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DIY Mason Jar Chandeliers: Easy Combo & Great Results

DIY Mason Jar Chandeliers: Easy Combo & Great Results
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Lighting Made of Galvanized Iron Table lamp made of galvanized iron parts that make it different and artistic ! ++ Available at Design2009 on Etsy Into the Woods Projection Light Due to its being dramatic and showstopping and incredibly F'ing rad, Hilden & Diaz's Forms in Nature forest projection light sculpture has earned viral popularity this week. To the point that the artists are planning a Kickstarter project for it, as well as currently entertaining bids from interested parties for individual fixture production. I suggest starting your bids at $1 million if you hope to beat my offer of $5.75, plus lessons on how to get: A) elegantly wasted; and B) more chicks. What? Using a porous white mass of jagged branches, the sculpture partially illuminates a room, and partially hurls oversized shadows onto its surrounding ceiling and walls such that one feels immersed in a scene from Sleepy Hollow or Jumanji.

天花板上的海底世界 造型水母燈系列 | 設計、好點子、什麼玩意兒、燈 | 妞書房 | 妞新聞 niusnews 妞新聞介紹過這麼多燈品,不知道大家最喜歡哪種?燈,無論是照明用,或是裝飾空間用,已經成為空間裡不可或缺的要素之一。人類從早期生火堆、拿火把到當代社會,加上巧思後,設計成多款造型燈品,天上飛的雲朵、地上走的貓咪都可以作為造型,妞編輯這次就帶大家來看看水裡游的燈品! Enpundit(enpundit) Wild About Glass(wildaboutglass) Realitypod(realitypod) 是不是有一種想吃海蜇皮的感覺呀(誤),這些以水母為造型的燈飾,有些是用對生態環境友善的材質做成、有些則是玻璃製品,造型美麗奇特之餘,或許是想藉此提醒,在這個海洋環境遭到汙染的現今,如何讓水母不要落入只剩下工藝複製品的境地,是我們每個消費者必須有意識面對的課題之一。 Source:enpundit、wildaboutglass、realitypod

Selous Rustic Lodge Abstract Driftwood 3 Light Chandelier - Driftwood 4 Us Amazon Price: N/A (as of September 1, 2017 6:12 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. A treasure from the beach washes up and becomes a beautifully ornate driftwood chandelier. The oversized, sculpted found wood creates a one-of-a-kind eclectic fixture for your seaside cottage or coastal castle. Additional shipping options including in room placement, debris removal, stair carries or light assembly is not included in the free shipping program. How to Build an Insanely Bright LED Flashlight!: 8 Steps (with Pictures) So, because the LED in this "weapon of mass illumination" draws a lot of power, up to 100 watts (33 volts and 3 amps), it produces an insane amount of heat, so we need a heatsink to keep it cool, the one that I listed in the parts list may seem like overkill, and it is a little overkill (only a little), but so is this whole build. To provide enough power to feed this hungry beast, we will need a powerful battery that is designed for high discharge applications and compact and lightweight, this is a portable flashlight after all (rules out lead acid). The obvious solution to both of these requirements is a Lithium Polymer battery (Li-Po). Li-Po batteries are commonly used to power high-performance drones, RC cars, and electric cars. They are small, lightweight, and can discharge very quickly, perfect for our flashlight. But wait... the LED needs 33 volts and the battery is only 11.1 volts?! Next up we have the battery alarm.

Easy DIY: Embellished Rice Paper Shade | The DIY Adventures Basic rice paper shades can be quite pretty on their wn, but they also take well to a little gussying up. This project shows you how simple it can be to go from a plain round shade to this: A bit of lightweight paper and some tape and that’s quite a result. Head over to My Pondokkie to learn how to do it. You might like... Designer Paper Yarn Lamp Citizens of Instructables :), When I was searching for paracord in local market, I was trying to explain this guy at the craft store what I am looking for and I was having a hard time. Guess what he showed me paper yarn, trust me I did not even know what paper yarn is before this instructables. I searched through the internet to see what people are using paper yarn for, searched here too and saw some great crafts. If you have seen my ibles, you might have noticed that I have this thing for making lighted objects, so I started to think in that direction and came up up with this awesome designer lamp made from paper yarn. I wanted to believe this is my original Idea so I Googled and gladly found nothing similar :D. Lets see how you can make it easily. Did I say easily? Now tell me that you did not believe it was a paper lamp :D.

How to Make Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights So, did you just realize that Halloween is a little less than a week from now? What we need to do when we don't have too much time to collect all Halloween decor...? We need to take advantage of the stuff we already have around the house and upcycle everything that we can, giving terrifying character at the same time. :) Meredith from “Unoriginal Mom” blog inspired by Joann from Craft Passion, recently made some Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights using an old strand of plain lights. Take a leaf from Meredith and pop Christmas lights out of the box a little bit earlier than usual. :) All you need to recreate this DIY will find at your home for sure! Just a few ping pong balls and some cheesecloth will put you into business quickly. Useful tip for you: *Use LED lights which are very affordable and efficient. *Keep fairy lights after Halloween to use in your holiday decor! Trick and treat your neighbors with this gleaming way and transform your front door, porch, or yard for this Halloween.

I love this reuse of old bicycle parts... - Build Naturally with Sigi Koko