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Quick fixes: turn long pants into cropped cuties - a tutorial I haven't done a tutorial for a while, but I came across these stretch pants the other day at the back of a drawer. They are made from gorgeous, soft bamboo knit fabric, but I wasn't wearing them because they were just too wide and a touch on the ankle-freezery side. As I was about to put them away again, it suddenly occurred to me that I could refashion them into something more wearable. I like the comfort and style of cropped pants with a ribbed cuff and, now I am taking hop hop classes (!!!) with Mel (the most enthusiastic dance teacher in the world), I need more work-out clothes. I should mention though, that this technique also works with non-jersey fabrics. So, here's what I did: To begin with I tried on the pants and did some pinning and experimenting to get the basic look I was after. Next, cut both pants legs off at the pin mark, remembering to leave some seam allowance. Here are the pants with the bottom section cut off. OK, we are ready to make the cuffs.

Sweater to Slouchy Hat Tutorial I've been wanting a slouchy hat for a very long time. But.. I don't really do hats. Anyways, so instead of buying a slouchy hat and regretting it and hating it (not to mention wasting money), I attempted to make one and see how I feel about it. Here's how it turned out (PLEASE excuse the pics, the project was done at night, and I look sooo tired.. in other words, it was bedtime): And I made it from this: Want to try one? First, measure around your head. Mine measured 23 inches. You'll be using the bottom hem of your sweater for the rim of your hat. Divide your measurement in half, so mine is 11.5. Measure it out on your sweater and add 1/2 inch. Then I cut it at 11 inches in length. You should have two square like pieces of your sweater. Place them right sides facing in and pin the two sides together, leaving the top open. Sew up the sides with a zig zag stitch. You're going to be sewing up the top of your hat. First, sew the middle of the front and back together. Flip the hat right side out.

400+ Clothes upcycling projects What do you do with your old clothes when they wear out, or no longer fit, or you just don't like them any more? For children's clothes, we often pass them on to friends with younger children. For adult clothes, they generally go to the charity shop. But sometimes they are favourites that we can't bear to let go. I have used some clothes like this to make new things - upcycling them into something different that can be used and the memories or pretty fabric kept. I've seen lots of ideas scattered here and here around the internet, but it would be great to create a resource of such projects all in one place. So here's the idea. Feel free to start linking up! By linking up here you are giving me permission to use your post and photos in features here on Creating my way to Success. Please try to put in the title * what you've made and * from what item of clothing you made it Thanks

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Color Block Tank Dress: a tutorial Do you ever go to the store with one project in mind, and leave with a totally different idea? That's how this project came to be. I went to Joann looking for a cute floral print. I'm usually pretty disappointed at Joann's selection and this time was no different. Materials: A tank top/t-shirt in your size 3/4" Clear Elastic (about a yard give or take) Lightweight Cotton Fabric (1 yard -give or take- of each color) Optional 1 yard Muslin (for lining) Thread to match your trim fabric. Tutorial: Begin by trying on your tank/tee. Cut straight across where you just made the mark. To determine how much elastic you'll need measure the width of the bottom of the tank. i.e. Stretch the elastic out a little bit and then lay the two ends on top of each other with about an inch of overlap. Lay your elastic loop on the right side of the tank. Sew with a stretch or zig-zag stitch, pulling the elastic lightly as you go. You want the (two) panels of your skirt to be 12" wider than the width of your tank.

DIY: Sweater Recon | 優良エステと呼ばれているお店でしたら、貴方の美容に関する悩みを効果的な施術によって解決してくれることでしょう。最新の機器を取り揃えているエステを探して、本当の美しさを手に入れてみませんか? 数多くのエステが全国にあり、「どのエステを利用してみようかな」と悩んでしまっている方もいるでしょう。 早速時間を作ってエステへ行こうよ♪ブログ:04月16日 グッドイブニング^^ 今日は大切な日なんです♪ 不規則な仕事なため、不規則な生活をし続けて 10年以上。 10KG太ったなーと思って、エステとかに 休みに行ってみても、不規則なため、持続できず。 ついつい仕事で忙しいご褒美にのりしおポテトチップを たべて、リケンの玄米コーヒーとかで気を使い、 休みに骨盤リズム挑戦! でも、なかなか持続できるものはなくて。 へんせきとかも、あまりそれなりに 効果が持続してくれない。 なんで痩せないの? 11時から! 体質もあるかもしれないけど、あたくしは大きく なる一方だから。 ワキ腹にガタがきたなーとか思って、いちおう 気になる時には肩凝り体操とかしてるけどね。 でも、明明後日もお誘いがあるから小樽に♪ ついつい飲みまくっちゃうのもだめなところ。 楽しいお酒って美味しいから、ついつい進んじゃう。 後で反省はしてみるものの・・・ 翌日はゆっくりしよう。 何もせずにぐーたらで、休みが終わっちゃう(笑) あたくしもダメだっていうのはわかっているので、 ちょっと頑張ってみようと思ってるところ。 こんなんじゃ、身体もぼろぼろになるばかりか、 仕事が続けられないような状態になるかも。 体力勝負なところもあるけど、ワキ腹が・・・ って、あちこちが最近痛いんだよね。 整体とか通っている人もいるみたいだし、みんな それぞれ身体に気遣っているんだなって実感。 夜勤とかしないわけにもいかないし、頑張ろう! おしまい!!!

