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Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage

Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage
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Blurred Lines Parody - Lame Lines Neighbors react to ID of prime suspect in Barrera homicide AUSTIN -- A West Campus neighborhood is feeling a mix of shock and relief after police identified their prime suspect in a New Year's Day homicide and a string of attacks stretching back to July. “We've been a little anxious. We brought a baseball bat home after the holidays,” said UT student Spencer Mainka. APD detectives say DNA links James Loren Brown, 25, to several attacks that occurred in July and January. Officers found Brown on Jan. 12 at his West Campus apartment. O’Brien says officers recognized a resemblance with Brown to a suspect sketch developed after the most recent attacks. It matched DNA collected in five separate attacks and assaults stretching from Central Austin to South Congress dating back to last July. Although police haven't yet linked Brown's DNA to Barrera’s murder, they are calling him the prime suspect. “He lived right below us and we're a little shook up but happy to know it's no longer a threat to us,” said Jourdan Holder.

« Majorité opprimée », un court-métrage percutant Il date de 2010, mais ce court-métrage dégoté chez, réalisé par Éléonore Pourriat est toujours pertinent aujourd’hui. Certes, c’est de l’inversion des rôles pure et simple : dans ce petit film d’une dizaine de minutes, on suit la journée (de merde, disons-le franchement) d’un jeune père au foyer qui a commis l’erreur de sortir en short et petite chemisette pendant que sa femme est au travail. Pourtant, comme vous pourrez le constater par vous-même, c’est vraiment efficace. On va droit au but en enchaînant les clichés et les attaques sexistes. Inverser les rôles pour provoquer l’empathie Non parce que, pas que je veuille faire ma victime (puisque c’est généralement ce qu’on me rétorque), mais en ce qui me concerne, la dernière fois qu’un type dans la rue m’a dit qu’il fallait sourire dans la vie, c’était hier. Arrêter de minimiser les effets du harcèlement et surtout les agressions Le respect pour tous et toutes

Israel, Iran and the US: Axis of instability Cairo, Egypt - In Iran, it doesn't take much to capture the interest of "terrorists". The pursuit of a career in material sciences, for instance, is enough to animate their small minds. Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was a 32-year-old Iranian father and a nuclear scientist. Earlier this month, an assassin attached a magnetic explosive device to his car in Tehran. The bomb was detonated and both Ahmadi-Roshan and his driver were killed in the explosion. In the civilised world, the lives of scientists and other civilians are formally protected from directed inter-state violence. Events unfolded predictably after Ahmadi-Roshan's murder. Unsurprisingly, it has been reported that Israeli Mossad agents were responsible for killing the young scientist; the hit had all the agency's flamboyant and theatrical hallmarks. Israeli leaders are not irrational. Power struggle The most popular refrain in Israel (and Congress) today is that Iran poses an existential threat to the small Jewish-majority state.

Women's Magazines Redesigned To Spotlight Violence Against Women Breaking-up Britain? - Features Britain once ruled a vast empire from India to Singapore and South Africa, but its own borders are now being threatened. The Scottish National Party, which won last May's Scottish election, has pencilled in autumn 2014 as the date for a referendum on independence. Voters will be asked whether Scotland should secede from the UK and become the world's newest independent state. It is likely to be the most important democratic decision that many Scots will make. Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, on a visit this week to the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, told Al Jazeera, "I want Scotland to be independent because independence is the natural state for most nations around the world - not being independent is the exception." A concern for Cameron British Prime Minister David Cameron has good reason to be concerned. It has become a common joke that his ruling Conservative Party has fewer Scottish MPs than the number of giant pandas in Edinburgh Zoo. UN Position at stake?

'Genderbent Disney' Transforms Classic Movie Characters Walt Disney has likely a profound impact on your childhood and development -- and the influence of this media giant continues to play a major role in our culture. As a result, Disney has always been a popular target for individuals and artists who want to push the boundaries of identity and what is considered "normal" in society, such as this viral video where Disney Princesses become fed up with being damsels in distress. Another popular subversion of Disney culture that has recently been circulating on Tumblr involves artists take images of classic Disney characters and visually "transforming" them into the opposite gender of what they're perceived and originally presented as along the male/female binary. In order to better understand this work, called "Genderbent Disney," HuffPost Gay Voices sat down with TT Bret, one of the artists involved, to discuss why this work is important and the goal of the transformations. Check out the interview under the images below.

I've read the final version of ACTA, here's what you need to know about it. : politics What If Men Posed Like Motorcycle Babes? Motorbike Dealership Decides To Do Just That! What If Men Posed Like Motorcycle Babes? Motorbike Dealership Decides To Do Just That! Woman’s body is used to sell everything, from body spray to domain names, cause we are living in a world where sex sells! but what about the other gender? What would happen if advertisers put men in their places? The staff at MotoCorsa, a Ducati dealership in Portland, Oregon, decided to do just that. Wash your eyes ladies: And this is what we are more used to see! source: HuffPost Share This With Friends « Woman Kills Her 4 Years Old Son Because She Feared He Would Grow Up To Be Gay. La pression pesant sur les corps féminins illustrée par des photos crues La pression que la société et les canons de beauté exercent sur les corps féminins est illustrée dans une série de photos crues. Ça fait peur et un peu mal. Malgré les dizaines de campagnes de sensibilisation qui tentent chaque année de dénoncer la pression des médias, et de la société en général, sur les corps des femmes, les diktats actuels de beauté restent assez rigides. The Fanciful, Monstrous Feminine (Le fantasque et monstrueux corps féminin) est un projet photographique de l'artiste australienne Jessica Ledwich visant à dénoncer les tortures que les femmes font subir à leur corps pour être physiquement « dans la norme ». C'est déroutant, violent et terriblement percutant. Partage sur les réseaux sociaux & viens réagir sur le forum !

Et si les personnages de dessins animés changeaient de genre ! Et si la petite sirène était en fait un homme, à quoi il ressemblerait ? l’artiste Sakimi Chan a tenté d’y répondre, et le résultat est plutôt réussit ! 1. Pocahon (Pocahontas) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.