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The Ford Mustang turns 50 this year. For it’s golden anniversary, they made a Special Edition model. Based off the 420-horsepower 2015 Mustang GT, this one gets a Performance Pack upgrade and lots of interior upgrades: a cashmere-stitched, leather-wrapped steering wheel, with similar details in the instrument panel, shift boot, door inserts, seats and center armrest. Choose either a six-speed automatic or manual transmission. Ford also gives you two color options: Wimbledon White or Kona Blue. Only 1964 of these 50th Anniversary Mustangs will be made.

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The Futuristic Lotus C-01 Motorcycle Heads for Production The one-off 550 Italia prototype mates a Fiat 500 body with a Ferrari 458 Italia engine… Limited to 50 examples, the supercar features design details found on McLaren’s 1995 Le Mans–... The global program will feature top models from Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, and Lamborghini…

sewing room Sewing and craft rooms come in many different sizes. It's not the size of the room that matters, it's the creativity that comes from those spaces that's important. I've been married for over 26 years and my sewing/craft rooms have run the gamut from sewing on the dining room table, to storing things in a tiny closet and then many many years in our unfinished basement. My current sewing room has a history and story all it's own, which some of you may have read in previous posts. It was a creation brought out from tragedy. As I mentioned earlier, my previous sewing room was in the basement, underneath an apartment we added on for my elderly father.

The North Face Back to Berkeley Boots —From humble beginnings to international acclaim, American outdoor product company North Face reassure their loyal customers that home is still where the heart is with the release of their Back to Berkeley Hiking Boots. Not forgetting where you came from is how one’s heritage remains intact. It would be easy for a brand like North Face to forsake their past considering all they’ve achieved, but rather than ignore their origins like so many do once they’ve accumulated the slightest bit of fame or fortune, North Face tip a hat to it. Established in 1966, North Face is renowned for possessing a technical acumen far and beyond most outdoor brands. It couldn’t be more evident than with these Back to Berkeley Boots which were given a throwback look, and yet still manage to perform to today’s standards.

Cliff Pickover's RealityCarnival April 1st Submit a Link (04/01/13) "If someone gave you the entirety of Wikipedia from 100 years in the future for 10 minutes, what would you read?" (03/31/13) The broken walls of fractaloid Carthage, in the math-encrusted city beyond your dreams. Click to mag. (03/30/13) Imagine the joy of weaving Jupiter out of yarn (03/29/13) I was elected a Fellow for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry for "significant contributions to the general public's understanding of science, reason, and critical inquiry through scholarship, writing, and work in the media."

Vices Brewing beer at home really isn't all that hard — so long as you have all the right equipment, and just a little bit of patience. But with all the brewing kits available out there, how do you know when you've picked the right one? With the HopBox Home-Brewing Kit, you get everything you need to brew, all housed in a stylish wooden crate with storage for every last tool you'll need. In addition to the handcrafted box (built from responsibly-sourced pine) you get a three-gallon carboy, a hydrometer, a syphon, a funnel, a stopper, an airlock, a thermometer, a cleaning brush, tubing, and more. And with a recipe book, a set of complete instructions, and a brewer's log, all you need to do is supply the ingredients before you're making great beer fit to share with friends.

Segway-inspired Personal Mobility Vehicle Segway-style personal mobility vehicles always tend to look extra geeky to us. For us they are the future of transportation where geeks will get around sans polluting the surroundings. This is exactly what an Indian design student Bimal Rajappan wants to convey with his concept of a Segway-inspired personal mobility vehicle that was the most radical concept at the Design Degree Show organized by IIT Bombay’s Industrial Design Centre in Mumbai. Techtree reports, the wearable personal transporter concept that’s more of a Segway strapped to the riders legs, has a pair of hubless wheels powered by an electric-motor. page corner bookmarks This project comes to you at the request of Twitterer @GCcapitalM. I used to believe that a person could never have too many books, or too many bookmarks. Then I moved into an apartment slightly larger than some people’s closets (and much smaller than many people’s garages) and all these beliefs got turned on their naïeve little heads.

SNEAKHYPE - Part 2 Watches Casio G-Shock – GW9400 Rangeman Watch Needing to add a slick watch to line-up for this upcoming fall season? ClickZ - News and expert advice for the digital marketer since 1 The importance of headlines should never be overlooked, a little time spent finding the right headline can make a lot of difference. A good headline means more people will click on your article wherever they see it, it ensures that the effort you spent in writing an article doesn’t go to waste, and it can also help your content to be picked up by search engines in the weeks and months after publishing. Here are a few areas to think about when writing headlines. It should be noted though, that its not about writing sensation headlines for short-term traffic gains, it’s about ensuring that, if you write a quality article, the headline works to sell it. 1. Headlines should be descriptive

Postcode Puzzles Jigsaw enthusiasts are usually thought of in the same context as trainspotters, macramé buffs and avid viewers of Time Team. But perhaps that's because most of us associate jigsaw puzzles with naff images of cutesy kittens, fantasy vistas, dull tourist attractions and twee thatched cottages from an era that never was. The point being, it's invariably the subject of the jigsaw that lets it down, not the puzzle itself. For this very reason, your genre-reinventing friends here at Firebox are proud to unveil what we believe to be the next generation of jigsaws.

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