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Safari Web Content Guide: Configuring the Viewport Safari on iOS displays webpages at a scale that works for most web content originally designed for the desktop. If these default settings don’t work for your webpages, it is highly recommended that you change the settings by configuring the viewport. You especially need to configure the viewport if you are designing webpages specifically for iOS. Configuring the viewport is easy—just add one line of HTML to your webpage—but understanding how viewport properties affect the presentation of your webpages on iOS is more complex. Before configuring the viewport, you need a deeper understanding of what the visible area and viewport are on iOS.

Citizen Attitudes Toward Transparency in Local Government The proper balance between governmental secrecy and open government is at the forefront of contemporary public debate. Citizens have different degrees of interest in and demand for governmental transparency. Using data from a national online survey of more than 1,800 respondents, we develop several indices to measure citizens' demand for transparency at the local level and explore its correlates. We also examine the correlates of citizens' reported requests for information from local government.

How to Deploy Software Using Group Policy by Mitch Tulloch, Chris Sanders 11/14/2006 In the previous article Implementing Mandatory Roaming Profiles, we looked at one part of Microsoft IntelliMirror technologies that helps make the job of administering a network of Windows desktop computers easier. In this article, Chris Sanders, a network administrator for one of the largest public school systems in Kentucky, continues his discussion of how to leverage the power of Intellimirror technologies by showing you how to deploy software effectively using Group Policy. "Deploying software is something that is typically a pretty simple task. However, this is not necessarily the case when the software you are deploying must be installed to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of computers. red social Create a free accountJoin Calaméo to publish and share documents with the world! Rate and comment your favorite publications, download documents and share your readings with your friends. 4 pagesPublished byalma delia juarez alvarez

Media types 7.1 Introduction to media types One of the most important features of style sheets is that they specify how a document is to be presented on different media: on the screen, on paper, with a speech synthesizer, with a braille device, etc. Certain CSS properties are only designed for certain media (e.g., the 'page-break-before' property only applies to paged media). The Scandinavian tradition of open government and the European Union: problems of compatibility? - Journal of European Public Policy - Volume 5, Issue 1 Two recent developments have brought the issue of transparency in European Union (EU) policy-making on to the agenda of the European Community. First, increased attention to the Community's democracy or legitimacy deficit has brought into focus the technocratic policy style which characterizes Community institutions and decision-making bodies. Second, the 1995 accession of Sweden and Finland has reinforced an alternative tradition of public policy-making and administration which challenges traditional Community policy styles. This article compares the policy of open government in Sweden and Denmark with recent attempts to render European policy-making more transparent to the public. It is argued that the concept of transparency is basically perceived differently in the Scandinavian member states than in the Community institutions and most other member states. Related articles

How to delete GPT Protective Partition Why we need to delete GPT protective partition? In Windows XP Professional, you cannot access or modify GPT disk, but you can convert a GPT disk to MBR by using the clean command in DiskPart , which will delete GPT protective partition and remove all data and partition structures from the disk. Warning: The steps below will erase all data on the GPT disk, please backup your data first.

la web 2.0 y sus aplicaciones Create a free accountJoin Calaméo to publish and share documents with the world! Rate and comment your favorite publications, download documents and share your readings with your friends. 4 pagesPublished byalma delia juarez alvarez Tags ademÁs, aplicaciones, artÍculos, autor, buscar, clasificar, comentarios, compartir, contenidos, crear, escribir, espacio, informaciÓn, internet, permite, personal, sociales Mis publicaciones CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 4 Abstract This module contains the features of CSS relating to the borders and backgrounds of boxes on the page. It includes and extends the functionality of CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3.

Government Information Quarterly - Perceptions of transparency of government policymaking: A cross-national study Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2009, Pages 148–157 From Implementation to Adoption: Challenges to Successful E-government Diffusion Edited By Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Vishanth Weerakkody and Michael Williams Abstract In the past two decades, governments from around the world have adopted access-to-information laws at a rate unlike any other time in history. This reform in government information policy parallels a global movement of intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, which have pressed countries to advance the norm of transparency.

CTX294998 - Error: The Citrix Management Console could not be started ... Symptoms The following error messages are received: "The Citrix Management Console could not be started because there was an error in creating the process.

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