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Stock Photos - Abstract Influence

Stock Photos - Abstract Influence

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Dollar Photo Club 26 million royalty free photos and vectorsBusiness-ready royalty free imagesBecome a member Quality Royalty-free (RF) collectionOnly our highest resolution files Variety 100,000+ new images every weekOur premium collection of royalty free stock photos and vectorsDiscover and explore a creative worldEvery photo royalty free Useful Photography-Related Tutorials - Noupe Design Blog Feb 18 2011 There are a lot of tutorials out there from which we can learn from. All we need is time and an ounce of inspiration to create our own special artwork. We’re glad to present to you another wonderful roundup of Photoshop tutorials that will most probably help you find that inspiration you’ve been searching for. In this post, we’ve included only photography-related tutorials that will help you learn the skills and techniques of a skilled photographer.

Get Inspired: Great Examples of Web Design with Heavy Use of Photos With all the great software available, combined with the overall good standard of peoples home computers these days, we often see more spectacular websites around. Having lots of pictures in websites was really a problem in the past as most of these sites took ages to download. Nowadays, thankfully, it’s different. In this post we’ve put together a collection of some nice websites that we feel work really well with heavy use of photos. Have a look and let us know what you think! Enjoy!

50 Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations - Noupe Design Blog Jun 10 2011 Creating something out of the ordinary by combining two or more elements is not a new concept in the graphic design field. Photo manipulation is a true example of such collaboration that almost always brings astonishing results. 30 Gorgeous Examples Of Fashion Photography Fashion photography is the most popular kind of photography. One of the main reason for its popularity is the associate glamour with this industry. In this post I am going to showcase some very gorgeous fashion portraits for the inspiration of upcoming fashion photographers. 20 Interesting Examples of Cosplay Photography is a form of photography where the subject of the photo focuses mainly on a cosplayer and their attire and/or prop making skills. A majority of this form of photography is done at events or conventions, such as San Diego Comic-Con where cosplayers attend in costume, however, it is becoming more popular to schedule individual photoshoots at various locations and outside convention schedules. This post features some really interesting examples of cosplay photography.

30 Gorgeous Examples Of Cityscapes Photography Cityscape photography refers to the photography of a city life. In this post I collected some very gorgeous cityscape photographs clicked by some of the best photographers of the world. The Towering Spirit of London Dressed in pink Wuzhen

Inspiration: Black and White Photography Friday is a good day to take some time to see inspiring photographs, and that is why we decided to gather a few black and white images today, to help you close the week with a nice dose of inspiration. In my opinion, black and white photography capture scenes in an almost magical way… without colors images seems stronger, they have a different intensity, a different feeling. Let’s say b&w images allow you to see things without any distractions, you just see the scene, pure and simple.

25 Web Designs with Full Page Background Photos The use of full screen background images isn’t particularly new in the world of web design, but designers are continuously thinking up new and cool ways of implementing some kind of full size photo into the design of their sites. Sometimes the photo will set the scene and introduce the topic of the site, whereas other times an inspirational photo is used to set the mood and to draw the user in. This post rounds up 25 examples of great uses of full screen background photos in website designs across the web. TM Design The Top 100 Shots From Our Photography Contests in August 2011 Another month of thrilling photography contests has ended! We’ve collected the 100 highest scoring entries from the Pxleyes photography contests that were active during the month August 2011… This list is ranked by the final scores of the entries. The most spectacular pictures were submitted in the all wet, self portraits 3, photo duplicates, stairs 2 and tele photos contest. … Keep up the good work and good luck in next month’s photography contests!

45 Most Wanted and Useful Photography Related Tutorials Tutorials are the great way to learn new ways and techniques. The World Wide Web is full of streams of tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, CSS, Adobe Illustrator, Designing, Painting, Photography, you name it. Here we bring a collection of some tutorials that will guide you on how to excel the skills of photography and be a master in it. Although, there are already loads of photography related tutorials available on the net, but not all of them are worth watching. So, I am sure you will love this collection and find it helpful for you.