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Austin Kleon on 10 Things Every Creator Should Remember But We Often Forget

Austin Kleon on 10 Things Every Creator Should Remember But We Often Forget
by Maria Popova What T.S. Eliot has to do with genetics and the optimal investment theory for your intellectual life. Much has been said about the secrets of creativity and where good ideas come from, but most of that wisdom can be lost on young minds just dipping their toes in the vast and tumultuous ocean of self-initiated creation. So widely did the talk resonate that Kleon decided to deepen and enrich its message in Steal Like an Artist — an intelligent and articulate manifesto for the era of combinatorial creativity and remix culture that’s part 344 Questions, part Everything is a Remix, part The Gift, at once borrowed and entirely original. (This piece of truth is available as a print from 20×200, one of the best places for affordable art.) The book opens with a timeless T.S. Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different.” Kleon writes in the introduction: Donating = Loving

How to Be an Explorer of the World by Maria Popova “Every morning when we wake up, we have twenty-four brand-new hours to live. What a precious gift!” As a longtime fan of guerrilla artist and illustrator Keri Smith’s Wreck This Box set of interactive journals, part of these 7 favorite activity books for grown-ups, I was delighted to discover her How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum (public library) — a wonderful compendium of 59 ideas for how to get creatively unstuck by engaging with everyday objects and your surroundings in novel ways. It all began with this simple list, which Smith scribbled on a piece of paper in the middle a sleepless night in 2007: Eventually, it became the book. Smith says of the book’s curious choice of subtitle: I am interested in the idea of taking art (or museum shows/collections) out of the realm of ‘institution’ and into the hands of the individual, one does not need a formal space to put things in, in order for it to be valid. Spread photos via Geek Dad Donating = Loving

344 Illustrated Flowcharts to Find Life's Big Answers by Maria Popova Flowcharting your way to happiness, or why you should be looking for people who intimidate you. From ever-inventive designer Stefan G. Bucher of You Deserve a Medal and Daily Monster fame comes 344 Questions: The Creative Person’s Do-It-Yourself Guide to Insight, Survival, and Artistic Fulfillment — a delightful pocket-sized compendium of flowcharts and lists illustrated in Bucher’s unmistakable style to help you figure out life’s big answers, in the vein of today’s inadvertent running theme of self-help-books-that-aren’t-really-”self-help”-books. Besides Bucher’s own questions, the tiny but potent handbook features contributions from 36 beloved cross-disciplinary creators, including Brain Pickings favorites Christoph Niemann, Stefan Sagmeister, Marian Bantjes, Doyald Young, and Jakob Trollbäck. Let’s be clear: I want this book to be useful to you. We are all different people, but we face a lot of the same questions. Page images copyright © 2012. Donating = Loving

Ужасът наречен Ротшилд | ANONYMOUS BULGARIA Историята на една от най-богатите фамилии в света, която чрез подлости и измами успява да превърне целия свят в една игра на „Монополи”, в която ние сме само статисти. Част 1 1710: Ражда се Амшел Мойсей Бауер. Занимавал се е с лихварство и с търговия на коприна в еврейското гето „Алея на евреите“ (Frankfurt Judengasse), съществувало в германския град Франкфурт на Майн от 1462 г. до 1796 г. Бащата на Амшел е бил Мойсей Калман Бауер, а единственото известно нещо за него е, че е умрял през 19 Октомври 1735 г., и че предците му идват от земите на Хазарския хаганат - голяма средновековна номадска държава, създадена в средата на 7 век преди Христа на територията на днешен Дагестан върху останките на Западнотюркския (Тюркютския) хаганат в съседство с Кубратова Велика България. Хазарски хаганат 650 г. — 969 г. Велика България била в упадък след смъртта на хан Кубрат. Амшел се жени за Шунсе Лехних и има с нея официално 8 деца. Алея на евреите през 1868 г. Майер Амшел Бауер Гутле Шнапа А те са:

Write-Brained: The Neuroscience of Writing and Writer’s Block This page provides an outline of what each part of the Write-Brained series will contain. You can bookmark and revisit this page for up-to-date links to each part. Preface: My Background and the Mandatory Disclaimer When I transitioned to full-time freelance work, my inability to complete work until the last minute before deadline was no longer just an inconvenience: It was the source of significant emotional and economic distress. After using traditional deadline coping mechanisms (binge eating, absurd amounts of caffeine, cigarettes), I changed tactics. I studied productivity and, eventually, the human mind. Part 1: Finding the Creative Space in the Human Mind To understand what happens neurologically when we write (or when we can’t write), we have to understand some brain basics. The human brain is composed of three major parts: The “reptilian brain,” the “mammalian brain,” and the “neo-mammalian brain.” Part 2: The Origin of Language and the Ancestral Need for Stories Write on, Rob

