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Project Re: Brief by Google

Project Re: Brief by Google

Best Slogans: the experts' view As regular readers of the CR blog will be aware, we are devoting a forthcoming issue of the magazine to looking at the best slogans ever. We canvassed your opinions on the blog, and have now approached a panel of industry experts to give us their top five slogans. Here's what they picked... John Hegarty, BBH Soon - Portfolio *branding by pablo picasso Ablynx: infographics XXXL PART 2 Creative imaging Digital Natives: Corporate ID Total identity / Corporate identity Stad Gent: Gent Scheppende stad

School of Education launches center to improve Brazilian education CONTACT: Amy Yuen, Stanford University School of Education/External Relations, (650) 724-9440, COMMENT: Paulo Blikstein, Assistant Professor of Education, Stanford University School of Education, (847) 571-4538, Denis Mizne, Executive Director, Lemann Foundation, 55-11-3897-9672, RELEVANT URL: STANFORD, CA – In a concerted effort to significantly improve public education in Brazil in the next decade, Stanford University School of Education has launched a new center on campus aimed at developing new approaches to improve learning in Brazilian public schools. Named the Lemann Center for Educational Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Brazil, the Center will create new educational opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, particularly for Brazil’s low-income students.

How would you handle the challenge? 1. The Nutshell: In plain language, tell us what your project is, what it does, and what it’s comprised of. Our project is an advertising campaign to raise awareness that teens get arthritis. It targets peers of these teens so that they can be proactive when confronted with the disease.

Beyond the buzzword: Transmedia for social change By Esther Goh, Ever heard of the term transmedia? Wikipedia defines it as telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats through unique pieces of content, using current digital technologies (not to be confused with traditional cross-platform media franchises, sequels or adaptations). Or as marketer Vincent Teo recently wrote, it is the "practice of arching story worlds over various platforms, with each thread tailored to the platform it lives in. It extends elements of a primary storyline across multiple spaces to create an interactive, multi-layered fiction greater than the sum of its parts.

Rolf A. Jensen Norwegian Design Director Rolf A. Jensen is an international award-winning Norwegian Art Director and co-chairman/founder of the online industry magazine Graphic Drugs. In a career spanning over six years, he has directed and designed some innovative design work, including for The Weinstein Company, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros, Ford, Sony, Lionsgate, Toyota, Summit Entertainment and Activision. Lid Media puts a lid on ad campaigns Lid Media has developed a patented method to stick messages on take away coffee lids distributed to over 1,100 cafes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. A client's message can be put on up to (currently) 2 million coffee lids per week. Lid Media see their coffee lids being used as both a stand alone and as a support to major campaigns.

Brand identity & Art direction Phone E-mail Company Skype Win $10,000 of outdoor advertising for charity with Australia's first moving video billboards ITEL Media in Motion has just launched Australia's first moving video billboards, called Brand Experience Vehicles. To celebrate they are offering one nominated charity the chance to win $10,000 worth of outdoor advertising to help promote their charity's cause. The Brand Experience Vehicles feature large 3 x 5 m digital LED screens mounted on trucks with engaging high quality vision and sound. They also have the ability to effectively measure the number of impressions using a camera and integrated computer software.

Hello Monday Get into an avant-garde state of mind and enter the world of beloved Surrealist, René Magritte. Our digital exhibition site for MoMA will take your eyes, ears and mind on a surreally-wild ride. The over-ear headphones even a fashion connoisseur can love, the H6 combines great looks with quality sound. We selected six product ambassadors and built the site around their stories. Great Direct Mail Piece Puts a Porsche in Your Driveway Usually, when someone sneaks up to a rich guy's house and drives off with a Porsche, it's a reason to call the police. This time, it might be a reason to call an auto dealership. In a clever spin on direct mail for Toronto's Pfaff Automotive, Canadian agency Lowe Roche photographed one of the dealership's Porsches in the driveways of affluent homes, then used each image to create an ad left at the home where it was shot. The headline: "It's closer than you think."

13 Most Evil Vintage Ads in History Advertising? Badvertising – especially when it comes to certain products and ad campaigns from a bygone era. Business ethics often seem to go out the window when the will to sell is the bottom line, but who knew how bad things got? Heck, as this first image makes plain, even Santa Claus chugged away on Luckies, and if Santa did wouldn’t kids want to as well? Then even when lies about the commodities on display weren’t being sold, discrimination reared its ugly head, or simply the ghastly face of a red-and-yellow clown.

4 Lessons From The Social Innovation Hotbed Of Brazil Last year, I moved from New York to Rio de Janeiro, where Purpose has opened its first overseas office. I have met with local innovators and interacted with all kinds of people on the streets, at the beach, and in botequins (informal bars). These experiences have all enriched my work in social innovation. Besides stimulating my creativity, immersion in a different culture and working in a foreign language have heightened my sense of mindfulness and empathy, reminded me of the virtue of humility, and taught me a few things about what it means to innovate. Here are some lessons I have learned: Buy a Piece of Your Favorite City With Delicious Canned Air Yet another joke from Spaceballs has become real, as photographer Kirill Rudenko has begun selling Canned Air at his Etsy shop. Each can is "100 percent organic" air, and meant as a sort of joke remedy for homesickness. So far, he's selling air from Riga, Paris, Singapore, Berlin, his home city of Prague, and New York, which is really the touristy parts of Manhattan.