in the past with mixed results, however, none come close, not even the utilities that come with the Microsoft CD, like fixmbr or fixboot. If any program can find your lost partition, it will be TestDisk. Finding your lost partition table To find you lost partition table, do the following: 3) In the initial screen it will ask you whether you would like to create a log or not.

Crack Windows 7 Password Without Any Software - StumbleUpon - Pentadactyl Description: In this tutorial hackdeva presenting how to hack Windows 7 Password. Using Windows 7 Boot CD. And how you can reset your password without any software used. Also he talking about why I'm Not using some vulnerable Software for Cracking windows 7 password. This video is very easy to perform and you can break windows 7 password easily. Tags: windows-7 , password , cracking , Disclaimer: We are a infosec video aggregator and this video is linked from an external website. Comments:

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