Publications Publisher Debate: How Private Exchanges Increase Inventory Control And Solve Channel Conflict 11/22 The debate among premium publishers and DSPs begs one simple question: “Will putting my inventory on an exchange cannibalize my direct sales efforts?” Those who “own” inventory are concerned that through exchanges, advertisers and trading desks have access to the same premium placements at lower CPMs, thereby diluting direct sales opportunities. As a premium publisher, you probably invest in a sales team to monetize your inventory. You sell a unique readership, social engagement capabilities, contextual relevance, and other site-specific aspects that help value premium inventory at premium prices. Your team works hard to close direct deals with high CPMs to make sure the value of the inventory is not diluted so they can keep cash in their pockets! On the other side of the coin is the brand advertiser. Buying direct from premium publishers ensures contextual relevancy and protects against brand conflict. The industry needs to embrace true private exchanges.

ТОВА СЪМ АЗ « DDpost Млад евреин дошъл при известен Ню Йоркски равин и му заявил, че иска да изучава Талмуд. — Знаеш ли арамейски език? – попитал равина. — Не. — А иврит? — Не. — А учил ли си Тора като дете? — Не, ребе. How Rejection Breeds Creativity In 2006, Stefani Germanotta had hit a turning point in her career. She had quit a rigorous musical theatre program at an elite college to focus on her musical passion and, after a year of hard work and little income, had signed a deal with Def Jam records. But this promise wouldn’t last. Just three months after signing, Def Jam changed its mind about Stefani’s unusual style and released her from her contract. Rejected, Stefani went back the drawing board, working in clubs and experimenting with new performers and new influences. Rejection happens and, when it does, how we respond to it matters. In a series of experiments, researchers led by Sharon Kim of Johns Hopkins University sought to examine the impact of rejection on individuals’ creative output. Rejection happens and, when it does, how we respond to it matters. The tasks in the experiment were a series of rapid associative tests (RAT), a common measurement of divergent thinking. What’s Your Experience?

Zo zet je effectief en efficiënt crowdsourcing in Daarom hebben wij hier onderzoek naar gedaan. In de afgelopen weken zijn we dieper ingegaan op hoe de kosten het best ingedekt kunnen worden, en hebben we cases besproken die succesvolle hebben gecrowdsourced. Vandaag het vijfde en laatste artikel, over slimme crowdsourcingstrategieën. Wat kan crowdsourcing opleveren? Ondanks de groeiende kennis over wat crowdsourcing kan opleveren, is er weinig kennis over hoe crowdsourcing het meest kan opleveren. het inwinnen van latente klantenbehoeften;het inwinnen van directe klantenbehoefte; de doelgroep een brand experience geven;het intiem contact hebben met de doelgroep. Maar in dit onderzoek zijn we niet alleen geïnteresseerd in de directe gevolgen, maar ook de indirecte gevolgen van crowdsourcing. Drie effectieve crowdsourcingstrategieën Tijdens het onderzoek zijn er drie marketingstrategieën naar voren gekomen die erg toepasbaar zijn om effectief en efficiënt te crowdsourcen. Figuur 1. Deze stappen worden wellicht concreter met een voorbeeld.

Fibonacci number A tiling with squares whose side lengths are successive Fibonacci numbers In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers or Fibonacci sequence are the numbers in the following integer sequence: or (often, in modern usage): (sequence A000045 in OEIS). The Fibonacci spiral: an approximation of the golden spiral created by drawing circular arcs connecting the opposite corners of squares in the Fibonacci tiling;[3] this one uses squares of sizes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and 34. By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are either 1 and 1, or 0 and 1, depending on the chosen starting point of the sequence, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. In mathematical terms, the sequence Fn of Fibonacci numbers is defined by the recurrence relation with seed values or The Fibonacci sequence is named after Fibonacci. Fibonacci numbers are closely related to Lucas numbers in that they are a complementary pair of Lucas sequences. Origins[edit] List of Fibonacci numbers[edit] and

Creation in the Workplace Humans are at their best when they are creating. We are wired to create—there’s no feeling like the sense of satisfaction from stepping back after working hard to create something–whether framing a house, building a Powerpoint deck or baking a cake. For the purposes of this article, I want to expand the way we might classically use the word ‘create’ it and then apply the expanded definition to the workplace. When we think about ‘creating’ we probably think about building something with our hands. Why does this matter? a. and: b. If you are in such a situation at work, consider the possibility that it is because you are not creating.