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Lexique du crochet américain français

Lexique du crochet américain français

NEW CROCHET BOBBLE FLOWER GRANNY SQUARE FOR YOU TODAY from a square to a hex and back to a square again l know there are a lot of the flower granny squares out there in Blogland but l couldn't resist designing another hehehe...always room for another flower don't you think? As you can see l didn't finish anything yesterday....but hope you like the result of yesterdays playtime ? New Chunky Bobble flower Granny Square

Retro Ornament Throw Videos by Jessie on July 4, 2015 Just in time for Christmas in July, Red Heart Yarns has released a new pattern that I designed. The Retro Ornament Throw was inspired by those pretty old glass ornaments that are shaped like a sideways eye and often have some sort of decorative circle in the center. This pattern is full of texture and color, and it is sure to become a family heirloom. Weave in those ends well and it will last for generations! art crochet Style HaNi design: dress for beachFigure knitting braids Crafts for Spring : colorful hat, crochet pattern If you want to have any crochet products and translate patterns to English , please order, you can see more products in my shop. Thanks. Crochet Ornament craft: cute motif crochet Ornament craft: cute motif crochet Crochet rabbit patterns Crochet fish patterns Crochet butterfly patterns Crochet snail patterns Crochet duckling patterns Crochet ladybug patterns Crochet flowers patterns Crochet apple patterns Crochet cupcakes patterns Crochet owl hair Animal Scarf Crochet Patterns, OOAK Animal ScarvesAnimal Scarf Crochet Patterns, OOAK Animal Scarves Cat Cuddler Scarf - Animal Pet Warm DIY Fashion Tutorial Winter Fall Autumn The Cat Cuddler Scarf Pattern.

Crochet DROPS moebius neck warmer and hat with squares in ”Delight DROPS DELIGHT PRINT (50g) 4.95 USD DROPS 152-155 are now available in the stores for $2 per catalog – no yarn purchase required! The catalogs are printed in a limited edition, so visit your local DROPS store today! Daisy Granny Square pattern Hello Lovelies, thank you all so much for your wonderful "Yorkshire" comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed sharing my pictures :0) Here is a photo tutorial of my latest square .Quite a few you you lovelies seemed to like it . I expect there are similar patterns already in existence , but this is my own creation and thought you might like to try it ..... It's a simple pattern . The only part you may find tricky is the puff stitch . Don't worry if you are not familiar with how to do these as I've taken lots of pictures to help you master it.

March 2008 Yes, this is supposed to be a blog about knitting, but today I am going to post about crochet. Crochet is not something that I do (although my Mum did try to teach me many moons ago). And boy do I wish I had listened more then.