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Association internationale pour une politique industrielle des technologies de l'esprit

Association internationale pour une politique industrielle des technologies de l'esprit

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- things i have seen A new housing project by Primus Architects is situated by the coast of the north of Zealand, Denmark. The plot is a partitioning of a larger plot belonging to an old thatched house and is partly enclosed by trees. The two buildings, inhabited by two generations, share the garden, and in the layout of the site plan attention has been given to providing both separate and common spaces. This Heart's On Fire (for people who know almost everything cool already!) Fabian Baron Rugs The more I learn about Fabian Baron, the more I love him. I was at a friend's place last night trying to figure out how to decorate her new LES pad and she showed me some rugs by the French creative wunderkind that still have me drooling. The carpet collection is inspired by Liquid Light, a single-volume monograph assembled from the personal work of Fabien Baron. Spanning twenty years and two continents, the collection draws from over 2,000 photographs taken on the coasts of Eastern America, Western Europe, and the Mediterranean. The book chronicles Baron's transformation of concrete, geographical sites into abstract tableaux.

Sigur Rós: Valtari The Restaurateur Makes His London Debut With a New Sex Shop Fronted Mexican Joint Chorizo, lobster and lime reveal their unexpectedly lascivious side in still life photographers Metz + Racine’s saucy homage to London’s newest hotspot, La Bodega Negra. Using a color palette and mini-sets inspired by the Mexican architect Luis Barragán, Metz + Racine enlisted ingredients from the eatery’s menu. Hidden in a Soho basement behind a sex shop entryway that nods to the neighborhood’s notoriously kinky past, the restaurant offers an unabashedly large tequila selection, plenty of dimly lit corners and Mexican staples like ceviche, tacos and tostados, in addition to grill items like lamb barbacoa. (There is a to-go option from a more casual, upstairs taqueria). The restaurant was dreamed up by nightlife impresario Serge Becker , along with entrepreneur Ed Spencer Churchill and restauranteur Will Ricker.

panneau photovoltaïque produit de l'énergie à partir de bio bactéries dans le sol feb 24, 2014 bio photovoltaic panel produces energy from bacteria in soil bio photovoltaic panel produces energy from bacteria in soilall images courtesy of apostolos the bio-photovoltaic panel consists of a battery in which energy is harvested from bacteria inside the soil to release electrons. installed at the valldaura campus of the institute for advanced architecture of catalonia, the system has sensors that display its status, as well as make it self sufficient. the bacteria is fed through by-products from the photosynthesis of plants, and by introducing an anode and cathode (battery) into the soil, the free electrons can be extracted and put into the circuit. how it works experiments

Mode Continuum: N12 The future of fashion, and the future of consumer products in general, lies not only in more advanced technologies and materials, but also in reevaluating the very infrastructure of design, manufacture, and retail. By blending rapid fabrication, interactive software, and the accessibility of the web, we can let individuals participate directly in the design and production process. In short, the "D" collection is actually a piece of software. The D.dress app lets you draw a dress, turns it into a 3D model, and exports a cutting pattern to make the real dress, sized to your measurements. A laser cutter or plotter cuts the pattern out of fabric, which is then sewn into the dress.

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