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Sweeping Beauty II

Sweeping Beauty II
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Infinity Pools Dans le cadre de l’Hôtel Ubdub Hanging Gardens à Bali en Indonésie, voici cette installation de piscines à débordement sur plusieurs niveaux. L’ensemble de la surface surplombe la forêt luxuriante et la courbe des piscines s’adaptent aux formes des collines environnantes. Big Egg Surprise Funny Videos, Free Games, & Funny Pictures Sign up | Login Big Egg Surprise Tags: Chicken, Amazing, Win, Video <div class="highlightRed"><p>Please enable JavaScript. Rooster Malfunctions Reporter vs. Guy Has Magic Chicken Voice Kid vs. Chicken Defies Death Horse Boots the Crap Out of a C... Cat Tries to Catch a Chicken Tiger vs. Kid Scores with Chicken Gymnast Flips Out Amazingly Low Wingsuit Flight Epic First-Person Urban Downhil... Comments (59) Yo dawg... | Apr 12, 2011 | Reply Yo dawg, I herd you like eggs, so I put an egg in your egg, so you can eat while you eat. Post reply | Sign up | Login Dan the Faggot Pussy | Apr 12, 2011 and this is what radiation does. dada!! Jake | Apr 12, 2011 LOL | Apr 13, 2011 Buy 1 Get 1 Free??? so thats how it happened! Originally posted Apr 12, 2011 what happened to the second egg watch it dissapears the big egg ate it when nobody was looking Aug 20, 2012 made in china :3 | Jul 16, 2012 Originally posted by fred | Jul 24, 2011 Were all wasting time! Vandy2000 | Mar 9, 2012 Trending

Dix trucs à savoir sur Miró (expo à Rome jusqu’au 23 août 2012) « Arsenic et Petites Culottes Sans titre, Joan Miró, 1978 – crédits Faut naïf, génie authentique, Joan Mirò fait l’objet d’une rétrospective intitulée Lumière et Poésie organisée à Rome dans le Cloître de Bramante, un lieu hors du temps niché derrière la Piazza Navona. C’était l’occasion de (re)tester et approuver les vertus thérapeutiques de son œuvre : dix minutes de Miro-thérapie produisent chez moi un effet extatique. Ça m’a aussi donné l’envie d’en savoir plus sur le peintre majorquin. Le corps de ma brune (Painting Poem), Joan Mirò, 1925 – crédits 1. 2. 3. 4. Lithographe pour Le lézard en plumes, Joan Mirò,crédits 5. 6. Les surréalistes (1930) : Salvador (Dali), Paul (Eluard), Max (Ernst), Man (Ray), Luis (Bunuel), Joan (Miro) et Marcel (Duchamp) – crédits 7. Autoportrait, Joan Mirò, 1919 – crédits Bon, après, il y a les goûts et les couleurs. 8. 9. 10. Mirò! Like this: J'aime chargement…

Holy Pool, Batman! Illinois Home’s Pool Has Bat Symbol - Yahoo! Homes batman pool Usually the Bat signal is spotted in a dark sky over Gotham City. But in one Illinois home listed for $2.55 million, the symbol is found under water on the bottom of the pool. Although spotting the signal in a pool is pretty uncommon, the story of how it got there is not that strange. According to listing agent Beau Carstensen, the owners’ son loved Batman growing up, and they decided to surprise him at age 3 or 4 with the graphic at the bottom of the pool. “A guy came out and freehand drew it, and they [the owners] just kept it over the years,” explained Carstensen. The Bat symbol is only one of the interesting characteristics of the Hinsdale property, adds Carstensen. “The intrigue more is with the property itself,” she said. Built in the late 1920s, the house is a classic Tudor, measuring 3,754 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. Related: Real Estate

