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Technical Details

Data Visualization: 20+ Useful Tools and Resources There are plenty of cool technologies available to collect and examine data. Both web and desktop applications have provided some really great interfaces to fall in love with data mining, and with the rise in popularity we have noticed an increased number of infographics created over the past few years. Pin it Today we’ll be looking into some really cool and popular online resources for data visualization. You can see all kinds of data like human population, world condition and even human emotion presented via the visualization. While some of the visualization might be experimental, all of them have one similarity: they help you understand the data better, and this is exactly what visualization is for. Geospatial Web Services, Open Standards, and Advances in Interoperability: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography</span></p> Abstract: This paper is designed to help GIS librarians and information specialists follow developments in the emerging field of geospatial Web services (GWS). When built using open standards, GWS permits users to dynamically access, exchange, deliver, and process geospatial data and products on the World Wide Web, no matter what platform or protocol is used. Standards/specifications pertaining to geospatial ontologies, geospatial Web services and interoperability are discussed in this bibliography.

A* Search Algorithm in JavaScript - Brian Grinstead Note that this code has been updated. I have an updated blog post detailing what changed. The new source code is available at and the code as of the original post is still available here: the cross-browser WebSocket for realtime apps. What is Socket.IO? Socket.IO aims to make realtime apps possible in every browser and mobile device, blurring the differences between the different transport mechanisms. It's care-free realtime 100% in JavaScript. SaaS Business Intelligence with Google Apps Drive business user adoption through intuitive Self-Service BI Evaluating BI products?Try this agnostic tool to evaluate over 150 features! Collaborate where critical business decisions are made Connect, Explore and Collaborate with Business Intelligence 3.0 Business Intelligence 3.0 Panorama is leading a BI 3.0 revolution and a creation of a new generation of BI solutions that enable organizations to leverage the power of Social Decision Making and Automated Intelligence to gain insights more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater relevancy.

-Preface An Introduction to Atmospheric and Oceanographic Datasets The purpose of this NCAR Instructional Aid (IA) is to serve as a ``data-primer'' for students and those in other fields of research who are interested in carrying out research involving the analyses of data in the atmospheric and oceanographic sciences. This IA will describe, in very general terms, the datasets most commonly used to study the atmosphere-ocean system and the formats used for archival. Skeleton: Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development What Is It? Skeleton is a small collection of CSS files that can help you rapidly develop sites that look beautiful at any size, be it a 17" laptop screen or an iPhone. Skeleton is built on three core principles: Responsive Grid Down To Mobile

Generating simple collections for Pivot Viewer The Silverlight PivotViewer control is an easy way to have a fast and spectacular gallery for your website/webapp. In this article I'll show how to generate collections for the PivotViewer using Linq-to-Xml and the command line tool. PivotViewer Introduction The control enables filtering, sorting with fluid animations, and uses Deep Zoom technology to make the loading fast.