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Craft blog : crochet

Craft blog : crochet
I spent about an hour standing in the craft store Saturday staring at a wall of yarn in the coolest muted tones and edgy colors ... a palette I would have murdered for (with my bare hands) years ago. Seriously. I'm especially impressed with the acrylic selection. Vanna's Choice, Cotton Ease (which also has great labels), and Red Heart Soft are all being made in totally amazing colors. Back in the 90s when I was crocheting ALL THE TIME, there wasn't a lot to choose from if you were making $10 an hour in San Francisco and wanted muted, edgy colors. OK, there was *nothing* to choose from. There was one granny square blanket in particular that I made in variegated rainbow, bright purple, yellow, green, etc., that would make your eyes bleed. I did manage to make a tasteful blanket out of Red Heart for my little sister's wedding present. I even splurged on some Lion Brand Microspun for hats and scarves for Andrew and I when we first met. The picture doesn't really capture it's yumminess.

Granny’s Border – in Progress | alottastitches After much consideration of yarn colors and amounts, I finally started working on the granny’s border! The darker aqua squares which frame the blanket are slighter larger than the inner squares of light aqua, because the darker aqua yarn is of a slightly heavier weight. With the help of some experimentation, I decided to skip one stitch out of every four or five stitches in the blanket’s edge as I crocheted the first round of its border. I made it a plain double-crochet round of the same darker aqua yarn, hoping this would make my irregularly spaced stitches less noticeable. I began the first teal round by working three double-crochet stitches (a familiar granny cluster) into one stitch of the dark aqua, skipping the next two stitches, then repeating those two steps the rest of the way around. The second teal round is even more familiar, working a granny cluster in each open space, just like in a granny square. Like this: Like Loading...

Crochet in Color tangled happy Crocheting the Day Away ANNEMARIE'S CROCHET BLOG ♥ ANNEMARIE'S HAAKBLOG knick knacks & ric rac just listed 54 swatch bundles in my etsy shop here! each bundle is approximately 1 sq. yd. i end up with a lot of fabric swatch odds and ends from making skirts. these swatch bundles feature sample prints, test ink colors, test dye colors, test fabrics, leftover pieces from print runs and dye lots, prints that i smudged but still have plenty of usable area, and other experimental fun! based on suggestions after the last batch of swatch bundles, i did not trim these pieces, so pieces may have imperfections like uneven printing (light areas with not enough ink, or blurred areas with too much ink), smudges, stray ink or dye spots or small fabric defects. just in time for your holiday crafting, use them for all sorts of projects like patchwork, pouches, coin purses, dolls and more! fabrics are mostly mid-weight cotton twill or duck, and are machine washable and dryable.

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