CINEMETRICS Guy Almost Wipes Out Funny Videos, Free Games, & Funny Pictures Sign up | Login Guy Almost Wipes Out [+] Let's see you do it again. [–] Let's see you do it again. Tags: Skateboarding, Win, Video <div class="highlightRed"><p>Please enable JavaScript. How Not to Start a Skateboardin... Skateboard Double Fail Skater Owned by Skateboard Speed Skater Faceplant Skateboard Backflip Onto New Sk... Skateboarder vs. 12 Year Old Skater Pulls Off 10... Longboarding Collision Epic Skateboard Side Flip Dog Plays at Skate Park Skater vs. Skateboard Jump Fail Comments (30) Aug 30, 2012 | Reply Someone who actually wore a helmet, he deserved not to smash his head open. Post reply | Sign up | Login How awesome would it have been if he started doing pushups as he was sliding?? rip shoes Freestyle Knight | Jan 2, 2014 Take off the helmet buddy, you'll wipe out more often but get more pussy and tear it up to a higher level! holy mother | Mar 19, 2013 evidently he's been doin some serious pushups 888666 | Jan 26, 2013 Street Fighter | Sep 10, 2012 Trending

Ride The Alien » Design You Trust – Social Inspirations! A worker checks the finishing on a motorcycle made from recycled materials of spare parts from cars and bicycles at a workshop owned by Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn in Bangkok July 27, 2011. Roongrojna, 54, creates his artworks from recycled spare parts from used cars, motorcycles as well as bicycles. With four shops in Bangkok named “Ko Art Shop”, Roongrojna also exports his artworks to clients all over the world. (REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang) Artist Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn inflates air into the rear tire of a motorcycle made from recycled materials of spare parts from cars and bicycles at a workshop in Bangkok on Wednesday, July 27. Spread your love!

Guy Punctures Store Owner's Tire Funny Videos, Free Games, & Funny Pictures Sign up | Login Guy Punctures Store Owner's Tire [+] Instant karma. [–] Instant karma. Tags: Karma, Explosion, Fail, Video <div class="highlightRed"><p>Please enable JavaScript. Guy With Road Rage Learns His L... Cat Gets Revenge on Woman Instant Karma for "Pervy&q... Woman Drives on Sidewalk to Pas... Man Owned by Dog Karma Ball Instant Karma for Cheap Shot Bully Gets Fast Karma Tailgater Gives Woman Finger, I... Car Thief Gets Handled Karma for Careless Lamborghini ... Talking Sh** Fail Comments (56) Aug 16, 2012 | Reply Michelin Man don't take no sh*t. Post reply | Sign up | Login Aug 15, 2012 knocked his shirt right off of him!? holy sh*t! I actually always wondered why that doesn't happen to more people that slash tires, seems like that's the obvious outcome 8-| | Aug 16, 2012 Originally posted by LizardCurl | Aug 16, 2012 Very unique way of spelling "curb". Your both right actually, Kerb is UK english and Curb is US english. Jun 1, 2013 Originally posted Aug 16, 2012

Photographies animées en gif Jamie Beck et Kevin Burg utilisent le format d’image .gif pour animer des photographies, si l’utilisation du gif sur des photos n’est pas neuve j’aime beaucoup le principe d’animer juste un détail de l’image pour garder le coté photographique tout en lui donnant vie sans tomber dans de la vrai vidéo. Je pense que ce type d’images a un gros potentiel et pourrait devenir de plus en plus fréquent avec la dématérialisation des magazines. Plus d’images sur leur Tumblr, perdues au milieu d’autres trucs.

serge salat: beyond infinity immersive installation sep 16, 2011 serge salat: beyond infinity immersive installation ‘beyond infinity’, an immersive installation by french artist and theorist serge salat ‘beyond infinity’, a multisensory installation by french artist and theorist serge salat, interweaves mirrors, light, music, and fractal art in an architecture that conflates visitors’ perceptions of space. sponsored by buick cars and usable during the events as a vehicle showroom, the work is installed at shanghai’s westgate mall from september 16th through 18th, 2011. measuring 12.45 by 10.8 meters at a height of 3.8 meters, the structure is completely closed, composed of a steel infrastructure with honeycomb aluminum panels covered in mirrors. view looking into the third ‘room’ in the sequence: the circular and triangular infinite staircases the ‘infinite fault’ when exiting from the red grid the ‘hyper cross’, the fifth ‘room’ architectural plan process photograph: assembling the staircases video tour through the space