How To Do Blanket Stitch How To Do Blanket Stitch We Will Show You: How To Do Blanket Stitch for... 1). 2). 3). 4). How To Do Blanket Stitch: Beginning Your Stitches: Photo A: Thread your needle and knot the tail end. Photo B: To get the stitch anchored, poke your needle up from the back again, so that the needle comes out the top at the same spot where you started, creating a loop around the edge. Photo C: Send your needle under the loop stitch you just made. Photo D: To start your first true blanket stitch, poke your needle down from the top (#2 in photo D). Now continue each stitch like this and you are on your way! When You Run Out of Thread: Poke the needle down as if you were starting another stitch. Now thread a needle onto the new piece of thread, and then tie the tail of the new piece of thread to the tail of the old piece of thread, as close to the back of the felt as possible, so that the loose stitch of thread stays the length you want it (red thread represents new piece). To End Your Stitches: Photo B:

Wide Leg Trouser Refashion I've had this pair of light yellow trousers for ages. I think my mom bought them for me from Anthropologie when I was in high school, but honestly I'm not sure. Anyway, last year when everyone was wearing white jeans, I considered bleaching them bright white, and then I never got around to it. Here's what I did: Step 1: turn your pants inside out and put them on. Step 2: Many pants like these have a double seam on the inside of the leg, as seen in the two photos below: Unpick the seam marked "bottom seam," as seen below. I only unpicked a few inches because the seam to skinnify the pants angles away from these seams and they won't be in the way after a few inches of sewing. Step 3: Once your extra seam is unpicked, sew along your pinned line. [try on the pants at this point, if you'd like, to make sure the seam is straight and they are skinny enough for you] Step 4: Cut off the extra fabric about a centimeter away from the seam you just made (the photo below is a bit deceiving.

Summer Tunic In addition to shorts, another clothing item high on my list for a pregnant summer was lightweight tops. As I dug through my fabric pile, I came across some leftover jersey from my trip to the LA fabric district. It was just enough to make myself a tunic that is perfect for summer, pregnant or not. And since I just know you'll want to make one for yourself, here's a little tutorial: Materials Needed: 1 yard (more or less depending on your size) of lightweight jersey knitmatching threadStep 1. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Sew with a straight stitch (a slightly wider stitch is better), stretching the fabric as you go. The inside will look like this when your hem is sewn. When your neckline, sleeves, and hemline are done, press them all flat with your iron. I'm planning to make about ten more, and wearing them with jeans, leggings, shorts, cardigans, and a myriad of belts, all summer long. Comment or email me with any questions!

Sweater Refashion Extravaganza #2 So here comes my second sweater re-fashion project. A great example how less is sometimes more. In this case, it really didn't take much to turn this sweater from a boring never-worn item to a favorite cold-day darling. Turtlenecks just never look good on me to begin with. You have already encountered my husbands old red knit sweater in my last post, and here its remnants come to use again... I first cut out the v-neck and pinned it onto the other sweater (turtle neck already cut off at this point). ...though remembering to add the seam allowance before cutting... I serged the seam except for the very v-tip, which I did by hand, for precision reasons. Then I used a simple running stitch to hold the seam-allowances down and create a smooth seam, as well as to create those little "dimples"(this is before ironing, it looks better after!) For the sleeves, I cut off the rib-knit cuffs on both sweaters - you also see the turtleneck it the picture below. Don't forget to iron ANYTHING you sew.

Mellow Yellow | Charity Shop Chic Another set of summery holiday pictures, I’m afraid! This pale yellow men’s shirt is from the British Heart Foundation shop in Whitby and cost £3.30. It’s a rather large size 17.5. The reason for choosing a shirt so large is that the collar was a massive 17.5 inches, making this year’s trend for wearing button up shirts with the top button done up a lot more comfortable. To get the sleeveless look, I… cut off the sleeves. I tried the shirt on and pinned it as small as I wanted around the midsection, as well as the shoulder position and a rough position for the underarm. I tried it on again and decided the top needed to be a little more fitted so I added a pair of bust darts starting at the armscye. I cut some quick pockets from the old sleeves and topstitched around the pocket flaps. Here they are added to the shirt. Here’s how it looks on. Like this: Like Loading...