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Basic Fingerless Mittens

Basic Fingerless Mittens
Author Julia V Introduction A pair of simple fingerless crochet mittens I worked up as a last minute Christmas gift. I wrote down the pattern because I really liked how they turned out and I didn't see anything like it around. They are worked in an Aran weight yarn on a 5mm (H) hook, so they work up rather quickly. Materials List Yarn: Multicolor mittens: Lana Grossa ‘Bingo Print’ (100% merino wool; 80m/87.5 yards - 50g): color 316, 2 balls. Blue mittens: Fonty Numéro 5 (100% wool; 85m/93 yards - 50g; color 217; 2 balls). Yarn Substitution: You need about 110 m (120 yards) of Aran weight yarn. Other yarns I recommend (this list keeps growing as I make more mittens myself): Rowan RYC Cashsoft Aran, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran Hook: 5 mm (H) Finished Size One size fits most adult women. Gauge 18 sts / 14 rows sc tbl Notes The mittens are worked in a spiral without joining rounds. Skills needed: crochet in the round, sc through the back loop, foundation sc (explained in this great blog tutorial).

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obsessive crafting disorder: Seed stitch mittens: a pattern I wanted to make some mittens in seed stitch to go with my hat made with the Autumn pattern by Jane Richmond. Nothing I could find was catching my eye, so, with necessity as the mother of invention, I decided, what the heck, I would write my own pattern! This pattern is for one pair of seed stitch mittens. The smaller size is a woman's, the large are made to fit men. To modify size larger or smaller from here, you need to cast on with +/- 6 stitches to maintain both the 2-1 ribbing and to have an odd number of stitches for the seed stitch. Alice-Inspired Mitts Author Ellie Thouret Introduction Knitting and so on: Circle Mitts These mitts form a circle shape around the thumb. They are knitted in five parts and can be adjusted to fit different hand sizes - their construction is similar to the Hexagon Mitts. The circle shape shows best when using variegated yarn.

Double Knit Mittens Last winter, when my hands were very, very cold, I spent a few weeks trolling Ravelry for a double knit mitten pattern that I liked. There weren't a whole lot, and the ones I found either assumed a knowledge of double knitting I didn't have yet, or used techniques (mostly for casting on) that I found needlessly complicated. So I did the easiest thing I could think of, teach myself how to double knit and write my own pattern. Yeah, it seemed easier to me at the time.

Mittens - Single Crochet Adult Mittens - Single Crochet Adult Skill Level: IntermediateWritten by Teresa Richardson Video Tutorial: Mittens - Single Crochet AdultGauge: 12 Stitches = 4 inches; 14 Rows = 4 inches Materials:Size I Crochet Hook4-ply Worsted Weight yarnYarn Marker - Scrap yarn tails work very well AbbreviationsFSC = Foundation Single CrochetSC = Single CrochetCh = ChainSL ST = Slip StitchEA = EachST = Stitch Note: The purpose of the yarn markers is to know where the first stitch is at. It is easy to lose track when working in a continual round.

Knitting and so on: Pieces of Eight Mitts It was a topological challenge for me to get these mitts right. These fancy fingerless gloves are knitted in one piece (no yarn cutting involved) beginning at the thumb. The "Eight”-Shape is achieved by increasing in the first part of a row, and decreasing in the second part. This work by Knitting and so on is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Two german versions of these have been written by Renate Schattschneider: Felted DROPS mittens in 2 threads ”Alpaca” DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 2.90 GBP DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 2.90 GBP DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.30 EUR DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 3.30 EUR DROPS 156, 157 & 158, together with our latest baby catalogue, DROPS Baby 25, can now be purchased on all DROPS stores for only 1£ per copy! - regardless you buy yarn or not! The catalogues are only available in a limited number of copies, so visit your closest DROPS store today!

The Thumb Trick: Sometimes called an afterthought thumb, I first read about it in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac. I really like this method because it's seamless; sometimes when patterns have you place stitches on a holder and then cast on the top stitches you can get an odd seam right in the crease where your thumb meets the hand, and that can be uncomfortable. The only trouble that some people may have with this method is that you cannot immediately try on your mitten in progress, as you can with mittens where the stitches are put on holders. Knitting and so on: Kreisel Fingerless Gloves Keep your hands warm this winter with these stylish and unique fingerless gloves. They are crocheted around the thumb which allows you to show off your variegated yarn to the best effect. These mitts are the crochet version of my knitted Circle Mitts. Kreisel is the german word for (spinning) top. This work by Knitting and so on is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Materials

Cartridge Rib Fingerless Gloves Here is a great quick knit project. You could knit them for yourself, or as a gift, and because they don’t take too much yarn, it could be done in something luxurious without breaking the bank. With the exception of a couple of u-turns, this is a really easy project. Double Knit Reversible Twice-As-Warm Mittens - Douglas' Interesting Pages Also called Double Knit Mitts My Story These are the mittens I wear on the coldest days of the year... when the store bought mittens just don't cut it. These are the first mittens I ever made and they came out perfectly on the first try. They are also the first and easiest double knit pattern I've seen.