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The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

40 Worst Album Covers of All Time Most of the time, we post only the best works from the best artists, but sometimes it is far more entertaining to look at the worst examples! Do you remember 33 Worst Photoshop Mistakes and Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS? Well, if you liked these fails, then this list of the worst album covers is definitely for you! However, beware that it can severely damage your taste in art and design.. but if you still want to view these terrible covers, be sure to view this list of Creative Product Packaging Designs to reduce the harm. OK? Now, let’s take a look at these Album Cover Fails, and after scrolling down the list, don’t forget to tell us what other worst album covers you know. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here. You can buy this album here.

Healthy & Safe Cat Food Watch the online movie and listen to the voice recording by Dr Jane Bicks, and you will know what items on the ingredient and nutrition labels of the cat food you buy are NOT good for your cat or kitten - such as corn, soy, wheat, gluten, animal byproducts, and unhealthy chemical preservatives. Did you know that wheat and corn can cause skin problems and diarrhea and vomiting in cats and dogs? Cats should live for 30 years - unless you don't feed them healthy food! The longest reported cat life span was 37 years. The average cat or dog in North America rarely reaches even half of its potential life span. "Old age" is NOT a disease. But the dog and cat foods people are buying today are so often lacking in the nutrition a cat or dog really needs, and this robs the pet of those extra active years of its life. Wouldn't you wish your pet a long life in good health? The Pet Food Recall By May 11, 2007, over 5,500 pet food products had been placed on the recall list! The U.S. Why?

Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS Ever Marketers say that one of the most important marketing tools is a good logo design. It not only provides an easy to recognize identity for your business but also communicates who you are. That’s why every company considering creating or buying a logo design should know the criteria that make for an effective logo. The first feature of a good and effective logo is that it can immediately “grab” viewer’s attention. However, if you did manage to catch the viewer’s eye – that doesn’t necessary mean you are doing good. Here’s a list of Top 15 Worst Logo Fails of all time which probably didn’t look so bad at first glance. Logo of Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission This is an actual logo designed in 1973 for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission. A-Style Logo A-Style logo was born well before the line of clothing – designed in 1989 and marketed in Italy since 1999. Office of Government Commerce Mont-Sat Now you know why Mr. Arlington Pediatric Center Pepsi Clinica Dental

Optimal Nutrition for Your Cat 9th June 2012 By Jordan & Kyla Miller Contributing Writers for Wake Up World Have you ever noticed your cat binging on grass, only to soon after throw it up? To us, it can be a very disturbing scene. Domestic animals, like humans, are subject to the damaging effects of cooked and processed foods, food additives, environmental pollution, over-vaccination and the stress of modern day living. Advertising and claims of pet food manufacturers have contributed to the misinformation surrounding what is best for our pets. Just as with people, cats have a very intricate and complex network of body mechanics. What can be done? In the wild, cats instinctively thrive on raw, whole pray and very little plant food. A raw meat diet supplemented with small amounts of vegetable and essential fatty acids will closely match the food your cat would get in the wild. A Cats’ Instinct As we’ve learned, a cat is not designed to properly digest plants. Too Expensive? Your question: What do you feed your cat?

Místo prázdninových dobrodružství děti čekal tábor hrůzy ~ Měly to být příjemně strávené dva týdny letních prázdnin v lůně přírody. Místo nich však zažily tři desítky dětí šok v táboře hrůzy. Rodiče připravují hromadnou žalobu na organizátory, do šetření celé věci se zapojily jak příslušné úřady, tak neziskové organizace na ochranu dětí. Tajně pořízené fotografie dokládají otřesné ubytovací podmínky v táboře. Otřesné podmínky, v jakých byly děti nuceny přebývat, vyšly najevo krátce po skončení tábora. Fotografie, které se Michalovi podařilo tajně pořídit, vydávají děsivá svědectví. Děti byly nuceny spát na hrubých pryčnách v provizorních dřevostavbách s plátěnou střechou. Žili jako zvířata „Je neuvěřitelné, jaké zrůdy mezi námi žijí,“ kroutí nad případem nevěřícně hlavou ing. Nacistický koncentrační tábor. Šikana a psychoteror Tristní nedostatky v ubytování však nebyly jedinou bolestí na tomto „táboře hrůzy“. Psycholog: Je to vymývání mozků Psycholog PhDr. Na fotografii jsou zachyceny děti vystavené otevřenému ohni a toxickým zplodinám. Další zprávy:

ISP Sends Customer a Spare Router for His Cat to Nap On Now that's customer service! Chances are, if you've got a cat, you know how weird they can be. You also probably know that they have an obsession with electronics and will sit on keyboards, consoles, and anything else with a power button. There isn't really much you can do to stop them, as cats generally tend to do whatever they like, whenever they like; and sitting on warm, cozy electronics seems to be pretty high on their list of likes. However, one ISP in the UK did manage to come up with a solution for a customer whose cat wouldn't stay off his router. Reddit user Pope_friction recently revealed that a tongue-in-cheek complaint posted to his ISP's community discussion boards yielded an unexpected response. "I'm having a problem with my router," the post began. "I'm sick of my internet going down all the time due to this - is there a fix? Pope_friction included the following image with his post: Not too long after, his ISP, Be Broadband, got in touch with him. The best part?

Cat Health Facts There are such diseases as feline leukemia and feline AIDS. Cats are not immune to cancer. A cat's brain is actually more like a human brain rather than a dog's brain. Cat's sleep between 16 and 18 hours a day, but not soundly. They will react immediatly too any stimulation. Don't miss these "Cat Facts"... Have your own cat fact? Do you have some fascinating tidbit about felines or some unusual fact that's not listed here on this site? Send us your cat facts!