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Passion London

Passion London
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Leon's CG Portfolio on Strikingly Smuggler The Art of Karla Ortiz STUDIO AKA Please press your ESCAPE key to exit fullscreen mode. Welcome ... We are a multi-BAFTA winning & Oscar-nominated independent animation studio based in London. We're known internationally for our idiosyncratic & innovative work, expressed across an eclectic range of projects ... <div class='colourbox warning' style='z-index:9999999999;'>For a better experience on our site and to view movies, enable JavaScript in your browser</div><br /> TSB - Campaign Our campaign for the newly independent TSB … Hyundai - Campaign All about the uniqueness of something that is truly unlimited ... Watch our montage reel ... Kvadrat - The Wool Parade A short film commissioned by Graphic Thought Facility for the Danish textile company Kvadrat, bringing life to an installation by Doshi Levien ... The Lloyds TSB Campaign ... Now officially a classic. “A smile is something special …” Be warned - you'll be singing the song for weeks ... BBCR4 - Culture Bare Films Tutorial: ZBrush to modo - 32 bit Displacement - Henning Sanden | Henning Sanden This tutorial is going to be similar to the one I have on how to get a displacement map from ZBrush to Vray for Maya. We’re going to look at how to get the ZBrush – modo workflow going. Displacment maps. Let’s get started. Alright, let’s jump into ZBrush We’re going to use Multi Map Exporter (MME), which is a relative recent plugin in ZBrush. Open the plugin up and you should hopefully not be too overwhelmed by the wall of text and buttons. Set the size to whatever you need, in my case I need a 2k map. Enable Flip V which will flip the maps vertically, which you always have to do in Zbrush due to some weird voodoo by Pixologic. Next, hit the friendly looking button which says Export Options. Now we have a couple of settings which we need to know about SubDiv Level: This dictates which subD level the displacement map will be generated from. Adaptive: If pressed, the map will be of higher quality, but it will take longer to generate. DpSubPix: Now this is an interesting one. For example:

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