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About the EVOKE game

About the EVOKE game
Posted by Alchemy on 27 Jan under Behind the scenes EVOKE is a ten-week crash course in changing the world. It is free to play and open to anyone, anywhere. The goal of the social network game is to help empower people all over the world to come up with creative solutions to our most urgent social problems. The game’s first season began on March 3, 2010 and ended on May 12th, 2010. About Season One On May 12th, 2010 the first season of the game ended, and successful participants formed the first graduating class of the EVOKE network. Some top players also earned online mentorships with experienced social innovators and business leaders from around the world, seed funding for new ventures, and travel scholarships to share their vision for the future at the EVOKE Summit in Washington DC. EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal. Press inquiries: Contact Related:  Serious Games Examples

ESET security adventure game Staying Alive - 4 minutes to save a life in 3D 3D Virtual Campus Tours: Design Online College Campus Student Tours SpaceChem Air Medic Sky 1 The Virtual Trillium Trail an Educational Simulation of a North American Forest by Virtual Field Trips, LLC. The River City Project: Introduction Activeworlds, Inc. is currently in licensing negotiations with Harvard University regarding the future of River City. Activeworlds, Inc. is the vendor who developed the virtual world platform that River City utilizes. They are also currently responsible for the day-to-day hosting of the environment, and have proposed a plan that will keep River City alive and well during the upcoming school year. Activeworlds has a long history of working to enable teachers and schools with easily accessible and stable virtual worlds since 1995. The plan would mean that Activeworlds would continue supporting and administering all servers and programs currently being run. Now the part where we ask you to help: As you are likely aware, River City was developed under certain grants and its funding runs out in August 2009. Yet, many of you have expressed a desire to continue your classes and many others have applied for the 2009-2010 school year.

Alelo: Immersive simulations of real-life social communication Virtual and Immersive Training Systems | Defense Systems | Cubic Corporation Cubic designs, develops, manufactures, and provides a full range of virtual training devices for national military and security forces worldwide. We focus on the development and systems integration of simulation-based training systems for armor, missile, small arms, and aircraft communities. Small Arms Engagement Skills Trainers Cubic’s scenario-based small arms simulators provide the realistic training soldiers need to acquire and sustain essential skills. This type of training is vital for small infantry units, which are playing a dominant role in the contemporary operational environment. From individual basic marksmanship skills to collective training, we offer a full range of deployable virtual and immersive trainers. Security Training Solutions Homeland security forces face a growing range of uncertain threats. Cubic also provides tabletop simulators, aircraft maintenance trainers, and commercial input/output systems.

scene_NEW LEMMA | GNNViz | The GNNViz Project This project, "Innovative, 3-D, interactive, and immersive techniques for visualizing, querying, and understanding regional maps of forest vegetation, fuels, and fire risk" (refered to as "GNNViz") is Project 05-4-1-12 funded by the Joint Fire Sciences Program ( Screenshot from GNNViz DARWARS DARWARS Ambush DARWARS is a research program intended to accelerate the development and deployment of military training systems. These are envisioned as low-cost, mobile, web-centric, simulation-based, “lightweight” systems designed to take advantage of the ubiquitous presence of the PC and of new technology, including multi-player games, virtual worlds, off-the-shelf PC simulations, intelligent agents, and on-line communities. The project started in 2003. The program is producing an architectural framework, including a set of web services, tools, and system interface definitions that facilitate the development of networked training systems. [edit] DARWARS is sponsored by the U.S. Exemplar trainers[edit] As part of the DARWARS program, several training systems have been developed as exemplars of what is possible. DARWARS Ambush! DARWARS Ambush! DARWARS Ambush! Tactical Language & Culture Training System[edit] Replacement[edit] See also[edit] External links[edit]

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