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Composants électroniques et fournitures Industrielles

Composants électroniques et fournitures Industrielles

Mesure du coefficient U pour la certification énergetique des bâtiments Le coefficient de transmission thermique U (anciennement appelé facteur K) est définie (ISO7345) comme le flux de chaleur à travers une unité de surface en présence d'une différence de température d'un degré Kelvin entre intérieur et extérieur (dans des conditions stables). Cette valeur indique la capacité d'isolation thermique des murs et peut-être utilisée pour évaluer la performance énergétique des bâtiments. L'évaluation du coefficient de transmission thermique U est requise pour la certification énergétique des bâtiments par la directive européenne 2002/91/CE sur la performance énergétique des bâtiments. Afin de calculer le coefficient de transmission thermique U, nous proposons une solution composée de sonde de flux thermique, sondes de température de surface, enregistreurs de données et logiciels. Calcul de la transmittance thermique avec un enregistreur R-Log : 1 sonde de flux de chaleur ESR240 ; 3 (ou 4) sondes de température de surface pour mur EST124.

- APS Onduleur batterie - APC, MGEUPS, LIEBERT, POWERWARE Graphic LCD 84x48 - Nokia 5110 Description: The Nokia 5110 is a basic graphic LCD screen for lots of applications. It was originally intended for as a cell phone screen. This one is mounted on an easy to solder PCB. It uses the PCD8544 controller, which is the same used in the Nokia 3310 LCD. Note: There may be small blemishes on these screens as they are surplus. Note: Your screen may or may not have a diode on the PCB. Dimensions: 45x45mm Documents:

Introducing New Column from Arduino’s Massimo Banzi Ask any maker what the hottest subjects are in DIY electronics these days, and odds are the first answer will be Arduino. Since the earliest boards were built in 2005 to enable students to run interactive design projects with open-source tools, the platform has become a world-wide phenomenon, igniting the imaginations of makers, hackers, and artists all over. Simply speaking, Arduino is huge in the maker and MAKE communities. Here’s a great interview Dale Dougherty conducted with Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi from MAKE Vol. 32. Today we are thrilled to announce Massimo will be writing a monthly column for MAKE, which we’re calling “MAKE the Future with Arduino.” So, please join us in welcoming Massimo to MAKE! –Ken Denmead, MAKE Editorial Director Massimo: After two years of hard work, experimentation, testing, and ups and downs, I’m happy to announce that our robot is ready. To be totally honest, robots are not my specialty, or they weren’t back then. The Pros Knocked on The Door

Contrôleurs MIDI en utilisant bricolage microcontrôleurs PIC et timbres de base | Ross Bencina Introduction By combining a PIC microcontroller or Basic Stamp II with a few passive components it is not difficult to construct your own knob box, trigger box, or other MIDI input device. A knowledge of electronics may be required for interfacing to some sensors. This page was created to provide a starting point for people interested in building their own MIDI control devices using Microchip PIC microcontrollers or Parallax Basic Stamps. Basic Stamps and PICs A Basic Stamp consists of a tiny circuit board on which is soldered a PIC CPU, a timing crystal, and some EEPROM memory for program storage. Microchip Technology Inc. manufacture a large range of PIC microcontrollers. The general opinion is that the Basic Stamp II is a better starting point for people with little or no programming or electronics experience, as using a PIC directly requires you to learn PIC assembly language which can be tedious if you’re not into that kind of thing. See Peter H. Interfacing to MIDI MIDI output Other

Thermographie Parts ConneXion - The authority on hi-fi DIY parts and components The Ruggeduino The Ruggeduino is powered from one of three sources: USB port: 5V is provided directly from the USB port. A 500mA PTC (resettable fuse) protects the computer from overcurrent.DC power jack: a 2.1mm center-positive DC power adapter can supply 7V - 24V. When more than one power source is present, the automatic power switching circuit selects external power (DC power jack or Vin, whichever is higher) when available, otherwise USB power is used. The Ruggeduino can supply power to shields or external circuits in three ways: +5V output: the +5V connector pin is the same voltage seen by the microcontroller. This +5V output can typically source 500mA when the DC power jack voltage (Vext) is 9V or less, and less current as Vext increases due to thermal loading on the 5V regulator. On the Ruggeduino, the +5V output is protected against applied high voltage. +3.3V output: the +3.3V connector pin sources 350 mA (Vext is 9V or less). Vin: the Vin connector pin can draw power from the DC power jack.

capteur temperature lm35 [Foozlyki] Un LM35 est un des capteurs de températures les plus répandues. Ces caractéristiques principales sont: Calibré en ° Celsius Une échelle de +10mV/°C Une précision de 0,5°C (à +25°C) Tension d'alimentation en 4 et 30V Montage Le LM35 possède trois pattes : VCC Vout GND Le VCC est relié au 5V de l'Arduino, le GND au GND de l'Arduino et le Vout sur une entrée analogique (A0 par exemple). A noter : Pour une meilleur précision et stabilité des mesures il est préférable de mettre un condensateur entre la sortie et la masse. Code Arduino int tempSensorPin=0; float getTemp(){ float result=0; int raw = analogRead(tempSensorPin); float voltage = raw * 5.0; voltage /= 1024.0; result=voltage*100; return result; } void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); } void loop() { Serial.println(getTemp()); delay(2000); }

GIF mensuel Art - 15 plis - SATORI par Alex Bond, Video Artist & Illustrator, ... This is one GIF from the main thread. Post your response on the right. Back to the main thread. Every month 15 outstanding creatives respond to a theme with original GIFs. View the work and use our GIF generator to make responses to your favourites. This month's theme is SEX. Take me to the beginning.

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